Thursday, September 27, 2012

Week-end in Garden Valley


Chamber Meeting of Minds: 9am at Wild Bill's

Starting to get the ball rolling on the Garden Valley Holidays in the Mountains…an old fashioned experience! events, so please come to the marketing meeting at  so we can get everyone involved and make our town a destination place. Once people come here, they usually fall in love with the area and us, because we are all so awesome!!!! So it really benefits everyone in the Chamber at some point in time. (Diane Caughlin, prez)


Golf Tournament Fundraiser: 11 am, Terrace Lakes Resort
for Fire Department Auxiliary
$50 per person. 4 person 9 Hole Scramble
1st Place members: $50 2nd Place members: $25
Great Raffle Prizes
Food and drink will be available for purchase, by Terrace Lakes Resort.
For tickets and information, contact Debi Drake, or 859-7317; Toni Palmiotto, or Diane Caughlin, 462-4620.

A Country Affair, Youren Arena, 12:00-8:00 pm
Fall Festival Family Fun
Wagon Rides, Pumpkin Patch, Petting Zoo,
Old-fashioned Carnival Games, Kiddos Corral and Minors Camp,
Country Dance Lessons, Western Skits Music, Food.
$10 admission fee
Contact: 208-462-3416
(runs through October 28)


A Country Affair, see above.

Market Offers Holiday Game Meat

Our pallets for Fall are arriving. This week we’re introducing Campbell’s tomato and chicken noodle soups as well as Cream of Mushroom soup for only 69 cents a can. Buy one or buy a flat. These are great items to have on hand in your pantry.
We know it’s early but in our world our pre-commit orders are due for the Holidays. We have a deadline of October 6th to order the following.
Duck, Pheasant, Geese – whole, Quail-Semi Bnls, Squab-Whole, Poussin-Whole and Turkey gizzards. We be happy to bring this in for you if interested. The new market has better storage and buying capacity, so new items are more and more available to us. Please let us know by October 6th. You do not need to pre pay, but you do need to commit and payment will be upon delivery.
Duck $3.19 lb
Pheasant $11.49 lb
Whole Geese - $6.49 lb
Quail Semi Bnls $8.29 each
Squab-Whole $13.99 each
Poussin-Whole (game hen) $11.09 each
Turkey Gizzards $1.99 lb
Our Fall rearranging continues so please pardon our dust as we consolidate and move shelving to accommodate for new products and say goodbye to products that just didn’t move well. If one of your favorites disappears, please let us know and we can order in for you.
Construction continues at the Old Merc as we convert it into a craft mall. Spaces are currently renting and if interested yourself, please contact Connie Hunt here at the Market for more information.
Have a great weekend and we look forward to your next visit.
Greg and Gerold
Garden ValleyMarket

Friday, September 21, 2012

Golden Eagle Radio needs your Votes!

Right smack dab in the center of our tiny town,
it ain't much to look at but it's full of heart.
  Golden Eagle Radio 97.5, located in Crouch, Idaho, has been selected as the only finalist to represent Idaho on the Tom’s of Maine “Fifty States for Good” program. Golden Eagle has the chance to win $50K in support of its radio project.
Rex at the helm of his dream.

Terry "Babe Boomer" Loyd and co-Mascot Jimmy were
at the center of the action during the Exergy Bike Tour.

Through a daily public vote at or now through October 9, local residents can help bring this funding to Garden Valley’s local radio, with the simple (daily) click of a mouse. PUT UP A SIGN IN FRONT OF YOUR COMPUTER AND VOTE EVERY DAY!

Tom’s program seeks to uncover local nonprofit groups that address urgent community needs and engage volunteers to get the work done. Golden Eagle FM 97.5 does both.

Non-profits from each state were selected by an independent panel of judges, featuring actor and environmentalist Ian Somerhalder, Laura Burge of the social action network, philanthropic leader and Huffington Post columnist Lisa M. Dietlin, and Sam Davidson, president of Cool People Care. The public vote will determine six winning organizations to share $150,000 in funding. The organization with the most public support will receive $50K in sponsorship funding, while five additional organizations will each receive $20K.

 “We are thrilled to shine a spotlight on our ‘50 States for Good’ finalists and their meaningful work,” said Susan Dewhirst, goodness programs manager at Tom’s of Maine. “We can’t wait to see the lasting impact of healthy, human and environmental goodness that will come from funding our winning organizations’ projects.”

Steamer Bill Harder, at his volunteer DJ job, is sounding
more professional every day. Watch out L.A.!
Call in your favorite tunes: 462-4350.
Rich Smith, who has been involved with Golden Eagle since founder Rex LeFevre started this quest, says he’s been working on the grant for months. “At first, I thought it was a grant that we could acquire through our merit—how much we will help the community,” says Smith, “so I am taken a bit aback. You might think this has more the look of a contest rather than a grant, and in some respects it is.

  “In addition to the information I sent them in Phase II, for Phase I, I sent a complete set of objectives for Garden Valley Communications Inc. and a resume of our board members. I also described exactly how our radio station will contribute to the health and welfare of the community, since this seems to be their key objective.”

Program Director (too), Babe Boomer is bringin' some
young energy to the station. Garden Valley High
student, Anthony Zang, is looking
forward to hosting a show
with his DJ friend, Miguel Bengoa.
  Smith included in the grant application the information that Garden Valley is a remote community, fifty-five miles into the mountains: “In 1998, a week of heavy rain and snow blocked all roads into town and power and telephone services were unavailable. Our low power FM radio station serves emergency and community needs, especially for our large percentage of retired persons. Funding will help to outfit our operating space with vital equipment.”

Rich Smith working hard to get the
Golden Eagle in the Air...and on
the air.
After recently being informed of the Facebook voting process, Smith wrote to Tom’s contact person, Holly Luka, explaining that he feels our small community is at a disadvantage with the Facebook voting but said, “We will have at it and do the best we can.”

  Phase III of the program begins with public voting. Supporters will be encouraged to vote from Monday, September 10, 2012 to Tuesday, October 9, 2012. Visitors can vote for one finalist organization once per day, not using more than one browser. If more than one browser is used to vote multiple times per day, or if any nonprofit encourages or employs this practice, votes and/or the nonprofit will be disqualified. At the completion of the final voting phase, the six projects with the highest vote totals will be declared as the selected projects to receive funding, as determined by the consumer vote.

  Tom’s of Maine is a leading natural products company focused on oral and personal care and sells high-quality toothpaste, mouthwash, dental floss, deodorant, bar soap, and body wash products. The company enjoys partnering with its consumers, vendors and community organizations to support lasting, positive change good for people and the planet.






Thursday, September 20, 2012

Case Lot Sale at the Market

This is the week we say goodbye to Summer and we thank you for your support over the Summer season. You’ll notice over the next couple of weeks that we will be changing our products around as we downsize for Fall and Winter where needed, and increase where needed, such as our baking and soup section. All in preparation for the Fall and the Holidays. Thank you for your patience during this transition.
Other changes coming to the Market include new Fall/Winter hours beginning October 1st. Starting on that day, we will be open from 7:30 am until 9pm Sun –Thu and open until 10pm on Fri and Sat.
This week, please enjoy the touches of Fall that are beginning to show up in our produce department, with the addition of pumpkins and squash. Other values include:
Local Green Bell Peppers 2 for $1
Red Bell Peppers 79 cents each
Broccoli 79 cents lb
Pineapple $1.09 lb
Variety Squash 89 cents lb
More assorted grocery items found on our 30 day ad are still on sale – Have you tried the Frontera fresh sauce mixes for Tacos or enchiladas? They are 2 for $4 through next week and sooooo good.
In our Deli, fresh baked pies are on the menu again and coming soon – a new Sandwich menu!
Finally, it’s that time of year again for our Case Lot Sale. Attached is an order form for you to use. The prices are as marked. Pay careful attention to what a “case” means in terms of quantity. Look in the size column for numbers ranging from 1 to 48 meaning a case will contain 1 or more items of the product. The three order date windows available for our Market are Monday, Oct 1 and Monday, Oct 8th and Monday, Oct 15th. Please return your form along with payment (add 6% sales tax) to our Customer Service Desk. Don’t forget to include good contact information for when the cases arrive or if we need to refund per out of stock.
Thank you and we look forward to your next visit!
Greg and Gerold
Garden Valley Market

Editor has included the product list below for perusal--sorry, could not copy the order form!

Name: ____________________
Phone: (____) ______________

3330503 WF DICED TOMATOES PEELED 1540001559 24 14.5 Z $14.16
3330578 WF DICED ITALIAN TOMATOES 1540001651 24 14.5 Z $14.16
3330628 WF DICED TOMATOES/ GREEN CHILI 1540001502 24 14.5 Z $14.16
3330206 WF DICED TOM W/SWEET ONION 1540007226 24 14.5 Z $14.16
3330222 WF TOMATO DCD W/GARLIC/OLV OIL 1540007227 24 14.5 Z $14.16
3330297 WF DICED W/CHIPOLTE PPR TOMATO 1540007229 24 14.5 Z $14.16
3330354 WF DCD MEX FIESTA TOMATOES 1540004710 24 14.5 Z $14.16
3330412 WF NO SALT DICED TOMATOES 1540006330 24 14.5 Z $14.16
3330479 WF DICED PETITE TOMATOES 1540006335 24 14.5 Z $14.16
3330529 WF GAR/ONION DICED TOMATOES 1540006337 24 14.5 Z $14.16
3330321 WF STEWED TOMATOES 1540001557 24 14.5 Z $14.16
3330560 WF ITALIAN STEWED TOMATOES 1540001558 24 14.5 Z $14.16
3330636 WF MEXICAN STYL STEWED TOMATOE 1540001545 24 14.5 Z $14.16
3330446 WF CRUSHED TOMATOES 1540001503 24 14.5 Z $14.16
3330263 WF WHOLE TOMATOES 1540001556 24 14.5 Z $14.16
3333309 WF TOMATO SAUCE 1540001528 48 8 Z $12.00
3333325 WF N/SLT TOMATO SAUCE 1540001533 48 8 Z $12.00
3318987 WF FANCY CREAM CORN 1540001461 24 15 Z $14.16
3319704 WF WHOLE KERNEL CORN 1540001465 24 15.25Z $14.16
3319712 WF CRISP SWT KERNAL CORN 1540001469 24 15.25Z $14.16
3319761 WF WHOLE VAC-PAK CORN 1540001467 24 11 Z $14.16
3320603 WF N/SLT CORN 1540001453 24 15.25Z $14.16
3315561 WF N/SLT CUT GREEN BEANS 1540001407 24 14.5 Z $14.16
3315629 WF GRN BEANS LOW SOD 1540012598 24 14.5 Z $14.16
3315686 WF CUT GREEN BEANS 1540001409 24 14.5 Z $14.16
3315744 WF FRENCH STYLE SLICE GRN BEAN 1540001413 24 14.5 Z $14.16
3338480 WF BLACK BEANS 1540001844 24 15 Z $14.16
3338506 WF LESS SALT BLACK BEANS 1540006545 24 15 Z $14.16
3338001 WF CHILI BEAN WEST STYLE 1540001853 24 15 Z $14.16
3338126 WF GARBANZO BEANS 1540001841 24 15 Z $14.16
3338142 WF LESS SALT GARBANZO BEANS 1540006544 24 15 Z $14.16
3338183 WF DK RED KIDNEY BEANS 1540001843 24 15 Z $14.16
3338548 WF LT RED KIDNEY BEANS 1540001845 24 15 Z $14.16
3338563 WF LESS SALT RED KIDNEY DK BNS 1540006543 24 15 Z $14.16
3338241 WF PINTO BEANS 1540001849 24 15 Z $14.16
3338423 WF GREAT NORTHERN BEANS 1540001842 24 15 Z $14.16
3337946 WF BLACKEYE PEAS 1540001858 24 15 Z $14.16
3338308 WF SMALL RED BEANS 1540001850 24 15 Z $14.16
3194941 WF TUNA CHUNK LIGHT IN WATER 1540016345 48 5 Z $33.12
3194925 WF TUNA SOLID WH ALBACORE 1540016346 24 5 Z $30.00
3203783 WF CHILI CON CARNE W BEANS HOT 1540001879 24 15 Z $23.76
3203841 WF MILD CHILI CON CARNE 1540001880 24 15 Z $23.76
3203908 WF THICK / CHUNK CHILI 1540001423 24 15 Z $23.76
3203924 WF TURKEY MILD CHILI W/BEANS 1540001851 24 15 Z $23.76
3203007 DNTY MOORE BEEF STEW 3760021583 12 20 Z $19.99
3183209 TOP RMN ORIENTAL NOODLES 7066201001 24 3 Z $3.99
3183266 TOP RMN BEEF NOODLES 7066201002 24 3 Z $3.99
3183324 TOP RMN CHICKEN NDLS 7066201003 24 3 Z $3.99
3183563 TOP RMN SHRIMP NOODLES 7066201010 24 3 Z $3.99
3185782 WF CHICKEN BROTH 1540001907 24 14.5 Z $14.16
3185790 WF FF/RS CLEAR CHICKEN BROTH 1540003608 24 14.5 Z $14.16
3185808 WF FF CLEAR BEEF BROTH 1540003607 24 14.5 Z $14.16
3165321 WF TOMATO SOUP 1540001890 24 10.75Z $14.16
3165503 WF CHICKEN NOODLE SOUP 1540001896 24 10.5 Z $14.16
3165560 WF CREAM OF CHICKEN SOUP 1540001899 24 10.5 Z $14.16
3165685 WF CREAM OF MUSHROOM SOUP 1540001898 24 10.5 Z $14.16
3244282 WF MARINARA SAUCE 1540016523 12 24 OZ $11.88
3488624 WF MUSHR SPAGH SAUCE 1540016525 12 24 OZ $11.88
3488632 WF MEAT SPAGH SAUCE 1540016524 12 24 OZ $11.88
3488640 WF TRADITIONAL SPAGH SAUCE 1540016522 12 24 OZ $11.88
3217866 WF SPIRALS/CHEESE 1540011398 24 5.5 Z $9.36
3218849 WF MAC CHEESE DINNER 1540002799 24 7.25 Z $9.36
3321742 WF PIECES+STEMS MUSHROOMS 1540001607 24 4 Z $14.16
3321767 WF NSLT STEM/PIECES MUSHROOMS 1540001672 24 4 Z $14.16
3198025 HRML CHUNK TURKEY 3760003545 12 5 Z $11.88
3198082 HRML LEAN CHUNK HAM 3760026701 12 5 Z $11.88
3199189 SHRSVG CHICKEN CHUNKS CANNED 1540055145 12 5 OZ $11.88
3201027 LIBBY VIENNA SAUSAGE 3900008589 48 5 Z $24.00
3201860 SPAM SMOKED FLAVOR 3760014173 12 12 Z $33.48
3201928 SPAM LITE LUNCHEON MEAT 3760017534 12 12 Z $33.48
3201944 SPAM OVEN ROASTED TURKEY 3760016900 12 12 Z $33.48
3202009 SPAM LUNCH MT LESS SALT 3760011544 12 12 Z $33.48
3201803 SPAM LUNCHEON MEAT 3760013872 24 12 Z $66.96
3210945 CAMP SPAGHETTI 5100002512 12 14.75Z $9.48
3210986 CAMP SPAGHETTIOS 5100002524 24 15 Z $18.96
3562451 WF KETCHUP TOMATO UPSIDE DOWN 1540002809 12 20 Z $11.88
3562550 WF KETCHUP TOMATO FANCY 1540005639 16 24 Z $15.84
3517646 WF MEDIUM PITTED OLIVES 1540001567 24 6 Z $30.00
3517703 WF LARGE PITTED OLIVES 1540001569 24 6 Z $30.00
3450772 WF ONION DIP MIX 1540005050 24 1.34 Z $7.92
3450780 WF RANCH DIP MIX 1540005051 24 1 Z $7.92
3450384 WF BROWN GRAVY MIX 1540002032 24 .78 Z $7.92
3450442 WF AU JUS 1540002031 24 1 Z $7.92
3450509 WF BEEF STEW MIX 1540002027 24 1.375Z $7.92
3450566 WF CHILI SEASONING MIX 1540002038 24 1 Z $7.92
3450624 WF TACO SEASONING MIX 1540002039 24 1.25 Z $7.92
3450657 WF PORK GRAVY MIX 1540001198 24 1 Z $7.92
3450681 WF SPAGHETTI SAUCE MIX 1540002036 24 1.375Z $7.92
3450699 WF ALFREDO SAUCE BLEND 1540001190 24 1.25 Z $7.92
3450707 WF SPAG SCE W/MUSH MIX 1540001192 24 1.38 Z $7.92
3450749 WF COUNTRY GRAVY MIX 1540002033 24 1.25 Z $7.92
3450806 WF SLOPPY JOE MIX 1540001833 24 1.25 Z $7.92
3450863 WF GRAVY MUSHROOM MIX 1540002030 24 .75 Z $7.92
3450921 WF CHICKEN GRAVY MIX 1540002035 24 1 Z $7.92
3450988 WF TURKEY GRAVY MIX 1540002029 24 .75 Z $7.92
3451044 WF ONION GRAVY MIX 1540002034 24 1 Z $7.92
3451101 WF MEATLOAF MIX 1540002026 24 1.13 Z $7.92
3451168 WF FAJITA SEASONING MIX 1540002028 24 1.27 Z $7.92
3451192 WF ENCHILADA MIX 1540007605 24 1.25 Z $7.92
3451218 WF HOLLANDAISE MIX 1540007606 24 .875 Z $7.92
3450632 WF ITALIAN SALAD DRESSING MIX 1540001193 24 .6 Z $7.92
3450640 WF RANCH SALAD DRESSING MIX 1540001194 24 1.13 Z $7.92
3257425 WF CRUSHED PINEAPPLE 1540001310 24 20 Z $23.76
3257482 WF PINEAPPLE CHUNKS 1540001303 24 20 Z $23.76
3257540 WF SLICED PINEAPPLE 1540001297 24 20 Z $23.76


3257607 WF FANCY TIDBIT PINEAPPLE 1540001221 24 20 Z $23.76
3247343 WF BLENDED APPLESAUCE 1540001207 24 15 Z $14.16
3254992 SHRSVG PEACHES IRR SLCED YC LS 1540055250 12 29 Z $11.88
3255031 SHRSVG PEARS IRR LS 1540055222 12 29 Z $11.88
3252442 WF SLICED PEACHES 1540001270 24 15.25Z $21.36
3252509 WF PEACH HALVES 1540001265 24 15.25Z $21.36
3252566 WF SLICED PEACHES LIGHT SYRUP 1540001277 24 15 OZ $21.36
3255809 WF CLING PEACH HALVES 1540001264 24 15 Z $21.36
3255866 WF NAT SWEET SLICED PEACHES 1540001268 24 15 Z $21.36
3255825 WF PEACH SLICES W/SPLENDA 1540007459 24 15 Z $21.36
3256229 WF BARTLETT PEAR HALVES NT/SWT 1540001283 24 15 Z $21.36
3256203 WF PEARS HALVES W/SPLENDA 1540007457 24 15 Z $21.36
3255981 WF PEAR HALVES 1540001285 24 15.25Z $21.36
3256047 WF SLICED BARTLETT PEARS 1540001289 24 15.25Z $21.36
3251121 WF FRUIT COCKTAIL 1540001247 24 15.25Z $21.36
3251188 WF FRUIT COCKTAIL NAT. SWEET 1540001245 24 15 Z $21.36
3249646 WF CHERRY MIXED FRUIT 1540006841 24 15 Z $21.36
3255742 WF FRUIT MIX CHUNKY IN JUICE 1540001253 24 15 Z $21.36
3255775 WF FRUIT COCKTAIL W/SPLENDA 1540007458 24 15 Z $21.36
3249687 WF APRICOT HALVES 1540001220 24 15 Z $21.36
3259876 WF MANDARINS NATURALLY SWEET 1540001241 24 10.5 Z $14.16
3259884 WF MANDARIN ORANGES IN SYRUP 1540001259 24 11 Z $14.16
3480951 WF ELBOW MACARONI 1540002791 8 48 Z $19.99
3480936 WF THIN SPAGHETTI 1540002744 8 48 Z $19.99
3480944 WF LONG SPAGHETTI 1540002742 8 48 Z $19.99
3243326 WF VEG REFRIED BEANS 1540001887 24 16 Z $16.56
3243383 WF REFRIED BEANS 1540001418 24 16 Z $16.56
3243441 WF NO FAT REFRIED BEANS 1540001419 24 16 Z $16.56
3244340 WF WHOLE GREEN CHILES 1540001553 24 4 Z $12.00
3244407 WF DICED GREEN CHILI- MED 1540001554 24 4 Z $12.00
3132925 WF QUICK OATS 1540002076 12 42 Z $30.00
3132982 WF OLD FASHIONED OATS 1540002071 12 42 Z $30.00
3384088 WF BUTTERMILK PANCAKE MIX 1540001983 6 7 LB $35.94
3386422 WF PANCAKE SYRUP IMITATION 1540001804 4 128 Z $23.96
3379708 WF GRANULATED SUGAR 1540001997 1 25 LB $13.99
3379765 WF POWDERED SUGAR 1540001989 12 32 Z $18.00
3379823 WF BROWN SUGAR 1540001988 12 32 Z $18.00
3368891 WF FLOUR ALL PURPOSE 1540001957 1 25 LB $8.99
3368800 WF FLOUR UNBLEACHED 1540001956 1 25 LB $8.99
3379559 SHRSVG SUGAR 1540055773 1 4 LB $1.99
3440062 WF PLAIN TABLE SALT 1540001934 24 26 Z $7.99
3440245 WF TABLE SLT IODIZED 1540001936 24 26 Z $7.99
3398849 WF SPICE CAKE 1540001961 12 18.25Z $11.88
3398906 WF GERM CHOCOLATE CAKE 1540001962 12 18.25Z $11.88
3398963 WF DEV FOOD CAKE 1540001963 12 18.25Z $11.88
3399029 WF DLX CHOC FUDGE CAKE 1540001964 12 18.25Z $11.88
3399086 WF LEMON YELLOW CAKE 1540001966 12 18.25Z $11.88
3399144 WF WHITE CAKE 1540001968 12 18.5 Z $11.88
3399201 WF YELLOW CAKE 1540001969 12 18.25Z $11.88
3438389 WF EVAP MILK 1540001831 24 12 Z $18.96
3504982 WF LIQ HONEY 1540001764 1 80 Z $11.99
3421229 WF SALTINE CRACKERS 1540001750 12 16 Z $15.00
3421237 WF F/F SALTINES 1540001806 12 15 Z $15.00
3421286 WF SALTINES UNSALTED 1540001835 12 16 Z $15.00
3265105 WF APPLE JUICE UNSWEETEND PLAS 1540001327 8 64 Z $15.99
3266244 WF APPLE CIDER PLASTIC 1540001335 8 64 Z $15.99
3311842 WF TOMATO JUICE 1540001535 12 46 Z $19.99
3313285 WF 100% VEGETABLE JUICE CONC. 1540001537 12 46 Z $19.99
3267507 WF APRICOT NECTAR 1540001340 12 46 Z $19.99

QTY Code Description UPC Code Case Size Price QTY Code Description UPC Code Case Size Price

3431111 AUGFRM 72 HOUR FD PAIL 7871620100 1 216.9Z $59.99
3430436 MRNG MOOS REG MILK 0094690901 3 56OZ $10.99
3430444 MRNG MOOS CHOC MILK 0094690902 3 71OZ $11.99
3681624 WF ECONO REG DETERGENT BUCKET 1540004404 1 30 LB $6.99
3688785 WF ECONO DET W/BLCH BUCKET 1540004447 1 30 LB $6.99
3577087 WF PAPER TOWELS 2 PLY 1540006042 1 15 RL $7.99
3580479 WF PETAL SOFT BIG ROLL TISSUE 1540015362 1 18 CT $7.99
3580446 WF ADV PK BATH PETAL SOFT MEGA 1540005730 1 36 RL $7.99
6237002 WF ORANGE JUICE 1540000130 24 12 Z $23.76
6237200 WF ORANGE JUICE PULP FREE 1540000136 24 12 Z $23.76
6237309 WF ORANGE JUICE W/ CALCIUM 1540000118 24 12 Z $23.76
6237408 WF MORE PULP ORANGE JUICE 1540000139 24 12 Z $23.76
6209001 WF CUT CORN 1540000540 12 16 Z $9.48
6209407 WF PEAS 1540000545 12 16 Z $9.48
6208607 WF FRNCH SLICED GREEN BEAN 1540000522 12 16 Z $9.48
6208805 WF CUT GREEN BEANS 1540000521 12 16 Z $9.48
6210009 WF PEAS CARROTS 1540000548 12 16 Z $9.48
6210207 WF MIXED VEGS 1540000529 12 16 Z $9.48
6217079 WF HASH BRWN CNTRY STL 1540000067 12 30 OZ $19.99


Sunday, September 16, 2012

Chamber Meeting Thursday

 Garden Valley Chamber of Commerce P.O. Box 10
Garden Valley, ID 83622
Agenda for September 20, 2012

Call to Order by President, Diane Caughlin, 6:00pm

Dinner--Tuna Mac Casserole, Tossed Salad, Desserts.

Selected Delegations Report

New Business

 Cumo Mine update, John Cottingham

 Winter Theme-Greg Simione

 A Country Affair-Darl Alred

 Election of new officers-November (it’s coming up soon).

 Dr. Yvonne?

Old Business

 BACK ON…Friday morning marketing meetings-9:00 Friday at Wild Bills

Reports of Officers

 Secretary-minutes sent out for review prior to meeting

 Treasurers Report-sent out for review prior to meeting

Please check the website: to update you profile on the website. You might want to add an email & website address, picture of you or your business and up to a 50 word blurb. If you send it to, I will make sure it gets updated.
Member updates-open to all members to pitch their product or update us on what’s going on with their businesses.
Adjournment 7:00pm

Working Together to:
strengthen economic development by supporting local businesses and four season recreational activities, resulting in extended overnight visitation through the promotion of travel and tourism. Advocate for a positive, proactive and progressive community to ensure the pristine quality of life in Garden Valley".

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Mountain Rendezvous: Bikers Rouse the Town!

Juke Daddys rockin' the Shame.
Out of Caldwell they ride, looking forward to good times in this mountain town. Lonnie Willis sits with friends in the Dirty Shame Cafe, an arm around a pretty lady and a smile on his be-whiskered face. The Juke Daddys, out of Idaho City, are hitting the room hard with their rockabilly blues and guys are clearing a space for the motorcycle ride-through.

L-R: Glen Rockwell and Lonnie Willis enjoying the festivities they
 helped organize. Debbie works for the Press Tribune, in Nampa.
 Willis hollers over the din, “We have a team of people to help to organize the Mountain Rendezvous—we’re an association for hot rods and motorcycles. We like to put together cool events. This is our Third Annual Rendezvous, where we get people into Garden Valley, have a lot of fun and the locals make some money.”

Fellow organizer, Glen Rockwell, shouts from the other side of the table, “We might be dirty bikers but we clean up after ourselves.” Willis agrees, “We’re your guests, we take care to do it right. We also get people here from Idaho City, Lowman and Northern Idaho. Our rides started in 1994. A lot of us are day riders. Basically, we’re a bunch of guys that get together and have a lot of fun. We’ve made some friends here, without making a bunch of enemies! The biker community needs to have good relations with other communities.”

Shame manager, Dana Hinson, never slows down.
  Willis says they encourage people in the town to help them: “I really enjoy the music and we try to get the bands to have some exposure. Some of the guys playing here this time are Last Man Standing, Steve Wall Band, and Desert Moon. The Dirty Shame is our major sponsor—the manager, Dana Hinson, really helps us.”

Marcie is always fun to party with.
The boyz line up to Roll the Keg.
Over at the Starlight Mountain Theatre campground, the Bike Rodeo is getting ready to start. Glen Rockwell says that typically, they plan a lot of silly games—a poker run or a tricycle drag race, where guys cut up the bikes and “do crazy things” to them.

Nikki probably doesn't need this bullhorn.
Today, the men are “Riding the Plank”. Not too many are brave enough to get out there. A few more attempt to “Push the Barrel”. This consists of nosing the darned aluminum beer keg along the grass and over the finish line. Nikki grabs the bullhorn, which she doesn’t seem to need, and hollers, “Ya mean there’s no one else? Ya friggin’ #*!X#*s, get on the bikes and get out here!”

  “Honey, I’m Home!” brings out the philanderer in the tough guys, so we see a lot of variety in how to jump out of a bedroom window. Nikki explains that they are being timed to get out, don an obnoxiously oversized, bright red robe, and cycle to the cone.

He raises the most dust in his peel out.
Catch the Hot Dog will be awhile coming, and it’s too hot to stick around but this is the one where the motorcyclist rides by and catches the dog in his mouth.

"This may not be the first time I've jumped out
of a woman's window!"

 Lonnie Willis loves this event and says, “The Mountain Rendezvous takes on a life of its own—I hope that between the different bands and people from out of town and out of state, they keep coming. We work hard to make it successful, so we have a good time.”  

The ladies have arrived!

This Fall, Be “Bear Aware”

Idaho Fish and Game
Evin Oneale
September 13, 2012
In preparation for denning, Idaho’s black bears are on the move, looking for any and all food sources that might help them gain weight. High calorie human foods are a major attractant, particularly if they are easy to obtain.
With that in mind, Fish and Game officials are urging hunters and other outdoor recreationists, together with homeowners who live in more rural settings, to use common sense and be “bear aware.”
“Statewide drought and another prolonged fire season have resulted in the loss of natural bear foods in many areas,” Fish and Game conservation officer Matt O’Connell said. “As such, we’ve seen an uptick in the number of bear sightings in and around rural residential areas and other places where human foods are present, such as campgrounds.”
A cooler full of groceries left on a picnic table, unsecured garbage at a residence, or food stored in a hunting camp wall tent are attractive, easy marks for a hungry bear. “All bears are opportunists; their whole life revolves around food,” Fish and Game conservation educator Evin Oneale noted. “They remember every single location where they receive a food reward, and if they get one from your camp or residence, they will be back for more.”
That spells trouble for everyone, particularly the bear.
“The pattern is always the same,” O’Connell observed. “A food reward only encourages the bear to return, where it becomes more bold and aggressive as it searches out additional food. The situation can quickly deteriorate into an issue of human safety.”
Oneale agrees. “The old adage, ‘A Fed Bear is a Dead Bear’ isn’t just a catchy slogan, it’s reality,” he commented. “You can’t simply relocate a bear that has learned bad habits; it will only cause the same trouble in its new location. So too often, because of irresponsible human behavior, it is the bear that pays the price with its life.”
The good news is, this sad scenario is completely avoidable. “Common sense in bear country is really all that’s needed,” O’Connell said. “Securing food, garbage and anything else that a bear might consider food is the answer. If a bear does not receive a food reward, it will move on.”
Homeowners, campers and hunters can help keep bears wild and avoid costly property damage themselves by taking the following simple precautions:
- Bears like pet food as much as your dog or cat. Keep this food secured as you do your own, and not in a bowl outdoors;
- Avoid filling bird feeders until wintertime;
- Keep garbage in a secure location and place it at the curb only on the morning of pick up;
- When selecting a campsite, look for recent signs of bear activity. If you see them, look for an alternative campsite;
- Keep your camp clean; cook and prepare food well away from your sleeping area;
- Do not store food in your tent;
- Hang your food away from your sleeping area in a bag at least 10 feet off the ground and at least four feet from the nearest trunk. Alternatively, use commercially available bear-resistant containers and locate them away from your sleeping area;
- Do not store personal hygiene products (toothpaste, deodorant, etc.) in your tent; secure these items with your food;
- Do not bury or throw garbage into the nearby woods. Burn all combustible garbage thoroughly and secure the remainder with your food;
- Hang harvested animals at least 10 feet off of the ground and at least four feet from the nearest tree trunk. A meat pole slung between two trees is a good option;
- If you encounter a persistent and/or aggressive bear, contact your local Fish and Game office with the details.
Remember that unpleasant experiences with bears are mostly avoidable. Taking some simple, preventive measures and using good old fashioned common sense will go a long way towards minimizing bear conflicts as you get out and about this fall.
- IDFG -

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Dream Big Snakes at GV Library!

Sunshine, an Albino Burmese python, is 14-feet long
and weighs 120 pounds. Photo credit: Aubrey Foote

The grand finale for the summer reading program at the Garden Valley Library brought in fire trucks and ambulances, face painting, a fishing booth, and the Reptile Adventure Petting Zoo.

Tyler Messina, of Meridian, has been seen on television for years since he began taking in rescue creatures as a child, after he had to put his dog to sleep. Since then, he’s been taken with reptiles.

Diesel splashes with engine-like ferocity.
  His non-profit rescue menagerie has over seventy lizards, turtles, snakes and frogs--and spiders.

Messina remarks, “The children don’t bother them, as they’re always around and about people.”

Children’s librarian, Karen Benedict, says that the youngsters get coins for time spent reading. She marvels at one child—“He’s read fifty-four hours in eight weeks. I cannot wait to find out the total for all of them. I’m so excited!”

Crouch Volunteer Ambulance EMTs and Fire Chief,
Jon Delvalle, entertained library kids. Photo by Aubrey Foote

 Coins can buy toys like hula hoops, magnifying glasses and glow in the dark thingys.

Emily and Aspen, with Baby and Pop. Photo by Aubrey Foote.



 After everyone had eaten pizza at the picnic tables outside, the reptiles were the last to go. Teen helpers, Emily Goetsch and Aspen Foote, had to finally relinquish Baby, the Boa Constrictor and Pop, the Corn Snake.