Monday, October 31, 2011

KXGV Radio News!

Garden Valley Communications Inc.
Rich Smith

Our plans to bring FM Community Radio to Garden Valley are advancing. Sometime next year, the FCC will open a window to accept our application for a Lower Power FM (LPFM) broadcast license for KXGV. When the license is issued, we will begin over-the-air broadcasts on your FM dial. Meanwhile, we have initiated a Community Radio internet web site, . Our web site will provide local news, weather, community events and announcements, local business specials, and a soon to be added feature called “Story Hour” that will provide interesting audio commentary. We invite you to go on line and visit our web site.

Community Radio is a new service (Low Power FM) authorized by the FCC to provide local broadcasting in rural areas. KXGV is a nonprofit LPFM station entirely supported and operated by volunteers from the Garden Valley area. Residents of Garden Valley are encouraged to participate in on-the-air programming or other facets of public broadcasting. Garden Valley High Students will be invited to join an on-campus after school Radio Club, wherein they can learn about FM broadcasting and transcribe their own programs. Eventually we hope to broadcast GVHS football and basketball games.

Sundays we will broadcast programs provided by local churches. When KXGV goes on the air we will also participate in the EBS (Emergency Broadcasting Service) and provide emergency alerts and local information to residents in times of need.

Perhaps you have already noticed our building across from the Longhorn in downtown Crouch. We are renovating the old Idaho X-Sports building, which will house our studio and broadcast offices. We are always looking for volunteers to help us get this service on the air. As yet, we do not have regular office hours, but if you are interested in taking part in Garden Valley Communications, stop by for a tour or contact our board members: Rex LeFevre, Rich Smith, Bill Partridge or Tim Benedict. You can leave a message at the station at 462-4350 or send an e-mail to or


Sunday, October 30, 2011

Wastewater Systems Jumping to the Forefront in Garden Valley!

Wastewater is becoming the buzzword around Garden Valley, with the problems Terrace Lakes Resort is encountering, along with the City of Crouch also delving into alternatives for effluent disposal amid concern with failing septic systems. A special public Council meeting will be held on Tuesday, November 1, at 6:30 p.m. at the Crouch Community Hall. Within discussions about wastewater are mentioned the Garden Valley School wastewater treatment system and the Southfork Landing system, now going by the appellation of Two Forks. It would behoove residents to pay attention to these developments, because ya never know what will happen in the future.

The Central District Health Department mailed the following letter to the Idaho World newspaper with the intention of clarification and to "correct some statements presented by Ilene Johnson in her memo titled 'The Whole Story about Terrace Lakes Resort’s Septic Problems.'” The letter from Environmental Health Director, Rob Howarth, offers some general information about wastewater treatment systems, which should be helpful. Included is a chronology of events involving Terrace Lakes:

Central District Health Department (CDHD) staff have worked with Terrace Lakes to find a solution to their wastewater treatment problems since September 2009. At that time, we were made aware through a complaint filed with the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality that untreated wastewater was surfacing from the location of their 30-year-old drainfield.

CDHD allowed Terrace Lakes to add additional soil on top of the failed drainfield at least six times over a two-year period in an effort to cover the wastewater and isolate it from humans and animals. This was intended to allow Terrace Lakes time to work with us and their engineering company to identify a permanent wastewater treatment solution.

Each of these drainfield “capping” episodes ultimately resulted in wastewater surfacing again. Finally, in August 2011 we asked Terrace Lakes to permanently discontinue the use of the failed drainfield by capping the effluent line from the septic tank to the drainfield. We also notified Terrace Lakes that continued use of the failed drainfield could result in our revocation of their license to operate the restaurant and public swimming pool facilities. Terrace Lakes did comply with this request and has begun hauling wastewater by truck from their facility to the Southfork Landing wastewater treatment plant.

Standard septic tanks and drainfields (i.e., operated by gravity) are still allowed by Idaho rules governing these facilities; the rules have been in place since 1985. Additional standards for large-volume systems have been in place since 1989. In fact, we estimate at least 75% of the systems installed in Boise County during the last three years are of the standard type. Improvements in wastewater treatment technology have also resulted in more expensive units that require pumps and electricity. These more expensive options treat wastewater to a higher degree and are sometimes used in areas with small lots, shallow ground water, or areas with minimal amounts of suitable soil. People sometimes choose these more expensive options to allow them to build on property that will not accommodate standard systems, and would otherwise be unbuildable.

We recognize that Terrace Lakes is facing a difficult challenge in adequately treating its wastewater. Shallow ground water occurs in the remaining flat areas and will not allow the installation of a standard drainfield. Also, the amount of wastewater needing treatment is large. Systems that can properly treat this amount of wastewater are more complex and costly than the standard gravity system once used here. The existing system has failed and can no longer be used in a way that is protective of the public’s health.

CDHD has provided a great deal of flexibility in allowing Terrace Lakes to identify and implement a permanent solution to their failed drainfield. After two years of little progress, we have decided that the public’s health cannot continue to be put at risk by allowing untreated wastewater at the surface. That is why we recently asked Terrace Lakes to discontinue use of the failed drainfield.

The attached chronology of events shows a lengthy pattern of collaboration and regulatory flexibility in working with Terrace Lakes on this problem. We intend to continue to work with the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality and Terrace Lakes to find the best possible solution. At the same time, we will maintain our focus on protecting the health of neighbors and visitors of the Terrace Lakes Resort.

Please contact me at 208-327-8520 or via email at if you have further questions.

Rob Howarth
Environmental Health Director
Central District Health Department

Attachment: CDHD Chronology of Actions
cc: Russell Duke, CDHD
Barry Burnell, IDEQ
Jamie Anderson, Chair, Boise County Commissioners
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
October 24, 2011

Central District Health Department Chronology of Events Related to
Terrace Lakes Sewage Notice of Violation Case

The following is a chronological timeline of the events of this case:

• September 2, 2009: Complaint forwarded from The Idaho Department of Environmental Quality (IDEQ) to CDHD detailing surfacing sewage effluent from the community drainfield servicing Terrace Lakes Resort Facilities and roughly 41 individually owned lots within the Terrace Lakes subdivision.

• September 2, 2009: Investigation by CDHD verifying the failure of the community drainfield and the surfacing of sewage effluent.

• September 3, 2009: Phone conversation between Terrace Lakes representative and CDHD with CDHD requesting the septic tanks for the system be pumped and the area where sewage has been leaking on the ground surface capped with uncontaminated soil, also recommended they begin planning the replacement of their septic drainfield and determine what is actually connected to the system (Failed drainfield has no plans in regards to what exactly is connected).

• September 3, 2009: Official Notice of Violation sent to Terrace Lakes via certified mail and regular mail.

• September 4, 2009: Site visit by CDHD to verify that areas affected by surfacing effluent had been capped with soil.

• September 8, 2009: Information received from Terrace Lakes that roughly 39 dwellings plus two vacant lots are connected to the system as well as Terrace Lakes lodge, swimming pool facilities, hotel, and two rental cabins. Asked that Terrace Lakes provide the address information of the properties connected to the community system.

• September 8, 2009: Discussion with IDEQ representative to discuss IDEQ records of Terrace Lake’s existing and prior community sewer systems. Very limited information is available through IDEQ.

• September 10, 2009: Verification from a Terrace Lakes representative that they had received the Notice of Violation. Discussed that none of the structures had water meters to monitor inflow from community water system.

• September 22, 2009: CDHD contacted Terrace Lakes to again request the address information for properties connected to the community system, recommended that they bring an engineer on board to help them design replacement system options.

• September 22, 2009: Site visit to ensure system was not leaking effluent.

• September 23, 2009: Received address information from Terrace Lakes, after verification of bedroom numbers for each dwelling connected to the system through the Boise County Assessor’s website and applying IDAPA 58.01.03 flow projections for the homes CDHD estimates the homes need a system designed to handle 9,400 gallons per day. Additionally based on the projected number of users for the resort facilities CDHD estimates the lodge, swimming pool, hotel, and two rental cabins will need a system sized at roughly 3,715 gallons per day. Suggested Terrace Lakes would need two separate large soil absorption systems based on projected flows exceeding 10,000 gallons per day for the entire system. Again recommended that an engineer be obtained by Terrace Lakes.

• September 30, 2009: Meeting at Terrace Lakes involving CDHD, IDEQ, Terrace Lakes, Matrix Engineering, and Alternative Wastewater to discuss replacement options available and reviewed the site with all parties.

• October 30, 2009: Received two applications for subsurface sewage disposal systems from Terrace Lakes paid at the large soil absorption system rate.

• November 17, 2009: Excavated 24 test holes for soils evaluation in driving range and near tubing hill and placed groundwater monitoring pipes in applicable holes.

• November 19, 2009: Excavated more test holes near failed community drainfield, noted that all test holes in the driving range area were already failed due to high groundwater levels.

• November 23, 2009: Excavated more test holes in a couple fairway areas, this and all previous areas were chosen due to the possibility of gravity flow and proximity to Terrace Lakes facilities and applicable dwellings.

• December 10, 2009: Meeting at CDHD involving CDHD, IDEQ, Terrace Lakes representatives, and Matrix Engineering. Discussed timetable for replacement of failed system. Agreed CDHD and IDEQ would receive system plans for first system in late spring 2010 once groundwater levels could be verified to be acceptable and that installation would begin as soon as plans could be approved, system for individual dwellings would then be installed in early summer 2011 assuming that they could keep the community drainfield from surfacing in the interim.

• March 2, 2010: CDHD verified that Terrace Lakes had begun monitoring groundwater in test holes on a weekly basis.

• March 8, 2010: CDHD performed groundwater monitoring at Terrace Lakes and found that too many test holes near sledding hill, existing system, and in fairway had failed due to high groundwater levels and that areas would not be suitable for system design of this size.

• March 10, 2010: Meeting between CDHD and Matrix Engineering to discuss other potential area options for system placement.

• March 12, 2010: Test holes excavated in new areas presented by Matrix Engineering. Provided permission to Terrace Lakes to discontinue monitoring test holes that had already failed.

• March 16, 2010: Test holes excavated in new areas presented by Matrix Engineering.

• March 23, 2010: CDHD performed groundwater monitoring of new test holes that had been dug.

• April 7, 2010: CDHD performed groundwater monitoring.

• May 11, 2010: CDHD performed groundwater monitoring.

• June 17, 2010: CDHD performed groundwater monitoring. Found that community drainfield had begun leaking from a new location, discussed with Terrace Lakes representative that area needed to be covered with clean soil and that flows to surface of ground needed to cease otherwise Terrace Lakes’ food establishment license and public pool license would be revoked until sewer system had been replaced.

• June 23, 2010: Met with Terrace Lakes and Matrix Engineering to discuss potential system design options based on recorded groundwater and soils data. Discussed how plans would move forward.

• June 29, 2010: CDHD verified floor plans of rental cabins for flow projection purposes. Discussed some system design pertaining to collection system for Terrace Lakes Resort facilities only.

• July 15, 2010: CDHD verified that community drainfield had begun to leak from previous location again, requested Terrace Lakes cap the leak immediately.

• July 19, 2010: CDHD verified that community drainfield was still leaking. Terrace Lakes promised area would be capped with clean soils that day.

• July 21, 2010: CDHD verified drainfield has been capped and is no longer leaking at this time.

• August 5, 2010: CDHD verified that ground in area that had been previously capped was very wet and appeared to be the beginning of another leak, requested Terrace Lakes cap the area before it begins to leak.

• August 17, 2010: CDHD verified drainfield was not currently leaking.

• August 30, 2010: Spoke with Terrace Lakes representative to verify that they had received recent emails. Representative stated their engineer should be working on the system plans and that they should be ready in the near future. Representative stated all of their finances were in order with their engineer and the project should continue moving forward.

• September 17, 2010: CDHD made site visit to ensure that septic system is not leaking, no visible effluent leaking.

• September 27 and 28, 2010: Reviewed first submittal of the Terrace Lakes community system plans and operations and maintenance manual associated with the system.

• October 28, 2010: CDHD made site visit to ensure that septic system is not leaking, no visible effluent leaking.

• November 5, 2010: Spoke with Terrace Lakes to remind them that renewal fees needed to be submitted for their LSAS applications.

• November 8, 2010: CDHD made site visit to ensure that septic system is not leaking, no visible effluent leaking.

• January 21, 2011: Reviewed second submission of LSAS plans, issued review letter 11-0049 discussing adjustments that needed to be made.

• March 28, 2011: Site visit to examine shape of existing system. System was leaking badly from multiple locations.

• March 31, 2011: Spoke with a Terrace Lakes representative who stated that they were working on capping system as well as attempting to fix infiltration of groundwater into collection system.

• April 4, 2011: Site visit to verify the septic system leaks had been covered. Terrace Lakes was capping over entire system with a few feet of soil to help prevent future leaks.

• May 2, 2011: Reviewed third submittal of LSAS plans. Wrote letter 11-0322 in response for needed corrections and items.

• May 3, 2011: CDHD made site visit to ensure that septic system is not leaking, no visible effluent leaking. Looked like soil was still being capped over system.

• May 16, 2011: Received recorded extended treatment operations and maintenance agreement.

• August 3, 2011: Received variance petition from Terrace Lakes for reduced setback to the property line near the designed LSAS. CDHD set a hearing date of September 6, 2011 for the variance hearing. Notification letter 11-0631 sent.

• August 17, 2011: Site visit to check on existing system. Sewage effluent is leaking again from end of system. Informed Terrace Lakes management that a pump and haul scenario would need to be implemented to keep sewage from surfacing from system or suspension of Food License and Pool License would be issued by CDHD.

• August 25, 2011: Site visit to verify that effluent line from septic tank to community drainfield had been capped off so effluent cannot discharge from septic tank. Septic tank is being pumped and hauled per the agreement between Terrace Lakes and IDEQ. Terrace Lakes states this will occur until a sewer solution is implemented and installed.

• August 26, 2011: Meeting at IDEQ between Terrace Lakes representatives, IDEQ, CDHD, and Matrix Engineering. Discussed pump and haul plans and possible options for Terrace Lakes moving forward.

• September 1, 2011: Renewal letter 11-0761 sent by CDHD to remind Terrace Lakes to renew their LSAS applications. Made an on-site visit with selected variance hearing committee from CDHD to review the site against the requested variance conditions.

• September 6, 2011: Variance hearing at CDHD attended by Terrace Lakes representatives and CDHD. Variance was approved by the hearing committee.

• September 27, 2011: Informed Terrace Lakes representatives via email that septic permit for 4500 gallon per day system that would serve Terrace Lakes lodge, pool, motel, and two rental cabins could be issued as LSAS plans and variance had been approved. Told them we would wait to issue permit upon their request, but were under the impression they were going to go into a redesign phase while they were pumping and hauling. Informed Terrace Lakes that the treatment portion of system would still need to be approved by IDEQ.

• October 17, 2011: Site visit by CDHD appears septic tank is being pumped and hauled as agreed. Road has been improved into septic tank to improve winter access.

Syringa Club To Be Commemorated

Neighbors With News
Submitted by Kim Bosse
Crouch City Clerk/Treasurer

The City of Crouch has decided to name the Old Library Building “The Syringa Building”. It is being dedicated to the Garden Valley Syringa Club in honor of the important role they played in establishing the building.

The Council is also planning on having a plaque made to display on the building, dedicating it to Syringa Club. Depending on how much we can get in donations, will determine the size and detail of the plaque. The City of Crouch is asking the community for contributions towards this.

 If anyone would like to donate, your check can be made payable to The City of Crouch and mailed to 329 Village Circle, Garden Valley, ID, 83622. Please notate in the memo section “Syringa Plaque”. If you have any questions, please call Kim Bosse, at 208 462-4687

Friday, October 28, 2011

Friends Of GV Library Update

The FRIENDS OF THE GARDEN VALLEY LIBRARY met in the GV Library Community Room, on October 6, first Thursday of the month as always, and Christy Jauregui reports here on activities and business enacted:

~ Our quilt raffle made $1053.00 in net proceeds, and we consider it to have been a very good project! Kathy Passie reported she is willing to undertake a quilt for this project again; Jody Mabe might consider a similar offer. Stay tuned!


~ The feasibility of displaying the Art Group Quilters’ quilts (Kathy P and Gretchen Reil) was discussed. Kathy and Gretchen have visited the library and will begin the displays after the Fiber Arts Faire. Richard Wilson suggested using picture molding around the stacks for hanging art, quilts, etc., and is willing to assume the project if the Friends are willing to provide the funds. He would consider hanging quilts in the clerestory, but that would be more of a project so will be discussed at a later date. It was moved by Georgianna to engage Richard in installing picture molding, not to exceed $200. The motion was seconded by Kathy P. and passed.

~ It was suggested we submit articles (perhaps a single column) into Idaho World, just before our Friends’ meeting, on a monthly basis, to encourage membership and enlighten as to who we are. Library Director, Kathy Smih, introduced Karen Benedict, the new children’s coordinator. She has many new ideas for promoting the children’s area of the Library and will be developing a program for the middle schoolers, a class for home schoolers, and a monthly group activity monthly (kids’ tea, etc.).

~ The Senior Center Holiday Bazaar, November 5th and 6th, will be manned by Kathy P., Jody and Christy. We will offer All Along the River, magnetic bookmarks, reader bags, note cards, and tee shirts. We will call work parties to assemble the reader bags and note cards on Oct. 14th at 10:00. Reminders and further communication on these parties will be done by e-mail.

~ The Christmas Bazaar in the Community Hall will be November 26th, the Saturday after Thanksgiving. At this point we have no one available to sell, so we must decline to be involved.

~ In regard to the note cards, Christy proposed using a matte card stock from Paper Express in Boise. It was moved by Georgianna to purchase a box of matching envelopes, ream of matte card stock and 250 cellophane envelopes. The motion was seconded by Richard and passed. We have an agreement with Jody Clark to use her watercolor for one year and we should consider printing a considerable amount before the agreement runs out. (Note added later: To have note cards folded and packaged for the Bazaar, we will plan on a work party following our November 3rd meeting.)

~ Christy reported two of three bolts of vinyl fabric have arrived. We will undertake tote bags as a spring project and tabled it until after Christmas.

~ To general agreement, we discussed a silent basket auction in conjunction with a pie social for St. Patrick’s Day (March 17th). Entertainment also seems a good idea.

~ Kathy S. is initiating an Oral History recording day for Tuesday, November 8th, from 10-4 at the Library. She will submit an article to the Idaho World. Georgianna will be working on oral histories the first Fridays with Syringa club members.

~ Georgianna has volunteered to work/coordinate with Karen to provide programming/art classes as appropriate

~ Book clubs: Jody talked with Barbara Olic-Hamilton at Rediscovered Book Store near 9th and Idaho. She obtained booklets of recommended books and a listing of books various book clubs have read in Boise Valley. It was decided this would be a project the Library should sponsor rather than Friends.

~ After some discussion, speakers events were tabled until next meeting.
Our next meeting will be Thursday, November 3rd.
~ ~ ~

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Halloween Week-End in Garden Valley!

Friday, October 28
Governor Butch Otter Luncheon
@11:30, get tickets at GV Properties, 462-4620, and tickets will be available at the door in the Multi-Purpose Room. If more people come than we prepared lunches for, we will provide you with an $8 voucher that can be used at Wild Bill's in Crouch.

Please remember that the proceeds will go to the Garden Valley School for hosting ($200) and the rest for support of grant pursuits to help all of Boise County to have cell phone service, assisted living facilities, adult education courses to upgrade residents' skill sets and a tourist attraction marketing program.
~ ~ ~
~ ~ ~
Mon, October 31
Trunk or Treat, with prizes !
6PM @ GV Community Hall
Decorate your Trunk, Fill it with Treats and Come & Party
~Everyone Welcome~
Call John Jauregui, Chamber Prez, for info: 462-2437
Haunted House
Sponsored by Elizabeth's Day Care and Learning Center.
Call Ashley at 462-2273 if you'd like to help out with the Haunted House

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

GV Market October 30-Day Deals Still Cookin'!


Hello to our Customers!

We are in our last week of the October 30-day “Deals”. Help your dollar go farther with some of these great values;

Libby’s Jumbo Can of Sweet Corn or Green Beans: 3 for $5
Panko Bread Crumbs 8 oz boxes: 2 for $3
Stash Herbal Teas: $2.49
Old Orchard Frozen concentrated juices: 5 for $5
Kikkoman 5 oz Soy Sauce: 99 cents

Dial Body Wash or Lotion 13 – 18 oz: $3.99
Sun Dish Detergent 25 oz liquid: 88 cents
White Rain Shampoo or Conditioner 16 – 18oz: 10 for $10

Ghirardelli Chocolate Squares 3 – 3.5 oz: 2 for $4
Pompeian Cooking wines and Vinegars 12 – 16 oz: $1.79

Lawry’s Seasoning Packets: 99 cents

Pepperidge Farms Frozen Garlic Bread: 2 for $5
Freschetta Pizza: 2 for $10
Zatarains Orleans style rice: 3 for $5

Morton Salt Pellets 40 lbs: 2 for $7

Many more products also value priced for your convenience!

Halloween Parties and trick or treating begins this weekend, so stock up on treats and check us out for last minute Holiday needs. We hope to see you in downtown Crouch for Trunk or Treat – Mon, Oct 31, 6 – 8 pm.

~ ~Saturday, Oct 29th, the GV High School Travel club will be guest bagging at our checkout counters (in costume of course) to get us in the spirit and to help raise funds for their Club Trip in the Spring. We may have a surprise contest or 2 on the weekend as well ~ ~

We look forward to your next visit!
Greg and Gerold
Garden Valley Market

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

$500 REWARD For Information on Death of Norwegian Elk Hound

Neighbors With News
By the Thayer Family

It has been a month today since our thirteen year old Norwegian Elk Hound was shot and killed in Terrace Lakes subdivision. We hadn’t yet completed our half-acre dog enclosure and I had let her out the front door of our property at 7:30 that Sunday morning. I got my cup of coffee and went back to the front door to wait for her. Due to her age and extra pounds, it would usually take her a little bit longer to come back for breakfast.

After getting her bowl filled with food, I returned to the door and there was Freya, on our neighbor’s pad lying down. She wasn’t moving. I ran across our lot and knelt down to find her mouth filled with blood and her body warm, but she was already gone. If only I had put my shoes on and walked down the direction she had gone the first time I looked out. Maybe I could have prevented this from happening. We picked her up and rushed down to Boise to West Vet. They checked her over and with a quick x-ray, they found a 22 caliber bullet lodged in her chest. We immediately drove back up to the property and followed the trail of blood left by Freya. It ended, or started, on Sunnyside Lane, surrounded by homes.

We offered a $500 reward for any information regarding this senseless act, but have not been contacted by anyone. If it was an accident, we would find it in our hearts to forgive, but to end the life of an old family dog that is just out for a morning walk doesn’t make sense. We miss her every day. She had been a loyal, loving member of our family. We knew that her time was short, but it would have ended much differently than this. The enclosure that we had almost completed seems like such a waste of money and such a joke now.

We understand that our own personal issue with Freya is our problem, but there doesn’t seem to be much concern regarding a firearm being discharged in a crowded neighborhood. The reward remains and the Boise County Sheriff‘s office has a case number, if anyone knows anything about this incident that occurred September 25, 2011.

The Thayer Family
Toni Thayer
Phone: (800) 627-6655 ext. 7579

Monday, October 24, 2011



The Whole Story about
Terrace Lakes Resort’s Septic Problems

By Ilene Johnson

This is not a good thing to publicize but I feel it is necessary to inform the public what the issues are regarding the septic system problems at Terrace Lakes Resort in Garden Valley, because we may be shut down by Central District Health and the Department of Environmental Quality.

It is important to me that everyone knows the truth about this.

First, I want to tell a brief history about Terrace Lakes. It was started in 1965 on $10,000 of other people’s money. The idea was to have a place where average families could go in the mountains for a weekend get-away. The plans were to have a golf course, swimming pool, snack bar, campground, and a travel trailer park (this was before self-contained trailers); our first construction was two outhouses: a his and a hers.

The idea worked and it evolved to what it is today because of a lot of wonderful people who had faith in the idea, trusted us, and wanted to help so they would be able to use it. We sold memberships and our own stock, which was worthless at the time, to get started. When the pool was finished in 1967, we started charging our members $10 a month dues for the use of the pool and the grounds. Before the pool opened, we put in a sewer system that was an open lagoon that worked on oxygen. That is what was common at that time. The rules were changed in the late '70s, so we put in a 10,000 gallon septic tank and field drain. It was adequate until 2010.

In those days, there were not a lot of government agencies or regulations. We just tried to do everything right as long as it benefited everyone concerned. We always had a lot of knowledgeable professionals involved to advise us when we needed advice. They bought memberships or stock and really cared about the project. They came up and helped out on their days off, weekends mostly, just to be there.

I am writing this in order to get public support in Garden Valley and Boise County and to alert the public to what every property owner in our County has in store for them in the future, because they all have septic tanks. There are only two functioning sewer systems in the whole County: both are cities, Idaho City and Horseshoe Bend. If your septic system fails, you will be required to put in a system than will cost you $7,500 to $10,000. Septics have been gravity flow for hundreds of years. My common sense tells me that is especially good in the mountains. How have we ever survived without government regulations? Now, the new systems will all require electricity and many of them will have to be pumped uphill. Therefore, if the power goes out, they will not work.

There are no lots in Boise County that can be sold or built on without one of these expensive systems. The new systems will have to be inspected every year for a hefty fee or a lien will be put on your property.

This is, I am told, because of the new regulations that no one knows about because they were never publicized to the general public. I do not know if this is just in Boise County, all over the state or nationwide. Regardless, I think we all need to pay attention. Money is tight. We have been told, you either do as they say or close your place down or get a port-a-potty. Maybe it is time to repeal another law.

Our system has been in use since 1967; as all septics, it has always been gravity flow. Our field drain was shut down a few years ago, so a seepage pit was put in. The seepage pit had some water surfacing so it was declared failed. As everyone in Boise County knows, we had a really wet spring this year and several septic systems had some major problems. Our system has excess water running into it and we cannot figure out where it is coming from.

I need to back up. In 2009, we were told we had to put in a new sewer system because it is in violation to have anything commercial on the same system that has dwellings. I have not seen documentation of this. We were told this had to be done or we would be shut down. We were threatened several times about being shut down or our alternative was to put in two new sewer systems, one for commercial and one for the dwellings.

At a meeting at DEQ, we were told the estimated cost would be approximately $600,000. The clubhouse, pool and nine overnight rental rooms are on our system. There are forty dwellings on the system, ten of which are full time residents: these include the properties near the creek and the dwellings around the first two holes of the golf course. We were told we had to pursue getting a new system or else be shut down again. So we hired an engineer, bought permits for test holes, and put in one-hundred test holes all over the golf course, on the hillside and everywhere it was possible. This was in October, 2009.

With the new regulations, none of the test holes were approved. The only area that was qualified is two ridges away from the tanks, and we have to pump everything into a huge, pressurized drip system covering several acres of choice land. None of this system will work without electricity. This last year, we were told we might get by with one system. We have already spent close to $70,000 on engineering, test holes etc., and the bid we got plus what we have already spent came to $400,000. We have tried to explain we cannot afford to put in a sewer system but they could care less.

We have been trying to do everything we can to get the money to solve our problem, but as everyone knows, businesses cannot borrow money. In the last year, we have had more threats about closing us down, revoking our licenses for the pool and restaurant, and revoking our liquor license. We are going into winter, we are a seasonal business, and winter is what I call our starvation period.

The week before Labor Day Weekend, we were told that we were being given four days notice--Central District Health was going to cap off our septic tank and we had to close our doors or pump and haul everything. The timing was terrible. We had one of our three busiest holiday weekends coming up, a wedding booked, piles of people signed up to golf, and the septic tank was capped off. To keep from closing, we had Goff Plumbing come up and pump our septic. Within a week it cost us $6,000. That alone could break us. So we bought a truck, on time, and are hauling it ourselves, to Southfork Landing in Garden Valley. We have been doing this for almost two months. If we could not haul there, we would have to haul to Boise. It is still costing us close to $10,000 a month.

I have to write this because it is my last chance to explain our possible future. We may be forced to close down and if we do, it could bankrupt us, because we might never be able to recover. At present we have very good credit, but that can change quickly because of the added costs and we have no excess money. That is why I want the public to know before it happens. We are really fearful. One thing about this, I know our property owners and members will be helpful and supportive.

I am having a hard time with this because of the current economy and our employees that could be out of work for the winter.

Most resorts are built for the wealthy and they have gone broke; ours is for the average Joe and there are a lot more average Joes around than wealthy--that is why we have lasted this long.

We have worked hard to survive for the last forty-seven years, because Terrace Lakes Resort is a place for people more than profit. We believe in service and are open 7 days a week, year-round. Few resorts are. Because of this, we are the largest private employer in Boise County. We pay more taxes, including the dwellings, than anyone in Boise County. We have the only golf course, geo-thermal pool and tennis courts in Boise County. We have not made a profit since 1980, and that was from a timber sale. Thousands of people visit us every year, besides our 300 members and/or 330 property owners; some are both and some are not. Our closing would have a negative effect on the economy in Crouch and Garden Valley. Real Estate prices and sales are poor at present in our Valley, and they could get worse if we are not open.

I think DEQ and Central District Health must think we have deep pockets, because Terrace Lakes’ golf course is one of the most beautiful in the state.

If I had known there was more money in sewage than recreation, I would have gone into the sewage business.

Ilene Johnson,
Majority Stockholder and Secretary/Treasurer
Terrace Lakes Recreation Ranch, Inc., dba Terrace Lakes Resort
Garden Valley, Idaho
Tuesday through Friday: 208-377-2121, Boise Office
Saturday, Sunday & Monday: 208-462-3250 , Terrace Lakes Office

Friday, October 21, 2011

Governor Otter Lunch Fundraiser for Local Projects


The Boise County Job Creation/Retention Council (BC JC/RC) Mission is to create new jobs and retain existing ones in Boise County. It has subsidiary JC/RCs to accomplish that mission in Horseshoe Bend, Idaho City, the Boise Basin (Placerville/Centerville area) and Garden Valley.

The proceeds from the October 28 Governor Otter speech/lunch go to the Garden Valley School ($200) for hosting and to the BC JC/RC for the following major objectives:

1. Obtain a grant from the US Economic Development Administration to renovate the old Garden Valley school so it can be leased or sold to reduce GV property taxes.

2. Manage, to County residents’ advantage, the prospective CuMo Mine.
  a. Develop and maintain a BC JC/RC web site describing the jobs that will become available at the CuMo Mine, should it be opened. Each JC/RC will have a separate section on that site.
  b. Conduct adult education so that residents will develop the necessary skill sets to get many of those CuMo jobs.
(1) Horseshoe Bend Vocational Education facility
(2) Old Garden Valley School (need grants to renovate)
(3) Idaho City High School
(4) Boise Basin property for heavy equipment training
  c. Develop internship programs for students
  d. Obtain grants from the US Economic Development Administration and others to fund the above activities.

3. Develop a county-wide marketing program to expand tourism
  a. Each JC/RC join Southwest Idaho Travel Association for grants to market Boise County outside the Treasure Valley ($45/yr for each JC/RC)
  b. Advertise within the Treasure Valley
  c. Obtain grants to create and implement the marketing program

4. Obtain cell towers sufficient to provide cell phone service throughout Boise County.
  a. Write a grant application to pay for most of the cost of the towers
  b. Negotiate with cell service providers to obtain service.

5. Develop Assisted Living Facilities in Boise County to provide for the needs of the elderly.
  a. As part of that objective, create a public transportation system, including commute vans to the Treasure Valley.
  b. Obtain grants to support both of these objectives

6. Specific community JC/RC objectives
  a. Each community has objectives specific to it that contribute to the overall success of the county.
  b. Those objectives will be funded by the BC JC/RC, supplementing the grants obtained to accomplish each one.

7. Coordination with the State of Idaho
  a. The State of Idaho Department of Commerce will provide the BC JC/RC with new employment opportunities.
  b. Commerce also provides grant opportunities and education on outside grant opportunities.
  c. Commerce is being very helpful in getting our county job creation efforts off the ground.

Tickets may be purchased from Boise County businesses and Chambers of Commerce where flyers are found; from the BC JC/RC at or (208)462-3178; and at the door. Price of admission is $25, for the general public and $15, for Boise County Chambers and Boise Basin Booster members.

The event will be held in the Multi-purpose Room of the Garden Valley School on Banks Lowman Road. Doors open at 11:30 a.m. and the Governor will speak at 12:20 p.m.

The BC JC/RC requests that tickets be purchased before the event, to avoid a long line at the door and to be sure the room is set for enough people. Those interested in participating in job creation/retention councils in Boise County communities should contact John Cottingham, BC JC/RC President & Secretary, at the above email and phone contacts.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Is Holding A
(TUES) November 1, 2011
@ 6:30 p.m.
Community Hall - 1022 Old Crouch Rd.
The Council and City Engineers will be available to answer public questions
about the proposed
Waste Water Bond Election
on 11/8/11.
Please bring your written questions to the meeting or you can leave them with
the City Clerk in advance of the meeting.
For questions or special assistance
call the City Clerk at 462-4687.
(208) 462-4687

Sunday, October 2, 2011



9:00AM - 5:00PM



Fiber Artists from Garden Valley
and beyond will gather here. 

~Many Venders will Offer Items to Sell~
~Displays of Small Art Quilts and Antique Sewing Items~
 ~Hands-on Participation in some Booths~
~Observe Hand Quilting on a Large Quilting Frame~
~There will be Hourly Drawings~
~ ~ ~ ~ Quilt will be raffled ~ ~ ~ ~  We hope to see you there and everyone is welcome.

There is no charge for this event.

Call 462-3224 or 462-2500 for additional information.