Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Internet Takeover!

Talk It Like Ya See It
Opinion by Rich Smith
Despite their efforts, our Congress and Federal Courts have failed to restrain the Obama Administration from imposing its socialistic agenda on this country. Using Executive Orders, they have overridden Constitutional law and allowed appointed Commissions, or Tsars, to impose their will on the American people. The latest example of this is the FCC takeover of the Internet.

By a vote of 3-2, the Federal Communications Commission (non-elected appointees) on Tuesday (12/22/2010), adopted a controversial scheme to ensure "net neutrality" through FCC regulation of the Internet. An FCC panel will now devise convoluted rules to govern Internet service providers, bandwidth use, content, fees, and even regulate Internet speeds. The "neutrality" is brazenly undermined by preferential treatment toward wireless broadband networks such as AT&T, Sprint and Verizon. Congress already assertively opposed the FCC's scheme to take over the Internet, and the Federal Courts have rejected the FCC’s invented right to regulate the Internet through the Commerce clause in the Constitution. Regardless of judicial and legislative opposition, the Administration has directed the FCC appointees to proceed based on the assertion the Internet is a civil right belonging to all Americans. Indeed, a civil right? Our government and courts now claim Americans have a civil right to abortions, gay marriage, jobs, housing, health care, and now the Internet.

What does this unilateral FCC takeover mean for you and I and all others who use the Internet? Unless Congress or the Courts can stop this takeover, the FCC commissioners will now advance to regulate Internet use in a big way. Expect an imposition of Internet taxes in the form of a cost levied on each message sent and for bandwidth used. The cost, when added to your monthly provider bill, will be prohibitive for those who download movies or music, or send out emails with multiple-address. The bottom line is that this FCC takeover will not benefit the Internet user and will only serve to meet the third leg of Obama’s three part agenda to “fundamentally transform our government”. The first leg gained control of the banks and big business. The second leg took over the health care industry. The leg is to control the information highway, including airwaves and the Internet. Designed in the same manner as the Health Care bill, the “net neutrality” executive order will expand government revenue and control the way citizens receive and send information. It will be a small step to shut down web sites the government considers “unfriendly” to the administration or “subversive”. Next on their agenda is the “fairness doctrine”, an executive order designed to shut down “unfriendly” talk radio.

This issue is now up to the courts and the Republican-held House. Write your Senators and Representatives to object to this brazen takeover and disregard of our First Amendment rights

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  1. Non-elective officials are getting to decide what happens on the Internet? I'm moving to Canada. Fast.