Friday, October 21, 2011

Governor Otter Lunch Fundraiser for Local Projects


The Boise County Job Creation/Retention Council (BC JC/RC) Mission is to create new jobs and retain existing ones in Boise County. It has subsidiary JC/RCs to accomplish that mission in Horseshoe Bend, Idaho City, the Boise Basin (Placerville/Centerville area) and Garden Valley.

The proceeds from the October 28 Governor Otter speech/lunch go to the Garden Valley School ($200) for hosting and to the BC JC/RC for the following major objectives:

1. Obtain a grant from the US Economic Development Administration to renovate the old Garden Valley school so it can be leased or sold to reduce GV property taxes.

2. Manage, to County residents’ advantage, the prospective CuMo Mine.
  a. Develop and maintain a BC JC/RC web site describing the jobs that will become available at the CuMo Mine, should it be opened. Each JC/RC will have a separate section on that site.
  b. Conduct adult education so that residents will develop the necessary skill sets to get many of those CuMo jobs.
(1) Horseshoe Bend Vocational Education facility
(2) Old Garden Valley School (need grants to renovate)
(3) Idaho City High School
(4) Boise Basin property for heavy equipment training
  c. Develop internship programs for students
  d. Obtain grants from the US Economic Development Administration and others to fund the above activities.

3. Develop a county-wide marketing program to expand tourism
  a. Each JC/RC join Southwest Idaho Travel Association for grants to market Boise County outside the Treasure Valley ($45/yr for each JC/RC)
  b. Advertise within the Treasure Valley
  c. Obtain grants to create and implement the marketing program

4. Obtain cell towers sufficient to provide cell phone service throughout Boise County.
  a. Write a grant application to pay for most of the cost of the towers
  b. Negotiate with cell service providers to obtain service.

5. Develop Assisted Living Facilities in Boise County to provide for the needs of the elderly.
  a. As part of that objective, create a public transportation system, including commute vans to the Treasure Valley.
  b. Obtain grants to support both of these objectives

6. Specific community JC/RC objectives
  a. Each community has objectives specific to it that contribute to the overall success of the county.
  b. Those objectives will be funded by the BC JC/RC, supplementing the grants obtained to accomplish each one.

7. Coordination with the State of Idaho
  a. The State of Idaho Department of Commerce will provide the BC JC/RC with new employment opportunities.
  b. Commerce also provides grant opportunities and education on outside grant opportunities.
  c. Commerce is being very helpful in getting our county job creation efforts off the ground.

Tickets may be purchased from Boise County businesses and Chambers of Commerce where flyers are found; from the BC JC/RC at or (208)462-3178; and at the door. Price of admission is $25, for the general public and $15, for Boise County Chambers and Boise Basin Booster members.

The event will be held in the Multi-purpose Room of the Garden Valley School on Banks Lowman Road. Doors open at 11:30 a.m. and the Governor will speak at 12:20 p.m.

The BC JC/RC requests that tickets be purchased before the event, to avoid a long line at the door and to be sure the room is set for enough people. Those interested in participating in job creation/retention councils in Boise County communities should contact John Cottingham, BC JC/RC President & Secretary, at the above email and phone contacts.


  1. Welcome home, Angel! Hope your trip was exceptional!

  2. Per Ilene Johnson's posting;

    8. Put a stop to the out of control Idaho DEQ and Central Dist. Health actions in Garden Valley.

    a. Provide grant money to meet State septic regulations and keep the major private employer in Garden Valley (Terrace Lakes Resort) in business.