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Mike Uhl gives you the game like it was, in case you missed the excitement.

Cambridge, Idaho
October 29, 2010 Garden Valley Wolverines (7-1) vs. Tri-Valley (3-5).

It’s a 5:30 starting time for this 1A Division II conference game. The Wolverines (2-1) vs. the Titans (1-2). Salmon River leads the conference with a (3-0) record.

The last time these teams played on September 24, it was hot, VERY HOT! It was Homecoming for the Wolverines. It was a hard-fought contest that went four full quarters.
The final score Garden Valley 52, Tri-Valley 20.

On October 22, Tri-Valley played Salmon River. Jesse Cada scored 26 of the team’s 28 points on runs of 19-45-30-36 yards. The Titans held Salmon River to one score for the whole first half of that game. The second quarter was all Tri-Valley scoring 22 points. Garden Valley should watch out for this team from Tri-Valley, which is made up of players from Cambridge, Midvale and Indian Valley. This is an important game for Garden Valley; they could clinch a berth in the state play-offs, if they win today’s game. Tri-Valley hopes they can beat the Wolverines and that the Council Lumberjacks can beat Salmon River. If that happens, then Tri-Valley goes to the state play-offs.

It’s fall, it’s overcast, it’s football weather. Mild days and cool nights and the temperature is dropping. It’s fall. It’s Garden Valley football. The cliffs above the field look dark. Lava rock dark. The sun will be setting soon.

The game starts as Titan’s Tobias Moretro boots the ball to Casey “Hurricane” Hileman. He takes the ball up the right side for 10 yards. A good gain for Garden Valley to start this contest. Hileman gets a pitch from QB Fairburn, going left for 6 yards. At the 34, Dylan Bass catches a great pass from Kavik Fairburn, to pick up the first down. Charlie Johnson takes the ball up the gut, getting 2 hard-fought yards. Titan’s Robert Stinnett makes the stop. Casey is running right for 2 yards, stopped by Matt Ball. It’s a handoff to “The Hurricane” going right to get another first down. With 9:26 to play in the first quarter, Kavik Fairburn sees Dylan Bass running for the end zone. He drops back, lets the pass hit Dylan’s hands for a 9-yard catch and 6 points for the Wolverines. On the extra point try, Charlie Johnson is stopped just short of the goal line by Robert Stinnett.
Score: Garden Valley 6, Tri-Valley 0.

Casey Hileman kicks the ball into the end zone, for a touchback. The ball comes out to the 20. This is where the Titans will start the game. The clock shows 9:13. On the first play, Rodney Hollon hands the ball to Alex Loveland; running right, he rambles 80 yards for a touchdown. It can happen that quick. To tie the score, extra point try no good.
Score: Garden Valley 6, Tri-Valley 6.

Like I said, the Wolverines better watch out.

Tri-Valley’s Tobias Moretro kicks to Casey Hileman, he picks the ball off the ground and returns it to the 40-yard line. Garden Valley gets started with a 4-yard gain by Hileman. A good gain that would have been a score is called back for a holding penalty. On a second and 20, Casey Hileman takes the ball going up the middle, gaining yards but is stopped by Alex Loveland. Next play is a pass that is intercepted by Hayden Boll at the 45-yard line. Tri-Valley runs four plays and is forced to punt, after some great defense by the Garden Valley unit with Casey Hileman, Dylan Bass and Kavik “Mad Dog” Fairburn making outstanding plays.

The Wolverines get the ball at the 10-yard line. Casey takes the ball up the middle for a 4-yard pick-up. He is stopped by Titan’s Stinnett. At the 14, Casey gets the ball for another gain, again stopped by Stinnett but he gets the first down. With 3:34 to play in the first quarter, Dylan Bass gets the ball on an end-around. Running down the left side line, he gets to the Titan’s 15-yard line and is pushed out-of-bounds by Tri-Valley, to save the touchdown. With a first down, at the 3-minute mark, the Wolverines hand the ball to Casey Hileman. With some great blocks by the line, he is running up the middle, cuts right to cross the goal line after a 14-yard run, to score 6 points. The play took 7 seconds. The 2-point try is good on a pass from kavik Fairburn to Dylan Bass in the right corner of the end zone.
Score: Garden Valley 14, Tri-Valley 6.

With 2:53 til the end of the first quarter, Garden Valley’s Casey Hileman kicks to the Titan’s Jesse Cada. He returns the ball to the 31-yard line. Alex Loveland gains 3 yards and is stopped by “Mad Dog” Fairburn. With 2:04, a pass to Hayden Boll falls incomplete as the ball bounces off his hands. Loveland tries going left after a short gain but no first down after a great stop by Nathan “Dynamite” Updike. Loveland punts the ball. It dies at the 20 for no return.

The important thing is Garden Valley gets the ball back. Charlie “The Horse” Johnson takes it up the middle for a short gain. Next, Casey is tackled in the backfield. The next play is a pass from “Mad Dog” to “The Hurricane” Hileman, to score 6 points. The play is called back on a holding call.

This ends the first quarter. Score: Garden Valley 14, Tri-Valley 6.

The next 12 minutes of the first half start with a direct snap to Casey Hileman going right, picking up a first down.

With 11:49 on the clock, Kavik Fairburn spots Nathan Updike running downfield in the open and hits him with an on-the-spot pass. Another first down at the 52-yard line.

The next three plays are not the best for Garden Valley. A quarterback sack for a loss of yards. A pick-up of 1 yard. An incomplete pass. Then a bad snap on a punting attempt. Tri-Valley takes over at the 38-yard line.

On the Titan’s first play, the Wolverine’s defense players Lance Jones and Charlie Johnson hurry the quarterback into throwing an incomplete pass. On second and 10, QB Hollon picks up 4. He is stopped by “Bam Bam” Chad Jones. Now on third and 6, Alex Loveland is running right. He is met by Charlie Johnson and Jono “The Law” Lawler, for a loss of yards. Now on fourth and 12, they try a pass to the right, but the "Bone Crusher” Dylan Bass will not let the pass into the hands of the receiver. The ball is turned over to the Wolverines on downs.

First play will take 13 seconds. It will cover 65 yards. Casey ”Wheels” Hileman gets the ball running right. Outrunning the Titans, he goes untouched into the end zone to score 6 points. Extra point pass falls incomplete.
Score: Garden Valley 20, Tri-Valley 6.

It’s 7:54 til the half. J.D. Fuhriman kicks to Jesse Cada, who returns the ball to the 20. The Updike brothers sandwich the returner to make the stop. Tri-Valley’s first play is an incomplete pass. Next, J.D. and Dylan Bass stop Alex Loveland. QB Hollon gets a first down on a pass to Loveland. Alex does not score, thanks to the “Bone Crusher” Bass. The Titan’s QB Rodney Hollon is running right. He is met by a host of Wolverines, but Charlie Johnson hits him so hard that the ball pops out and Jono Lawler recovers it for Garden Valley.

At the 21-yard line, Kavik Fairburn gets the ball from one of the Zacks, drops back from the center, rolling out to his right sees Nathan “Dynamite” Updike in the flat, lets the pass sail into Nathan’s hands. Updike makes the catch and runs 21 yards to cross the goal line for 6 points. No extra points.

Score: Garden Valley 26, Tri-Valley 6.

J.D. kicks to Jesse Cada. He catches the ball and returns it to the 30-yard line, being stopped by “Dynamite” Updike and Casey Hileman. Scott Jaeger gets a short gain, stopped by Chad “Bam Bam” Jones. On the next three plays, Tri-Valley is moving the ball. With 4:30 to play, QB Hollon passes to Matt Ball, who pitches to a streaking Alex Loveland down the right side line to score 6 points. Extra point pass to Loveland is broken up by Kavik “Mad Dog” Fairburn.
Score: Garden Valley 26, Tri-Valley 12.

Moretro kicks to the left side of the field. Casey Hileman catches the ball running right for the sideline. A Titan player is zeroing in on Casey. Cody “The Cobra” Zeff makes a great block that can be heard across the field, springing “The Hurricane” for a good gain. All that takes 10 seconds.

First down, it’s a pass to Cody Zeff. He makes a great catch and a first down, before being stopped by Matt Ball. A pass to Casey Hileman in the flat picks up 7 yards. A quarterback sack for a loss of 3. Now it’s third and 10 on an end-around. Casey gets down to the 5-yard line and picks up a first down. Now it’s first down goal to goal with 3:02 to play till the half. Tri-Valley’s defense is stiffing up. It starts with an incomplete pass to Bass on first down. With 2:57, a pitch to Casey is stopped by Stinnett. Now it’s third down goal to goal at the 5-yard line. A bad snap recovered by Kavik Fairburn makes it fourth down. A pitch to Casey Hileman in the backfield goes nowhere, stopped by Loveland and Morgan Baladez, for a loss of 5 yards.

Tri-Valley takes over with 1:50 to play till the half. Hollon is in the shoot-gun formation, a pass to Loveland is just put of his reach. A pass to Stinnett picks up 1, stopped by Cody Zeff. On third and 9, a pass to Scott Jaeger is stopped by Chad “Bam Bam” Jones. This play falls short of the first down they need. Titans are forced to punt.

With 14 seconds to the half, a pass from Fairburn to Zeff gets the Wolverines a first down. With 2 seconds to play, Garden Valley is going to try to score. A half back pass to Charlie ‘The Horse” Johnson goes for 35 yards, as time runs out.
Half-Time Score: Garden Valley 26, Tri-Valley 12.

The lights are coming on as the sunset turns the sky purple and gold. Is this an omen of the final score?

The second half starts with Garden Valley trying an on-side kick to Tri-Valley. Stinnett falls on the ball, giving the Titans good field position. On the first play, Alex Loveland takes the ball, running up the middle, cutting right, and 52 yards later, scores 6 points. Extra points try fails.
Score: Garden Valley 26, Tri-Valley 18.

Casey Hileman gets the ball on the kickoff, returns it 38 yards. He is pushed out-of bounds by the Titans. Now Garden Valley gets going. Charlie Johnson picks up the first down, at the 11:22 mark. On a pitch, Casey is tackled in the backfield. On the next play, Dylan Bass catches a great pass to pick up another first down at the 10-yard line. Casey picks up 1 going right. On second and 9, with Zack Smith leading the way, Charlie “The Horse” Johnson goes up the middle for positive yards. On third down, a pitch to Casey picks up the first down. What do you do with 8:50 to play in the quarter? Fairburn hands the ball to Casey Hileman; 5 yards later, he crosses the goal line for 6 points. QB Kavik Fairburn, on a naked bootleg, crosses the goal line for 2 points.
Score: Garden Valley 34, Tri-Valley 18.

Wolverines J.D. Fuhriman kicks to Jesse Cada. He returns the ball 6 yards before being stopped by Jono “The Law” Lawler. A pass to Loveland gives the Titans a first down. Tri-Valley will go on a ten-play scoring drive. The Wolverines are going to get a quarterback sack. Hollon is falling down, going backwards with the help of two Garden Valley defensive players. He makes an impossible pass to Hayden Boll for 6 points. With 3:31 to play, a run by Loveland adds two more for the Titans.
Score: Garden Valley 34, Tri-Valley 26.

On the kick-off, Casey Hileman returns the ball to the 26-yard line. A pitch is stopped for no gain. On second and 10, from the 26, Kavik Fairburn drops back, a pass to Dylan Bass is complete. Dylan is running for the goal line. The defensive player cannot stop him without a “horse-collar” tackle, pulling Dylan to the ground. The Titan player is flagged on the play. The ball is moved half the distance to the goal line. The Tri-Valley coach is yelling that it was not an illegal tackle. Now with 2:33 to play, a handoff to Casey Hileman gets the ball down to the 1-yard line. On the next play, with the lineman leading the way, it’s a 1-yard run by Casey “The Hurricane” Hileman, for 6 more points. Extra points try falls short.
Score: Garden Valley 40, Tri-Valley 26.

With 1:37 still to play in the third quarter, Garden Valley kicks to Jesse Cada. Tri-Valley runs four plays as time in the quarter runs out. Charlie Johnson makes play after play, with the help of Chad Jones, Casey Hileman and Cody Zeff, and the rest of the defense are stopping the runners and receivers.
Score at the end of three quarters: Garden Valley 40, Tri-Valley 26.

At the start of the fourth quarter, Tri-Valley still has the ball at the 50-yard line. An incomplete pass starts the play on the field. On third down, Jono Lawler and Charlie Johnson stop Loveland in the backfield for a loss of yards. Now on fourth and 12 yards to go, a pass to Hayden Boll is complete, for a first down. At 11:08 on the 12-yard line, a run by Robert Stinnett is stopped by Cody “The Cobra” Zeff ans Charlie “The Horse” Johnson for no gain. A pass to Loveland hits the ground for an incompletion. Loveland tries to run up the middle. “The Horse” stops him with almost no gain. A helmet comes off from the impact. At the 11-yard line, it’s fourth down goal to goal. The Titans try to throw a pass. Nathan “Dynamite” Updike intercepts the ball and advances it 4 yards.

The Wolverines get the ball at the 15-yard line. Charlie Johnson takes the ball up the middle, stopped by Loveland. Next it’s a pitch to Casey Hileman, he picks up 4 yards. Kavik Fairburn is tackled in the backfield by Hayden Boll for a loss of 8 yards. It’s fourth and 14, Garden Valley will punt.
Hileman catches the ball, he puts a foot into it as it sails 60 yards.

Matt Ball picks up the pigskin and is surrounded by white-clad players for no return. Tri-Valley starts its next drive with QB Hollon running straight ahead for 3 yards. Casey Hileman makes a solid stop. Second down and 7 to go. Hollon fumbles and recovers the ball and loses a yard. Third down and 8, Hollon is sacked for a loss of 2, by Casey Hileman. It’s fourth down and 10 to go. The Titans will punt.

Garden Valley will start at the 43-yard line, with 5:42 to play in the game. QB Fairburn hands the ball to Casey Hileman for 2 yards. Hileman takes a pitch for 8 yards and a first down. Bass running left on an end-around gets 1 tough yard. At the 44, Hileman running straight ahead gets another 10 yards and another first down. At the 33-yard line, Casey gets his legs taken out from under him by Loveland, for no gain. On the next play, Casey picks up 2. Kavik Fairburn passes to Dylan Bass. He gets down to the 50-yard line for a first down. Charlie Johnson picks up 5 yards on a straight ahead run. Now on second, 5 yards to go. Casey Hileman takes the ball from Kavik Fairburn, running right. He glides 13 yards, crosses the goal line to score 6 points. On the extra point try, a QB keeper is stopped by Hayden Boll. Score: Garden Valley 46, Tri-Valley 26.

J.D. puts a solid boot into the kick to Cada at the 10-yard line. He returns the ball to the 40, where Chad “Bam Bam” Jones makes the stop and that is where the Titans will start. Rodney Hollon drops back to pass. He sees his receiver in the open, going down the right side line. He does not see Dylan Bass, who jumps the route and intercepts the pass. Dylan had a straight shoot downfield. He would have been untouched, on his way to a touchdown. Mr. Bass did the classy thing and took a knee. What a gentleman. With 38 seconds to play, Garden Valley goes into the victory formation and takes a knee on the next two plays to end the game.
Final Score: Garden Valley 46, Tri-Valley 26.

The final score would have been larger, but two TDs were called back for questionable infractions.

Garden Valley scored touchdowns on runs of 14-65-5-1-13 yards. They got two scores on passes of 9 and 21 yards. Now for some stats on this game for Garden Valley.

Passing: Kavik Fairburn 11-18-1 for 248 yards
Other players: 2- 3-0 for 55 yards

Receiving: Dylan Bass 5 for 119 yards
Nathan Updike 3 for 63 yards
Casey Hileman 2 for 23 yards

Rushing: Casey Hileman 32 for 247 yards
Charlie Johnson 8 for 37 yards
Dylan Bass 2 for 67 yards

Return Yards: Casey Hileman 5 for 141 yards

*Garden Valley Defense Stats*

Interceptions: 1 each by Dylan Bass and Nathan Updike

Fumbles Recovered: By Jono Lawler

Fumble Caused: By Charlie Johnson

Pass Knockdowns: Cody Zeff and Dylan Bass x 2

Sacks: J.D. Fuhriman -6 yards & Charlie Johnson -15 yards

Solo tackles: Casey Hileman 8, Charlie Johnson 6, Cody Zeff 3, Dylan Bass 5, Chad Jones 4, Jono Lawler 3, Nathan Updike 2, J.D. Fuhriman 3.

Asst. Tackles: Benny Updike 1, Jono Lawler 2, Cody Zeff 1, Nathan Updike 4, J.D. Fuhriman 2, Chad Jones 2, Dylan Bass 3, Charlie Johnson 4, Casey Hileman 5.

With the win, the wolverines locked up the #2 seat for the district in the state playoffs.

**Next Game**

Garden Valley (8-1) vs. Kootenai (5-4) It’s a Daytime Game.

The game is Saturday, November 6, at 2 p.m. Mountain Time. It will be in Harrison , Idaho. That’s up north of here, but south of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

**It’s a 7-Hour Drive!**
If you drive, go to Banks, turn right on Hwy. 55, to New Meadows, turn right on Hwy. 95. Drive carefully to Riggins. Keep going north to Lewiston. Go on north to Moscow. Remember that Idaho Vandals are having a home football game with BCS #23 Nevada on Saturday, November 6. The game starts at 2 p.m. No rooms in Moscow.
You are still on Hwy. 95, keep going north and you will come to the town of Plummer, Idaho. Maybe the best thing is to stop in Plummer and ask directions on how to get to Harrison.

Since I have never been to Harrison, the following directions are my best guess: Turn right on Hwy 5, drive a little while, look for Hwy. 3, go north to Hwy. 97, keep going north. You should be at Harrison Idaho.


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