Sunday, September 2, 2012

GV Market Supports Box Tops for Education

Happy Labor Day Weekend! Specials include: 
BSU Bronco Blue and Orange Tortilla chips
Coke 20 packs – 2 for $11
Coke 2 liters 2 for $3
Powerade 89 cents
Western Family 24 pack waters - $3.99
Bakery items made fresh each day include: Bagels, Donuts, Cinnamon rolls, Apple fritters, French Bread
FRESH LOCAL PRODUCE INCLUDES Idaho Corn 5 for $2 AND Fresh Idaho Peaches - very good!
 BACK TO SCHOOL BOX TOPS FOR EDUCATION PROMOTION…….EARN GV MARKET GIFT CARDS UP TO $100 IN VALUE. START SAVING YOUR BOX TOPS. BEGINNING TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 4, Our 2012/2013 Box Top Collection program will now include a bonus back to you, the shopper!
Go through your cupboards, team up with family members. For every box top you collect, BTE donates 10 cents to our local school. Our goal is to collect 10,000 box tops which means $1000 to the PTO for Teacher and Student supplies. Of course, we want to exceed our goal, but let’s start with the pace of 10,000. So, let the box tops add up. Here are the following gift card amounts
10 box tops – free fountain drink certificate
50 box tops – free 4 piece chicken tenders certificate
100 box tops - $10 GV Market gift card
200 box tops $ 20 GV Market gift card
300 up to 1000 - $30 to $100 GV Market gift card
Starting Tuesday, Sep 4th, Please drop off box tops to our Customer Service desk. Allow us up to 24 hours to verify the box tops and expiration dates and then we’ll have your gift card or certificate available for you. We’re excited about this promotion and hope to have more customers double checking their purchases (from anywhere) for the familiar Box Tops for Education label.
Have a great weekend!
Greg and Gerold
Garden Valley Market
208 462-3817

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