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LASTING LEGACIES: GV Friends of Library To Collect Oral Histories

In December, 2008, the Garden Valley Library was awarded a $60,000 grant by the Paul G. Allen Foundation. The grant application stipulated that a third of the award money would go toward historical and cultural education. In the past year, the Friends of the Garden Valley Library have formed a committee to learn about and record oral histories of Garden Valley, to preserve the memories of pioneers who have enriched the community.

The 63rd Pacific Northwest History Conference celebrated the 100th anniversary of Washington women's achievement of the right to vote. This was a perfect venue for the Friends of the Library to become educated on what constitutes oral histories and how to acquire them. To help develop the library's "Lasting Legacies" project, Library Director, Kathy Smith, Board Trustee Jody Mabe, and Friends of the GV Library Georgianna Goetsch and Lu Vincent were partly funded by the grant, to attend the conference.

Academic, oral and independent historians, preservationists, archivists, musicologists, genealogists, community activists and others gathered on November 3-5, at the beautifully restored historic Davenport Hotel in Spokane, Washington, for the conference, which revealed new scholarship, current trends and exciting avenues for new research and presentation.

Jody Mabe said, "We all agreed the conference was very good. As far as the oral history component, we picked up some very useful ideas on practical matters we've encountered while doing interviews. For example, we've wondered when the interviews are transcribed whether we had to include every pause or "uh" as someone gathered his or her thoughts. It turns out we can do a verbatim interview but also include a semi-verbatim version, which edits out some of those kinds of remarks. We also learned we need to be more thorough in giving some biographical background on each subject interviewed."

The three-day conference offered many informative sessions pertinent to the Garden Valley "Lasting Legacies" project. "Into The Wilderness" considered what draws women into the wilderness and specifically covered the political, economic, exploratory and recreational contributions of women.

Another session looked at Idaho Women's History Day, and highlighted three research papers by Boise State University students: One on the voice of Basque women in American Radio; another on the influence of May Arkwright Hutton's Idaho experience on the suffrage movement; and farmer, poet and author Agnes Just Reid as sketcher of the agrarian history of the Snake River Valley.

Sessions on Women and Social Change, Cultural and Historical Legacies-Women in the Arts, Interpreting the Life and Work of the Game Changers and History Makers, Women Activists and Newsmakers--all involved the art of gathering personal history.

The basic seminar on oral history clarified the purpose and intent of the interviews as being not so much oral tradition and folklore, as to drawing out the memories of daily, weekly, yearly experience of a single life.

Georgianna Goetsch enthused about the three-day conference, which honored the women who were pioneers in their own right, founding hospitals, schools and libraries, along with creating impressive textiles, writing literature, and adeptly running homes.

There were some excellent audio-visual workshops just for general interest; i.e., the blues singer Lee Morse and some early footage (1920's-30's) of her performances. Jody Mabe said they also had a chance to visit the IMAC museum and the Spokane public Library for ideas.

The Friends of the Garden Valley Free Library have already begun recording oral histories, which will add a rich and integral part of the local history collection at the new library.

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Garden Valley has put on it's Winter Coat for You. Decorations are up, the Holidays are here, the shopping is full of Beautiful Clothing, Jewelry, Fabulous Gifts and Home Decor and a Cozy Bookstore to Snuggle up with a Coffee. Shop this Week-End in Downtown Crouch!

Friday Night is Wild Bill's
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With the recent changeover in Garden Valley Chamber of Commerce officers, there is a new focus for the organization. When Greg Simione handed over the presidency to Diane Caughlin and John Cottingham, as co-presidents, he said, "It is time for the Chamber to go to the next level.” Thus the focus on job creation/retention in Garden Valley and in Boise County. Simione will remain as Chamber advisor.

The Chamber of Commerce will continue to present the local programs as in the past, headed by Diane Caughlin. The job creation/retention program, headed by Cottingham, will begin with a strategic planning meeting on January 13, at 6:00 p.m., in the Crouch Community Hall.

The Chamber will then train sales teams and actively pursue new business opportunities for Garden Valley, to create new jobs and retain jobs at existing businesses. Caughlin says grants are available from the U.S. Economic Development Agency and other organizations, for which the Chamber will compete with a well structured economic development program.

All interested Chamber members are invited to join the Council and contribute to Garden Valley’s economic growth. Not a member? Join. It is easy and inexpensive. Complete information is on the web site, at or call John Cottingham at 462-3178.

Job Creation/Retention Council
by Garden Valley Chamber Co-President John Cottingham

The Garden Valley Chamber of Commerce is sponsoring a "Job Creation/Retention Council" to promote new jobs and retain existing jobs in Garden Valley. The valley has some features that will draw new employers, but we need to educate them about those features and present the best face possible. It is even more important to improve the chances for success of our existing employers.

Jobs are scarce, and good, well paying jobs are even more scarce. The Idaho Department of Labor figures in August, 2010, indicated that Boise County unemployment was 7.6%, and that’s just those on their rolls. Counting those who have given up looking for a good job, the number is probably double that. It is time to do something about that, for the benefit of Boise County residents and businesses.

The Chamber has initiated an organization called the “Job Creation/Retention Council” specifically to address that problem. Its objectives are to keep employers from closing or relocating and to assist in business expansion and new job creation. Historically, 70% of new jobs come from existing successful employers, so there is our focus.

The first thing the Council will do is to identify community needs. It will begin with a SWOT analysis, identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. It will be an "inventory" of Garden Valley. From that analysis, the Council will build a strategic plan (3-5 years) and within it, a business plan (1 year). That identifies the prioritized steps we must follow to be economically successful. The Chamber will implement the action plan and train sales teams to promote Garden Valley to our target employer categories. The Chamber will initiate adult education programs to improve the skill sets of our residents, to meet the requirements of prospective employers.

All this gets done with the desire to maintain our pristine environment and rural life style. It will take our whole community to make this happen. If you have an interest in helping Garden Valley residents to be successful, please contact the Chamber or call me at 462-3178. If you want to bring jobs to Garden Valley , contact the Chamber or me.

John B. Cottingham
28 Southfork Lane
PO Box 802
Garden Valley, ID 83622
Ph: 208-462-3178
Cell: 208-908-3818
(208) 462-5003

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The Garden Valley Wolverines
were victorious over the Salmon River Savages last Saturday, with a gripping 24-22 win,
thus capturing the opportunity to scrap with the feisty Carey Panthers for the State Championship.

The game begins Saturday, November 20, at 1:00 p.m.
at Eagle High School, 574 N. Park Lane, Eagle, Idaho.

Photos from last Saturday's State Semi-Finals Game

Above: Wolverines coming through the fan tunnel were captured by John Ward.

Right: Team captains taking field at start of the game. By Linda Bass

Left: David Bagnard grabbed a nice shot of the seniors taking the field after half time.

Nathan Updike is caught going for a long pass by Linda Bass.

Team all smiles after the win!
By John Ward


The first order of business at the November 11 Chamber of Commerce social was election of new officers. Chamber President Greg Simione stepped down this month. He has been a dynamic leader for the Chamber and members are grateful for all he’s done.

John Cottingham and Diane Caughlin were elected to serve as co-presidents. Julie Leslie will serve as vice-president. New member Jon Jauregui stepped up to cover secretarial duties. Vicky Buford will maintain the treasury. Lee Sells and Blake Oseen, not being at the meeting to balk, were elected again to serve as members-at-large.

The Holiday Social, on December 9, will be held at The Longhorn Restaurant, at 6:00 p.m. Diane will talk to Deb and make arrangements for the food, which will be hors d’oeuvres; drinks will be cash bar. The door is anticipated to be $10 per person and paid guests are welcome. Please RSVP: (208) 462-5003 or

Marlene Robison Cloud will be moving the Chamber bulletin board to the area by the Red Rooster. It will again be moved to the new Merc, when it is finished.

FYI: The Chamber phone is at Diane Caughlin’s office. (208-462-5003)

Caughlin gave a little historical information on the GV Chamber of Commerce: A long time ago, it was called the West Boise County Chamber. After it became defunct, 15 years passed before it was reborn as the GV Chamber of Commerce, organized by Beth Shuman. There are now over 80 members, with an average of 20 attending the social each month.

Over the years, Chamber members have put on many events and learned a lot—mostly, that there is not much profit in them. The Chamber has retained sponsorship and organization of Spring Fling, 4th of July and Trunk or Treat. Caughlin says the Christmas Tree Lighting was an idea she brought back with her, from a small German town where she and Jeff lived during Desert Storm. The Longhorn has taken over this tradition for the town. Members may be asked to participate in the decoration.

Member/Business Updates:

John Cottingham-- Economic Development Council: We have a major asset in the old school site and it could be leased from GV School, to develop a job-creation incubator; this plan could help bring jobs to Garden Valley and the rest of Boise County. John’s intent is to apply for a $500K grant from the Economic Development Agency. He would like to use in-kind labor, as a match for the grant. This will be an on-going project for John, who says he’s driven by the desire to make the Valley work.

Angel—GV Senior Center: The Center is desperate for a new stove, so Marcie Pyorre and Darla Knights are selling Avon, in case you see them coming (open your wallets). Granny’s Closet will supplement, to help out. Volunteers are needed for small maintenance jobs, the list of which keeps getting longer. Seniors have signed an agreement with the County to be an emergency center for disasters. Any ideas for a solution to the icy parking lot are welcome.

Carol Smith--Syringa Club: Community Birthday Calendars are ready and for sale, for $5; they will be sold by members, at the Senior Center and at the December 4 Bazaar at the GV School. The funds made on this go back into the community, including the Horizon Project.

*In January, John Cottingham would like to hold a two-hour session with anyone interested in discussing strengths and weaknesses for Garden Valley, to be used for the grant application and to build a foundation for the Economic Development Council. It was suggested that we have the regular meeting, with this meeting afterwards.

Happy Thanksgiving to All. Be sure to join your Chamber peers for a joyous holiday celebration at The Longhorn! Next business social is Thursday, January 13, 2011, at Crouch Community Hall.

To contact the Chamber, mail to: or call 208-462-5003.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Syringa Club has been busy, as usual, and has several projects in motion.

The 44th Annual Birthday Calendar is on sale for the holidays and it always makes a welcome gift for local friends and neighbors. The front photograph was graciously donated by member and award-winning photographer, Elaine Baker. The calendar is still a great deal at only $5; ask any member or pick one up at the Senior Center or the December 4 Crafter's Holiday Bazaar and Fund Raiser at the school.

Jamie Anderson will handle getting the brown historic marker for Syringa Club's monument to Charles Ostner. She is also getting members interested in the Library's potential "Dial-a-Story" program; several women look forward to performing books on tape.

Club members voted to donate $200 to the Food Bank. For Food Bank requests, contact Jean Ball, at 462-2457.

This Thursday, Vice-President Georgianna Goetsch will speak on the Women's Oral History Conference in Spokane, which she and others attended as part of the "Lasting Legacies" project of the Friends of the Garden Valley Library.

The club will also hear from Jayne Carlson, who is heading the GV Garden Club project for the Senior Center memorial garden.

This is a momentous occasion for the club, as members will finally hold their election for new officers. President Carol Smith will be stepping down after a long, dedicated leadership. On the ballot are: Georgianna Goetsch - President; Wendy Gardner - Vice President; Anjali Angel - Secretary; and Ione Messick - Treasurer. Nominations are quite welcome and will be taken from the floor.

The meeting will be held at the Garden Valley Senior Center and a light lunch of Soup and Salad will be available, for $4, if you would like to dine.

All women are welcome to visit or join. The Center is located at 261 S. Middle Fork Road, Crouch/Garden Valley. For information, call 462-2511 or the Center, at 462-3943.



Join the team for the Community Potluck, on Thursday, November 18, to celebrate their success and send them on to Victory in the MILK BOWL.

6 p.m. in the Multi-purpose room.

All invited! Bring whatever food you want to share with everyone.

The State Championship Game between Garden Valley and Carey will be played at Eagle High School (574 N. Park Lane, Eagle, Idaho. 208-939-2189) this Saturday, November 20, at 1 p.m.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Crouch Sewer Project: Can Residents Afford To Turn It Down?

The November 10 public hearing, for discussion on the Idaho Community Development Block Grant, served as a forum for residents to air concerns and get an understanding of the process the City has been going through for its sewer project.

Gary Ashby, Engineer for Forsgren and Associates, told the audience that his company has worked with the City on the sewer situation for over two years and has reviewed a variety of options. The full scope of planning took into consideration pumping effluence to the Southfork Landing treatment plant and three different technologies for the City doing its own, all of which proved to be too costly for the users. Ashby said, “The plan we chose appears the most viable and in June, 2010, we submitted it to the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ). They approved it. That was one of the first steps for feasibility.”

The project involves two major elements: A collection system, which involves laying sewer lines from houses, and then a pump station would be built. Ashby referred to this as a gravity system and was asked to clarify how it could operate on gravity and also involve a pump.

Ashby explained that the sewer lines will run downhill. Once they get to the pump station, they will have a pressurized pump.

Resident Diane Messick voiced a concern about possible sewer lines running through her property, as she lives on a slant. Ashby answered, “We intend to primarily run the lines on existing roads. It may turn out we need to get an easement or there may be some localized areas that may need a pressurized lift station.”

Council is considering two properties north of downtown that would provide several acres of field for the absorption system. Their primary goal is to protect the river.

The recommended system will cost resident users about $60 a month. It is anticipated that people connecting at the outset would pay no connection fee, as the cost for construction is built into the grant. In one or two years, should you want to connect, there would be the cost of the line to your house. The engineers expect 125 dwelling units to be hooked up, though not necessarily from the beginning. They can handle an initial 80%. The taxation would be on Crouch residents only, not Garden Valley.

The ICDBG grant application for the sewer project is asking for $1.2 million. Jerome Mapp has been working on the grant and was approved as the Environmental Review Officer for the proposed grant.

Mayor Bob Powell spoke assuredly, “We’re not running the bond til after we get the grant. This isn’t just for the downtown area. We’re not forcing you to do it and it’s not that we want it. I can’t afford it...but we’re going to start polluting the river. Can you afford to get a new septic system yourself?”

Mapp informed the audience, “This is a unique application. They don’t look at too many new systems. In regard to the bond issue, which we have put back until May, we can’t give you estimates, but information. DEQ is not guaranteeing any other additional septic units will be allowed here.”

Gary Ashby said negotiations will have to include the land acquisition. “It’s hard to buy the land unless we know we can do it.”

If all goes well, the City will be looking at bidding in January, 2012, with completed construction by December, 2012.

Regular Meeting:

The bats are out, the holes are patched, a new window installed.
After folks are paid, old insulation out and new in. Central heating is in the works—wouldn’t it be nice to actually hear what goes on even when the heat is blowing?

Jerome Mapp said that next summer, you’ll see the water project happening. “That’s the way it happens. After that, the sewer—no money to do both at the same time.”

Council approved to sign the ICDBG grant application and to outline the plan for future public meetings on the sewer.

Larry Hellhake, developer of Mountain Shadows subdivision, and Bob Hammond, president of Mountain Shadows Homeowners Association, showed up to discuss their thoughts on merging water systems with the City of Crouch. Hellhake said it would be a relatively simple thing to do, but would be subject to the benefit of the Mountain Shadows homeowners. More on that in the future.

The downtown snow plow plan agreement will be the same as last year’s.

Ye Olde Garden Valley Library building started its life back in the 1930s as a Civilian Conservation Corps location, to help put locals to work. Its future is being contemplated by residents and the City of Crouch. Ione Messick stated that because of its past with CCC, the Veterans and as Syringa Club’s library, it is a part of Idaho and Garden Valley history and should be preserved.

There is no intention of tearing it down, although it was suggested that the front added-on two-storied part could be done away with, to provide a small parking lot. There were suggestions to use it as Council chambers and for the Chamber of Commerce. Perhaps it could get accepted on the Historic Register. Any way you look at it, the old girl is not through yet.

County Commissioner Jamie Anderson asked if the City was interested in a letter of support from the County, for the block grant. The Mayor said, “Anything that will help us!”

Some residents voiced concern over the piles of dirt being dumped close to the flood plain and wetland area by the new Merc construction workers. It will be looked into.

The next Crouch City Council meeting will be at 6:00 p.m., on December 8, 2010, at Crouch Community Hall.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

WEEK-END: November 12-14


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It's been a long time since
the Wolverines have gotten
to a State Championship Game. Let's support our boys and our

Linda Bass,
Football Mom

The Wolverines (9-1) will Play against Arch Rival Salmon River (9-1) in the State Finals on the School Field in Beautiful Garden Valley. The Game Starts at 1:00 p.m. , this Saturday, November 13.

Says our sportswriter, Mike Uhl.

** This is STATE SEMI-FINALS game. **

The last time these teams played was October 8, in Garden Valley. Salmon River came away with a 16-12 victory. No points were scored in the second half, so if you are going to the game, get there early and support the Wolverines.

Both teams had shut-outs in their quarterfinal games.
Garden Valley beat Kootenai 48-0.
Salmon River beat MacKay 46-0.

Players and coaches from Horseshoe Bend and Idaho City have been invited to the game to support another Boise County team.

All 1A Division II quarterfinal games were shut-outs. Castleford (10-0) defeated Detrich last week with a 46-0 victory. They will play Carey (9-1), who crushed Rockland (7-1) 46-0. These two winners will also play this Saturday in the State Semi-Finals.

The winner of these two games will play in the Milk Bowl for the State Championship next week. Time and place to yet be determined.


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Veterans Day Celebrations: November 11

American Veterans stand up and be acknowledged this Thursday, November 11. Garden Valley wants YOU.

Garden Valley School will hold a Veterans Day Assembly to honor our local and visiting veterans. If you know anyone who served in the military or is currently serving, bring them as honorary guests to the school multi-purpose room .

Students, the School District and patrons would like to express their appreciation for your courage and patriotism. The program will begin at 10:45 a.m.

Garden Valley Senior Center is honoring all veterans and their spouses or partners with a free meal on Thursday, November 11, at 6:00 p.m.

The DINNER MENU is Oven-Baked Chicken; Au Gratin Potatoes; Soup; Salad Bar with Coleslaw, Pickled Beets, and Rolls; and Oat Crunch for dessert.

Bring your family and celebrate our veterans: $5, suggested donation, 60+; $6, under 60; and $4, under 12.

The Senior Center would like to thank Senator Tim Corder for generously covering the expenses for Veteran meals.



The Garden Valley Science Club is once again offering fresh fruit from California for sale. This year we will be selling Apples (Red Delicious, Fuji and Granny Smith), Seedless Oranges, Grapefruit, Red Onions, Yellow Onions and Potatoes (bakers and regular size). We will use the money collected to support our science programs.

If you would like to support us again this year and also purchase some excellent fruit, please fill in the order below. Please return the order form to the school or call Mr. Foote at 462-3756 x 1072 or contact Mr. Powell, x 1059, and leave a message with your order.

You may also order by email at If you phone in your order, please include your telephone number. You may prepay or pay when you pick up your fruit at the school.

If you do not have any way to pick up your order, please let Mr. Foote know and he will arrange for it to be delivered. The fruit will be here the second week in December, for pick up at the school.

Please send in your order by November 30, 2010. Checks are payable to Garden Valley Science Club.


Name _________________ Phone # _________________-

Navel Seedless Oranges (113 count) $ 30.00 / box ________

Grapefruit (48 count) $ 33.00 / box ________

Granny Smith Apples (113 count) $ 35.00 /box ________

Red Delicious Apples (88 count) $ 35.00 /box ________

Fuji Apples (88 count) $ 40.00 /box ________

Idaho Potatoes Bakers (60-80/ct-50 lb) $ 25.00/ 50 lb ________

Idaho Potatoes (120 ct-50 lb) $ 25.00/50 lb ________
Onions Yellow Medium (50 lb) $ 25.00/50 lb ________
Onions Yellow Medium (5 lb) $ 5.00/ 5 lb bag _________
Onions Red Jumbo (25 lb) $25.00/25lb ________

You may also order ½ box orders. Seller's Name ___________


~Please note apples in photo are my homegrown wormy kind and not reps of fruit sold~ angel

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

School Board Pulls The Plug!

Alas, it's come to a point where I can't bear to attend Garden Valley School board meetings. Alas, and I mean alas, because I missed the big one! Lucky for me I have a snoop on the inside. Last night's meeting was the kicker, the whopper, the top banana slide right out the door. Out they all went. And can you blame them?

First, the newest recallee jumped the gun on the Chair of the board and announced that, although she knew it would deprive her slanderers of the joy derived from their energetic mission to rid the school of her efforts to represent her town as a volunteer board trustee, she was certain that her decision to let some other lucky person take her place was the right thing to do. "I am sorry to inform the board and the community that they won't be able to spend the $1,000 for the recall election, but I know I have made the correct ethical choice," she said. "If you try hard enough, you can find another way to burn up the cash."

The board chair was beside herself. She grabbed the microphone from the ex-recallee and sputtered, "So much for dramatic upstaging...well, I too have a declaration. I'm quitting this two-buck circus. Good-bye, farewell, it's been grand, but I can tell, it's been too long and it's been hell, good-bye, farewell, I'll sound the knell." She even hummed a little at the end, or so I hear.

Not to be outdone, the Superintendent, who doesn't need a mike, so articulate and richly-voiced is he, decided to intimidate no one no more nohow. He shouted "yehaw!, he pranced on tippeetoes across the room in front of all of those people who thought he was just another honky-tonk smooth-talkin' jerky spin-doctor. "We've spent all the money and the kids are singin' the blues but the Fiends have had their way so I'm taking a cruise...come on Suz."

I couldn't believe it when I heard he'd given up. My old pal who took advantage of me for so long--my gawd, we even watched a movie together, and here he was, leaving me in the dust of his slick "the coffee's always on" routine that made me believe he really liked me. Of course, I knew he said that to all the girls...and guys...and just about everyone he'd never met but wanted to, cuz he was the Super...and now, he's just a pooper.

At this point, the remaining three board members looked at each other and said, "What the heck are we doing here?" One trustee said, "Do we really want to sit here and be heckled and harassed and brow-beaten and humiliated, ridiculed and intimidated by the local paper and television crews and local residents who just love pushing their agenda to help the kids? Who wants to help the kids?"

Another said, "Well, I've got my own agenda but then again, can I trust anyone any more? What say, we take the money and run?" Another trustee warned, "I don't think we should do anything without my lawyer."

Undecided and without a quorum, the three sincere, hard-working volunteer trustees grabbed Paula Fox by the hand and zipped away through the window, looking for all the world like three children flying with some little elfy I hear tell~~~

(Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus, but our school board trustees do not create outrageous scenes (only I do), nor does our still-employed Superintendent prance tippeetoes through anything but his own backyard, to the distress of his wife, nor do our trustees fly through the air without the help of of wings made from already-counted ballots from our recall elections. No Virginia, this is only satire...and I regret wholeheartedly, for more than one reason, that I feel compelled to write this unintended epilogue.)


"The Game" by Mike Uhl
Harrison, Idaho
November 6, 2010. It’s a 1:00 p.m. Pacific Time game.

Garden Valley Wolverines, (8-1) led by Coach Ben Roeber, defeated Tri-Valley on October 29, 46-20. They will play the Kootenai Warriors (5-4), led by Coach Doug Napierala, who defeated Clark Fork, 40-20.

Garden Valley is the second seeded team from the south and Kootenai is the top seeded team from the north. The last time these teams played was November 15, 2008. The score: Kootenai Warriors 54, Garden Valley 26. After that game, Garden Valley finished the season 9-1 and the Kootenai Warriors went on to finish 11-1.

These current Garden Valley players, Dylan Bass, Casey Hileman, Charlie Johnson, Chad Jones, Zach Root and Nathan Updike, played in that game. I’m sure they have not forgotten what happened during the contest and how it ended.

Casey Hileman needs 64 yards to break his own single-season rushing record of 2,423 yards.

The 1A Division II is made up of 44 teams. The State Playoffs Quarterfinals will feature the top eight, 8-man football teams in the state, in this Division. Coach Ben Roeber told the team, “After the victory this week-end, you will be one of 4 out of 44.”

Bill Jones says, “It was a 6-hour 45 minute drive from Garden Valley to Harrison; the school football field was a hard place to find.” Linda Bass remarks, “Really long drive!”

Melea Hileman: “There are just as many people on the Garden Valley side of the field, as the Kootenai side—maybe more.” Mike wants to personally thank the fifty to sixty people who made the trip or came from the area, to support the Wolverines. “You do not really know how much that means to the players."

According to Casey Hileman, ten volleyball girls have made the trip up north to support the football team. Mary Powell said, “Two of the cheerleaders are able to be here to give the football team support.”

The game starts today under sun-soaked skies. Temperature in the low 60s. People are taking off layers, observes Athletic Director Bob Powell. He says the AD from Kootenai told him it rained for the last six games that were played on their field. Today is beautiful.

Powell describes field conditions as “a long grass-soaked field, that when you walk across it, you sink.” It is very spongy, wet and muddy, with poor footing. This is the field the Wolverines get to play on today. Garden Valley is wearing their white travel uniforms, which will turn brown.

Kootenai kicks the ball to Garden Valley’s Casey Hileman at the 20-yard line; running right, with some great blocks, he returns it 25 yards to the 45-yard line. The Wolverines will start the game from here. Garden Valley QB Kavik Fairburn hands the ball to Casey Hileman up the middle, breaking a few tackles to gain 10 yards. On the next play, Kavik drops back and passes to Dylan Bass. It’s thrown just out of his reach, for an incomplete pass. With Charlie Johnson leading the way, a pitch to Casey is stopped by four Warriors. Now it’s fourth down and Garden Valley will punt. Kootenai does not attempt a return, with three Wolverines around the ball.

Kootenai starts at the 20-yard line with a hand off from QB Brandon Carman to Craydon Mhyre. He is tackled by four Wolverines, after a short gain. Next, the QB is trying to run right to pass, he is tackled in the back field but falls forward to get back to the line of scrimmage. From the shoot-gun, QB Carman is running left, he is first held up by “Bone Crusher” Bass and is tackled in the backfield for a sack by Charlie “The Horse” Johnson. This forces the Warriors to punt from deep in their end of the field. “Nice ugly kick”, the ball one-hops at the thirty.

Casey Hileman catches the ball, hesitates for a few seconds, then running right, he heads for the left side line. The Warriors’ big #76 Tyrel Beare, all 255 lbs., is zeroing in on Casey. Yet the Wolverines’ J.D. “Speedy” Fuhriman’s 150 lbs. hit Tyrel so hard, it bounces the man out-of-bounds and out of the play. The Wolverines have come to play! Casey has a clear route to the goal line. He is stopped at the 1-yard line by Brandon Carman. On the next play, Kavik “Mad Dog”Fairburn, on a QB keeper, crosses the goal line for Garden Valley’s first 6 points of the game. The extra point try no good. Score: Garden Valley 6, Kootenai 0.

Garden Valley kicks to the Warriors’ Brandon Carman, he muffs the ball, picks it up, running right, is stopped by two Wolverines. Kootenai starts at the 15-yard with a hand-off to Mhyre for a short gain. Kootenai QB sets up in the shoot-gun formation, drops back and throws an incomplete pass. Garden Valley off sides, moves the ball for the Warriors. Now they try a QB sneak for no gain. They are forced to punt.

Casey catches the ball at the 20, slips and gets to the 30. The Wolverines start the next drive. Kootenai is so excited, they go off sides. Kavik Fairburn hands the ball to Casey “Hurricane” Hileman running left. “Wheels” is outrunning all the red and white players down the side line. Chris Unger is the last player with a chance to stop Mr. Hileman at the 15-yard line. Casey crosses the goal line after a 65-yard scoring run for 6 points. The extra point try is no good. Score: Garden Valley 12, Kootenai 0.

Garden Valley kicks to Kootenai, the return man gets the ball running forward and trips over the lines on the field. QB Carman, running right, is stopped by the Wolverines. Now he is trying to find an open receiver, he is scrambling all over the place. A Garden Valley player pops the ball up in the air, into the hands of Tyrel Beare, who is flung to the ground for a loss of yards. Now the QB makes a pass to Mhyre in the flat, for a short gain. A pitch to the right falls short of a first down. Now another punting attempt. This time the ball goes over the head of the kicker. He is running for his life and is tackled. This gives Garden Valley great field position.

Casey “The Hurricane” Hileman gets a pitch to the left for a good gain. Casey up the middle is stopped by the Warriors' Joe Andersen and Carman. Casey running off the right gets a few yards. Everything is set up for a score. Casey takes a hand off from QB Kavik Fairburn going right, with some great blocks from the Zachs. “The Hurricane” crosses the goal line untouched, for 6 points. On the extra point try, Casey gets 2 points on a run. Score: Garden Valley 20, Kootenai 0.

J.D. kicks to Carman, who brings out the ball to the 30, for a good gain. Brandon Carman is sacked by Chad “Bam Bam” Jones. This ends the first quarter.

On the next play, QB Carman completes a pass to Jake Zarpentine for a 3 yard gain. Now it’s third down and 7 yards to go. A hand off to Mhyre goes nowhere, loss of yards. Kootenai is forced to punt yet again. Wolverines’ Casey Hileman gets the ball running right, to the 50. On an end-around, Dylan “Bone Crusher” Bass runs 45 yards down the left side line to cross the goal line untouched, for 6 points. On the extra point try, Casey Hileman gets the ball, running right with a great block by Dylan Bass and Charlie Johnson and the rest of the line, to get the 2 points. Score: Garden Valley 28, Kootenai 0.

The Wolverines kick to the Warriors. From the 20, they return it to the 48-yard line. First play, a pass falls incomplete. Another pass is broken up by Nathan Updike. Now the QB is running for his life, with Garden Valley players Charlie Johnson, Chad Jones and Casey Hileman zeroing in on him. He throws the ball into the ground. Now it’s a run to the left for a loss of yards. It’s an incomplete pass. Now on fourth down, QB Carman fakes a punt, runs left and is stopped by the Wolverines defense. Garden Valley takes over on downs.

First play, an incomplete pass just out of reach of Dylan Bass. Next, Kavik drops back, Joel McDevitt is rushing the QB. Casey holds up McDevitt; releasing his block, he is in the open and catches the pass on the left flat, now running left for the side line. Jono “The Law” Lawler and Charlie “The Horse” Johnson, forming a wall of blockers, escort Casey Hileman down the field 52 yards to score 6 more points for the Wolverines. Charlie Johnson is just short of the goal on the extra point try. Score: Garden Valley 34, Kootenai 0.

Garden Valley’s J.D. Fuhriman kicks to Kootenai. The receiver is running left and is hit solid by J.D. and the ball comes out, going back down the field to where Brandon Carman started the play. A pitch to Whipple is stopped with a solid tackle by Dylan “Bone Crusher” Bass. On the next play, they get a first down. Then a pitch to Whipple goes to nowhere except to the left. On second down, they try a pass to the right but “Bone Crusher” cuts the route and intercepts the ball at the 50.

Bass runs down the left side line, returning the ball 26 yards before being stopped. Now the Wolverines pitch the ball to “Speedy” Fuhriman going right before he is stopped for no gain. Casey gets the ball up the middle for a small gain. Casey Hileman breaks through the line on a 17-yard run, dragging Brandon Carman for 10 yards. He scores 6 points. Kavik “Mad Dog” Fairburn fakes the hand off and hides the ball, going right. Dylan Bass makes a great block to clear the way for Kavik to score the two extra points.
Score: Garden Valley 42, Kootenai 0.

Garden Valley kicks to Kootenai. The Warriors go on a 12-play drive, moving the ball down the field, getting first downs and completed passes, but no score as the first half ends. HALF TIME SCORE: Garden Valley 42, Kootenai 0.

To start the second half, Garden Valley kicks to Kootenai. At the five yard line, Chris Unger runs the ball up to the 31. This is where the Warriors will start the second half. Three plays and a first down. Then a pass down field to Graydon Mhyre, for a great catch. Play called back on a holding penalty. The Warriors go on a 10-play drive down field. They are being stopped by the Wolverines’ swarming defense, for no points. This looked like the best drive and the best chance for the Warriors to score all night.

Garden Valley takes over on downs. The first play of the second half for the Wolverines is a hand off up the middle. Then an inside pitch to Charlie Johnson going left. The ball is on the 50-yard line. Now it’s the “Hurricane” show. Casey gets the ball going off right guard, with a great block by “The Horse” Charlie Johnson, the Zachs and Jono Lawler. Casey gets back the first line of the Warriors defense. At the 45, Joe Andersen grabs Casey’s jersey. Casey will not be denied and drags Mr. Andersen 5 yards down field, until he can shake him loose. Hileman is running but is stopped at the 10-yard line, just short of the end zone. On the next play, Casey gets the ball down to the 5, being stopped by four tacklers. With the ball on the 5-yard line, it’s goal to goal and “The Horse” Charlie Johnson gets the ball up the middle. The line opens the way for the score. With the 6 points, the game is called on the 45-point mercy rule.

FINAL SCORE: Garden Valley Wolverines 48, Kootenai Warriors 0.


Coach Van Dyk: “Every Garden Valley player played in this game. We set the tone for the game right from the start. Good game for both offense and defense.”


Kavik Fairburn 2-4-0 68 yards

Casey Hileman 15 for 170 yards
Charlie Johnson 5 for 12 yards
Kavik Fairburn 4 for 5 yards
Dylan Bass 1 for 45 yards

Casey Hileman 1 for 58 yards
Nathan Updike 1 for 10 yards

Casey Hileman 3 for 82 yards

Casey Hileman 310 yards


J.D. Fuhriman x 2 Jono Lawler x 1

J.D. Fuhriman x 2 Dylan Bass x 1 26 yards
Dylan Bass x 1
Nathan Updike x 1

Casey Hileman Total Tackles 13 * 7 solo
Charlie Johnson 11 * 5 solo
Nathan Updike 9 * 6 solo
Cody Zeff 6 * 4 solo
Jono Lawler 5 * 3 solo
Chad Jones 5 * 2 solo
Dylan Bass 4 * 2 solo
J.D. Fuhriman 4 * 2 solo
Tucker Leiva 1 * 1 solo
Zach Root 1 * 1 asst.

Charlie Johnson x 1
Chad Jones x 1
Jono Lawler x 1

“Freshman J.D. Fuhriman played awesome in this game”
Coach Van Dyk: “ J.D. had a huge game.”

I would also give a special thank you to two players. Sam Root has a broken foot and Lance Jones, a broken collar-bone. Even being injured, these players are a part of this team. They give support and encouragement to their team mates, while they are healing. Next season, when they return, they will be a force to be contended with.

Since I could not go to the football game, I would like to give a special thank you to a few special people who helped with the coverage of this contest. Melea Hileman for the stats of this game and all the games of the last few years. To Donna Root, for the phone call that gave me the score topost at the video store for all to see. Georgi Lawler, for the game program and her support; Bill and Laree Jones and Jeff and Linda Bass, for their observations about the game and their support of GV sports. A special thanks to Bob and mary Powell and to Coach Ben Roeber ans assistant coaches Jason Van Dyk, Jason Yearsley, Warren Hileman and Jim Dovel for all the hard work and time that they put in for this team and for the players this and past years.

Photos by Linda Bass.

Sunday, November 7, 2010


SUNDAY, 11/7:

Arts, Crafts, Holiday Gift Foods
Lunch: Chili (Veg or Beef), Soups, Pie, Cake, Hot Cider
Quilt Raffle: $1 per ticket, $5 per 6, $10 per 20.
261 S. Middle fork Rd., GV 462-3943

MONDAY. 11/8:

School Board Meeting 6pm
Multi-Purpose Room
Garden Valley School
Banks Lowman Road, GV

TUESDAY, 11/9:

Senior Center Board Meeting 4pm
261 S. Middle Fork Rd.
GV/Crouch 462-3943

GV Community Choir 7pm New Members Welcome
LDS Church Music Room
Banks Lowman Road, GV


Couch City Council Meeting 6:30pm
Crouch Community Hall

THURSDAY, 11/11:

Friends of GV Library 10am New Members Welcome
Terrace Lakes Restaurant

Garden Valley Chamber of Commerce Social 6pm
Tonight: Vote for New Officers New Members Welcome
Crouch Community Hall

Monday, 11/15:

Ladies Lunch Bunch Noon All Ladies Welcome
Salmon, Salad & Dessert, $8 (Veggie options)
Wild Bill's Bistro
Downtown Crouch

Friday, November 5, 2010



Susan Encinas is cooking up one of her great meals:
French Onion Soup, Salad and Dessert

St. Jude's Pep Hall, Friday November 5, from 6:00 to 7:30 pm

Proceeds go for Basketball Uniforms for the girls

Friday All You Can Eat Spaghetti

WILD BILL'S BISTRO, Downtown Crouch.

$7 a person; $3, under 10; Under 3, free

Fridays 4 - 9 pm



Crafters and Artisans, Gift Candies, Jams and Baked Goods

Relax and Have Lunch:

Homemade Chili (Meat or Veggie)
Beef Soup & Veggie Soup
Pie & Cake
Hot Cider, Tea & Coffee

$1 a ticket or $5 for 6

SATURDAY: 10:00 am to 5:00 pm
SUNDAY: 11 am to 3 pm
Garden Valley Senior Center
261 S. Middle Fork Road
GV/Crouch 208-462-3943

A Note From Greg & Gerold:

Can you believe the Holiday Season is just around the corner? With this extended warm weather it’s tricky to remember we’re into November!!!!

Well, we haven’t forgotten, mostly because our pre-order commitments are arriving and filling up our tiny upstairs room. Of course, these products would look so much better in a home pantry than on our little shelves.

For the next 3 weeks we’ll highlight special savings which of course are increased with the use of your preferred card.

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Thursday, November 4, 2010


Even though Garden Valley School tries to keep its concerts under wraps, a little sleuthing came up with some information for the community.

Tonight, Thursday, November 4, Musical Director James DeFoe will lead kindergarten through high school senior music students through their presentation to the public.

Show up at 6:30 p.m. for what is certain to be another impressive and enjoyable evening of song and band pieces. Since DeFoe returned to the school last fall to resume his teaching, the music department has continued to rise in its quality of student performance.
The concert is expected to conclude by 8:00 p.m., so the students will provide a good early show, which will give concert-goers time to go home afterwards, cozy up by the fire and discuss how they can support this fine program. Every monetary donation will make music study possible for another child; if you have an unused instrument in the spare room, dust it off and hand it in.
Music Rules!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wolverines On Their Way To Kootenai For Quarterfinals

Contributed by Linda Bass

BREAKING NEWS! The Wolverine Football Team (8-1) will travel north toward Coeur d' Alene this Friday to take on the Kootenai Warriors from Harrison, Idaho, in the State Quarterfinals Playoffs.

The team bus will depart from the school at 9 a.m. Friday morning. If you'd like to wish them well on their journey, stop on by, or get a spot along Hwy 17 to give them a cheer of support as they head out on the long trip.

Garden Valley played Kootenai two years ago, in a losing effort, and is looking forward to this chance to take them on for a WIN this time! They will be playing at 1 p.m. PST on Saturday. Good luck to our team -- they've worked very hard for months to get to this proud moment.

Top right, the Wolverines after 46-26 win against Tri-Valley last Friday.
"We're heading north!"

Other photos: The team and captains ready to play Tri-Valley last week --
to enable them the State Playoff spot.

Monday, November 1, 2010


Mike Uhl gives you the game like it was, in case you missed the excitement.

Cambridge, Idaho
October 29, 2010 Garden Valley Wolverines (7-1) vs. Tri-Valley (3-5).

It’s a 5:30 starting time for this 1A Division II conference game. The Wolverines (2-1) vs. the Titans (1-2). Salmon River leads the conference with a (3-0) record.

The last time these teams played on September 24, it was hot, VERY HOT! It was Homecoming for the Wolverines. It was a hard-fought contest that went four full quarters.
The final score Garden Valley 52, Tri-Valley 20.

On October 22, Tri-Valley played Salmon River. Jesse Cada scored 26 of the team’s 28 points on runs of 19-45-30-36 yards. The Titans held Salmon River to one score for the whole first half of that game. The second quarter was all Tri-Valley scoring 22 points. Garden Valley should watch out for this team from Tri-Valley, which is made up of players from Cambridge, Midvale and Indian Valley. This is an important game for Garden Valley; they could clinch a berth in the state play-offs, if they win today’s game. Tri-Valley hopes they can beat the Wolverines and that the Council Lumberjacks can beat Salmon River. If that happens, then Tri-Valley goes to the state play-offs.

It’s fall, it’s overcast, it’s football weather. Mild days and cool nights and the temperature is dropping. It’s fall. It’s Garden Valley football. The cliffs above the field look dark. Lava rock dark. The sun will be setting soon.

The game starts as Titan’s Tobias Moretro boots the ball to Casey “Hurricane” Hileman. He takes the ball up the right side for 10 yards. A good gain for Garden Valley to start this contest. Hileman gets a pitch from QB Fairburn, going left for 6 yards. At the 34, Dylan Bass catches a great pass from Kavik Fairburn, to pick up the first down. Charlie Johnson takes the ball up the gut, getting 2 hard-fought yards. Titan’s Robert Stinnett makes the stop. Casey is running right for 2 yards, stopped by Matt Ball. It’s a handoff to “The Hurricane” going right to get another first down. With 9:26 to play in the first quarter, Kavik Fairburn sees Dylan Bass running for the end zone. He drops back, lets the pass hit Dylan’s hands for a 9-yard catch and 6 points for the Wolverines. On the extra point try, Charlie Johnson is stopped just short of the goal line by Robert Stinnett.
Score: Garden Valley 6, Tri-Valley 0.

Casey Hileman kicks the ball into the end zone, for a touchback. The ball comes out to the 20. This is where the Titans will start the game. The clock shows 9:13. On the first play, Rodney Hollon hands the ball to Alex Loveland; running right, he rambles 80 yards for a touchdown. It can happen that quick. To tie the score, extra point try no good.
Score: Garden Valley 6, Tri-Valley 6.

Like I said, the Wolverines better watch out.

Tri-Valley’s Tobias Moretro kicks to Casey Hileman, he picks the ball off the ground and returns it to the 40-yard line. Garden Valley gets started with a 4-yard gain by Hileman. A good gain that would have been a score is called back for a holding penalty. On a second and 20, Casey Hileman takes the ball going up the middle, gaining yards but is stopped by Alex Loveland. Next play is a pass that is intercepted by Hayden Boll at the 45-yard line. Tri-Valley runs four plays and is forced to punt, after some great defense by the Garden Valley unit with Casey Hileman, Dylan Bass and Kavik “Mad Dog” Fairburn making outstanding plays.

The Wolverines get the ball at the 10-yard line. Casey takes the ball up the middle for a 4-yard pick-up. He is stopped by Titan’s Stinnett. At the 14, Casey gets the ball for another gain, again stopped by Stinnett but he gets the first down. With 3:34 to play in the first quarter, Dylan Bass gets the ball on an end-around. Running down the left side line, he gets to the Titan’s 15-yard line and is pushed out-of-bounds by Tri-Valley, to save the touchdown. With a first down, at the 3-minute mark, the Wolverines hand the ball to Casey Hileman. With some great blocks by the line, he is running up the middle, cuts right to cross the goal line after a 14-yard run, to score 6 points. The play took 7 seconds. The 2-point try is good on a pass from kavik Fairburn to Dylan Bass in the right corner of the end zone.
Score: Garden Valley 14, Tri-Valley 6.

With 2:53 til the end of the first quarter, Garden Valley’s Casey Hileman kicks to the Titan’s Jesse Cada. He returns the ball to the 31-yard line. Alex Loveland gains 3 yards and is stopped by “Mad Dog” Fairburn. With 2:04, a pass to Hayden Boll falls incomplete as the ball bounces off his hands. Loveland tries going left after a short gain but no first down after a great stop by Nathan “Dynamite” Updike. Loveland punts the ball. It dies at the 20 for no return.

The important thing is Garden Valley gets the ball back. Charlie “The Horse” Johnson takes it up the middle for a short gain. Next, Casey is tackled in the backfield. The next play is a pass from “Mad Dog” to “The Hurricane” Hileman, to score 6 points. The play is called back on a holding call.

This ends the first quarter. Score: Garden Valley 14, Tri-Valley 6.

The next 12 minutes of the first half start with a direct snap to Casey Hileman going right, picking up a first down.

With 11:49 on the clock, Kavik Fairburn spots Nathan Updike running downfield in the open and hits him with an on-the-spot pass. Another first down at the 52-yard line.

The next three plays are not the best for Garden Valley. A quarterback sack for a loss of yards. A pick-up of 1 yard. An incomplete pass. Then a bad snap on a punting attempt. Tri-Valley takes over at the 38-yard line.

On the Titan’s first play, the Wolverine’s defense players Lance Jones and Charlie Johnson hurry the quarterback into throwing an incomplete pass. On second and 10, QB Hollon picks up 4. He is stopped by “Bam Bam” Chad Jones. Now on third and 6, Alex Loveland is running right. He is met by Charlie Johnson and Jono “The Law” Lawler, for a loss of yards. Now on fourth and 12, they try a pass to the right, but the "Bone Crusher” Dylan Bass will not let the pass into the hands of the receiver. The ball is turned over to the Wolverines on downs.

First play will take 13 seconds. It will cover 65 yards. Casey ”Wheels” Hileman gets the ball running right. Outrunning the Titans, he goes untouched into the end zone to score 6 points. Extra point pass falls incomplete.
Score: Garden Valley 20, Tri-Valley 6.

It’s 7:54 til the half. J.D. Fuhriman kicks to Jesse Cada, who returns the ball to the 20. The Updike brothers sandwich the returner to make the stop. Tri-Valley’s first play is an incomplete pass. Next, J.D. and Dylan Bass stop Alex Loveland. QB Hollon gets a first down on a pass to Loveland. Alex does not score, thanks to the “Bone Crusher” Bass. The Titan’s QB Rodney Hollon is running right. He is met by a host of Wolverines, but Charlie Johnson hits him so hard that the ball pops out and Jono Lawler recovers it for Garden Valley.

At the 21-yard line, Kavik Fairburn gets the ball from one of the Zacks, drops back from the center, rolling out to his right sees Nathan “Dynamite” Updike in the flat, lets the pass sail into Nathan’s hands. Updike makes the catch and runs 21 yards to cross the goal line for 6 points. No extra points.

Score: Garden Valley 26, Tri-Valley 6.

J.D. kicks to Jesse Cada. He catches the ball and returns it to the 30-yard line, being stopped by “Dynamite” Updike and Casey Hileman. Scott Jaeger gets a short gain, stopped by Chad “Bam Bam” Jones. On the next three plays, Tri-Valley is moving the ball. With 4:30 to play, QB Hollon passes to Matt Ball, who pitches to a streaking Alex Loveland down the right side line to score 6 points. Extra point pass to Loveland is broken up by Kavik “Mad Dog” Fairburn.
Score: Garden Valley 26, Tri-Valley 12.

Moretro kicks to the left side of the field. Casey Hileman catches the ball running right for the sideline. A Titan player is zeroing in on Casey. Cody “The Cobra” Zeff makes a great block that can be heard across the field, springing “The Hurricane” for a good gain. All that takes 10 seconds.

First down, it’s a pass to Cody Zeff. He makes a great catch and a first down, before being stopped by Matt Ball. A pass to Casey Hileman in the flat picks up 7 yards. A quarterback sack for a loss of 3. Now it’s third and 10 on an end-around. Casey gets down to the 5-yard line and picks up a first down. Now it’s first down goal to goal with 3:02 to play till the half. Tri-Valley’s defense is stiffing up. It starts with an incomplete pass to Bass on first down. With 2:57, a pitch to Casey is stopped by Stinnett. Now it’s third down goal to goal at the 5-yard line. A bad snap recovered by Kavik Fairburn makes it fourth down. A pitch to Casey Hileman in the backfield goes nowhere, stopped by Loveland and Morgan Baladez, for a loss of 5 yards.

Tri-Valley takes over with 1:50 to play till the half. Hollon is in the shoot-gun formation, a pass to Loveland is just put of his reach. A pass to Stinnett picks up 1, stopped by Cody Zeff. On third and 9, a pass to Scott Jaeger is stopped by Chad “Bam Bam” Jones. This play falls short of the first down they need. Titans are forced to punt.

With 14 seconds to the half, a pass from Fairburn to Zeff gets the Wolverines a first down. With 2 seconds to play, Garden Valley is going to try to score. A half back pass to Charlie ‘The Horse” Johnson goes for 35 yards, as time runs out.
Half-Time Score: Garden Valley 26, Tri-Valley 12.

The lights are coming on as the sunset turns the sky purple and gold. Is this an omen of the final score?

The second half starts with Garden Valley trying an on-side kick to Tri-Valley. Stinnett falls on the ball, giving the Titans good field position. On the first play, Alex Loveland takes the ball, running up the middle, cutting right, and 52 yards later, scores 6 points. Extra points try fails.
Score: Garden Valley 26, Tri-Valley 18.

Casey Hileman gets the ball on the kickoff, returns it 38 yards. He is pushed out-of bounds by the Titans. Now Garden Valley gets going. Charlie Johnson picks up the first down, at the 11:22 mark. On a pitch, Casey is tackled in the backfield. On the next play, Dylan Bass catches a great pass to pick up another first down at the 10-yard line. Casey picks up 1 going right. On second and 9, with Zack Smith leading the way, Charlie “The Horse” Johnson goes up the middle for positive yards. On third down, a pitch to Casey picks up the first down. What do you do with 8:50 to play in the quarter? Fairburn hands the ball to Casey Hileman; 5 yards later, he crosses the goal line for 6 points. QB Kavik Fairburn, on a naked bootleg, crosses the goal line for 2 points.
Score: Garden Valley 34, Tri-Valley 18.

Wolverines J.D. Fuhriman kicks to Jesse Cada. He returns the ball 6 yards before being stopped by Jono “The Law” Lawler. A pass to Loveland gives the Titans a first down. Tri-Valley will go on a ten-play scoring drive. The Wolverines are going to get a quarterback sack. Hollon is falling down, going backwards with the help of two Garden Valley defensive players. He makes an impossible pass to Hayden Boll for 6 points. With 3:31 to play, a run by Loveland adds two more for the Titans.
Score: Garden Valley 34, Tri-Valley 26.

On the kick-off, Casey Hileman returns the ball to the 26-yard line. A pitch is stopped for no gain. On second and 10, from the 26, Kavik Fairburn drops back, a pass to Dylan Bass is complete. Dylan is running for the goal line. The defensive player cannot stop him without a “horse-collar” tackle, pulling Dylan to the ground. The Titan player is flagged on the play. The ball is moved half the distance to the goal line. The Tri-Valley coach is yelling that it was not an illegal tackle. Now with 2:33 to play, a handoff to Casey Hileman gets the ball down to the 1-yard line. On the next play, with the lineman leading the way, it’s a 1-yard run by Casey “The Hurricane” Hileman, for 6 more points. Extra points try falls short.
Score: Garden Valley 40, Tri-Valley 26.

With 1:37 still to play in the third quarter, Garden Valley kicks to Jesse Cada. Tri-Valley runs four plays as time in the quarter runs out. Charlie Johnson makes play after play, with the help of Chad Jones, Casey Hileman and Cody Zeff, and the rest of the defense are stopping the runners and receivers.
Score at the end of three quarters: Garden Valley 40, Tri-Valley 26.

At the start of the fourth quarter, Tri-Valley still has the ball at the 50-yard line. An incomplete pass starts the play on the field. On third down, Jono Lawler and Charlie Johnson stop Loveland in the backfield for a loss of yards. Now on fourth and 12 yards to go, a pass to Hayden Boll is complete, for a first down. At 11:08 on the 12-yard line, a run by Robert Stinnett is stopped by Cody “The Cobra” Zeff ans Charlie “The Horse” Johnson for no gain. A pass to Loveland hits the ground for an incompletion. Loveland tries to run up the middle. “The Horse” stops him with almost no gain. A helmet comes off from the impact. At the 11-yard line, it’s fourth down goal to goal. The Titans try to throw a pass. Nathan “Dynamite” Updike intercepts the ball and advances it 4 yards.

The Wolverines get the ball at the 15-yard line. Charlie Johnson takes the ball up the middle, stopped by Loveland. Next it’s a pitch to Casey Hileman, he picks up 4 yards. Kavik Fairburn is tackled in the backfield by Hayden Boll for a loss of 8 yards. It’s fourth and 14, Garden Valley will punt.
Hileman catches the ball, he puts a foot into it as it sails 60 yards.

Matt Ball picks up the pigskin and is surrounded by white-clad players for no return. Tri-Valley starts its next drive with QB Hollon running straight ahead for 3 yards. Casey Hileman makes a solid stop. Second down and 7 to go. Hollon fumbles and recovers the ball and loses a yard. Third down and 8, Hollon is sacked for a loss of 2, by Casey Hileman. It’s fourth down and 10 to go. The Titans will punt.

Garden Valley will start at the 43-yard line, with 5:42 to play in the game. QB Fairburn hands the ball to Casey Hileman for 2 yards. Hileman takes a pitch for 8 yards and a first down. Bass running left on an end-around gets 1 tough yard. At the 44, Hileman running straight ahead gets another 10 yards and another first down. At the 33-yard line, Casey gets his legs taken out from under him by Loveland, for no gain. On the next play, Casey picks up 2. Kavik Fairburn passes to Dylan Bass. He gets down to the 50-yard line for a first down. Charlie Johnson picks up 5 yards on a straight ahead run. Now on second, 5 yards to go. Casey Hileman takes the ball from Kavik Fairburn, running right. He glides 13 yards, crosses the goal line to score 6 points. On the extra point try, a QB keeper is stopped by Hayden Boll. Score: Garden Valley 46, Tri-Valley 26.

J.D. puts a solid boot into the kick to Cada at the 10-yard line. He returns the ball to the 40, where Chad “Bam Bam” Jones makes the stop and that is where the Titans will start. Rodney Hollon drops back to pass. He sees his receiver in the open, going down the right side line. He does not see Dylan Bass, who jumps the route and intercepts the pass. Dylan had a straight shoot downfield. He would have been untouched, on his way to a touchdown. Mr. Bass did the classy thing and took a knee. What a gentleman. With 38 seconds to play, Garden Valley goes into the victory formation and takes a knee on the next two plays to end the game.
Final Score: Garden Valley 46, Tri-Valley 26.

The final score would have been larger, but two TDs were called back for questionable infractions.

Garden Valley scored touchdowns on runs of 14-65-5-1-13 yards. They got two scores on passes of 9 and 21 yards. Now for some stats on this game for Garden Valley.

Passing: Kavik Fairburn 11-18-1 for 248 yards
Other players: 2- 3-0 for 55 yards

Receiving: Dylan Bass 5 for 119 yards
Nathan Updike 3 for 63 yards
Casey Hileman 2 for 23 yards

Rushing: Casey Hileman 32 for 247 yards
Charlie Johnson 8 for 37 yards
Dylan Bass 2 for 67 yards

Return Yards: Casey Hileman 5 for 141 yards

*Garden Valley Defense Stats*

Interceptions: 1 each by Dylan Bass and Nathan Updike

Fumbles Recovered: By Jono Lawler

Fumble Caused: By Charlie Johnson

Pass Knockdowns: Cody Zeff and Dylan Bass x 2

Sacks: J.D. Fuhriman -6 yards & Charlie Johnson -15 yards

Solo tackles: Casey Hileman 8, Charlie Johnson 6, Cody Zeff 3, Dylan Bass 5, Chad Jones 4, Jono Lawler 3, Nathan Updike 2, J.D. Fuhriman 3.

Asst. Tackles: Benny Updike 1, Jono Lawler 2, Cody Zeff 1, Nathan Updike 4, J.D. Fuhriman 2, Chad Jones 2, Dylan Bass 3, Charlie Johnson 4, Casey Hileman 5.

With the win, the wolverines locked up the #2 seat for the district in the state playoffs.

**Next Game**

Garden Valley (8-1) vs. Kootenai (5-4) It’s a Daytime Game.

The game is Saturday, November 6, at 2 p.m. Mountain Time. It will be in Harrison , Idaho. That’s up north of here, but south of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

**It’s a 7-Hour Drive!**
If you drive, go to Banks, turn right on Hwy. 55, to New Meadows, turn right on Hwy. 95. Drive carefully to Riggins. Keep going north to Lewiston. Go on north to Moscow. Remember that Idaho Vandals are having a home football game with BCS #23 Nevada on Saturday, November 6. The game starts at 2 p.m. No rooms in Moscow.
You are still on Hwy. 95, keep going north and you will come to the town of Plummer, Idaho. Maybe the best thing is to stop in Plummer and ask directions on how to get to Harrison.

Since I have never been to Harrison, the following directions are my best guess: Turn right on Hwy 5, drive a little while, look for Hwy. 3, go north to Hwy. 97, keep going north. You should be at Harrison Idaho.