Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Case Lot Specials at the Market

We wanted to follow up on our email regarding Case Lot specials.  Buying cases of product at wholesale allows you to Stock Up and Save!   The order form as an attachment may be too large for some of our customers email accounts, so we've placed the order from on our website ( http://www.gardenvalley-market.com -- go to Weekly news tab ). Please feel free to review and print off.  Order forms are also available at the Store. 

All orders must be made and purchased prior to March 13, 2012.  The items listed are "while supplies last", so in case they are out of stocked, we won't collect payment until and unless they are delivered.  If your email account can handle a file that is 500 KB large, please let us know and we'll email you the order form directly.

These savings are on a wide variety of canned goods (tuna fish, soups, vegetables, fruit, sauces, etc)  and paper goods such as Toilet Tissue and Paper Towels.  Also included are Pet foods and Frozen foods.   The products are primarily Western Family Brand.

Ordering can begin as early as Sunday, February 26, but all ordering must be complete by  Monday, March 5th.   

Coming this week- details on a "Your Hometown Grocer" Essay contest - 3 Grand prize winners will be chosen from among all participating Associated Food Stores and receive an Apple Ipad.  At the store level, we will have other prizes as well.  More details in our next email!

Thank you,

Greg and Gerold
Garden Valley Market
208 462-3817

Friday, February 24, 2012

City Livin' it Ain't !

Early Morning Visitor

by Rich Smith
On occasion, living in the mountains gives rise to a story or two, and this morning’s incident is a prime example. The snow plows woke me at 6 a.m. as they rumbled down the road at 30 mph, their scrapers making enough racket to disturb the dead. It was pitch dark outside, the sun remaining well below the mountains, but now fully awake I rose and let my dog Molly outside to do her morning duty while I made coffee.

As I poured water into the coffee maker, Molly began barking with deliberate urgency. She had retreated to the safety of the front porch and when I opened the door, gratefully ran inside whining and pacing to and fro and looking at me as if to say, “There is something out there stupid.” Often deer and elk visit, or a raccoon, or fox, and on one occasion, Molly learned that chasing a skunk is not a good idea. However, the only other time she acted so excited and disturbed was when a mountain lion decided to walk across our parking lot, but that was in broad daylight.

I grabbed my torch and stepped outside to have a look around, while Molly cowered behind my legs, still whining and sniffing the air. I saw nothing unusual, but then as I was about to go back inside I heard him. Not twenty yards away, a howl pierced the early morning air sending chills up my spine. I am told wolves seldom, if ever, attack humans, but without provocation will do violence to a dog. I shined the light in the direction of the howl but the source was hidden in the darkness and I saw nothing. The heck with seeing the animal, the howl was encouragement enough to send Molly and me scurrying back inside to double lock the door.

Wolves have visited our cabin before, but have never come so close. Once Renee and I watched as a pack chased an elk across the river. Smart cow that she was, she hid under the porch of the cabin across the river. The wolves circled the cabin from a safe distance not daring to come closer to a human residence. After a few minutes, they tired of the game and went up the mountain to find easer prey. On other occasions, we have heard wolves howling to one another, their cries echoing in the mountains, but always from a respectable distance.

This was the first time I encountered Canis Lupis this year. There is something about a wolf howling in the dead of night that makes me scurry about the cabin to make sure all the doors are locked. Doesn’t matter that I know a wolf would never come onto our porch much less enter an open door, but a locked door gives one a sense of security. From the safety of her bed, Molly agrees.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

SINGER Featherweight Class !

Dave Lachiondo: Basque Music in Garden Valley

Taters Any Which Way--Shop GV Market!

We hope you’ve been enjoying the great values on fresh produce here at the Market. This week we continue with value pricing and place a special focus on Potatoes. Across Idaho, the state potato council is celebrating the vegetable that put us on the map! We boil them, mash them and fry them. We stuff, we bake, we double bake and we double stuff. We roast, shred and hash them. We pair them with our favorite meats and oh, we pair them with our favorite fish and oh yes, we pair them with other vegetables as well. We call them taters, tots, fries, bakers, mashers and more. It’s obvious we like the potato. Enjoy your potato the way you like !!!!

Idaho Russets: 39 cents lb
Idaho Reds: 39 cents lb
5lb bag Russets: $1.79
10lb bag Russets: $2.69
15 lb bag Reds: $4.89
2 lb Tiny Red Taters: $1.69

Please remember the other February 30 day deals wind up early next week.

Upcoming events:

Feb 29th – Mar 13th – Case Lot sale – your opportunity to buy bulk at wholesale pricing. Order forms will be available Monday, Feb 27th, at the store, and I will send online to you as well. The order form will also be up on our website.

Have a great weekend!

Greg and Gerold
Garden Valley Market

Photo by Angel

Monday, February 20, 2012

Learn To Quilt!

Kindergarten Quilting Class…A Beginner Class

This will be a very beginning class for you if you have always wanted to quilt, but didn’t know where to begin or you want a refresher on basics. It will be a series of 3 or 4 classes, depending on progress of participants. You will learn all the basic skills needed to make a quilt and the class project will be a small simple table topper, completed in this series.

The dates set for this class are Mondays, March 12, 19, 26.The time is from 10:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. There is a class limit of 5 participants so you will have individual instruction time.The charge for this class series is $50, plus your supplies.

If you or a friend are interested in this class, please call the shop and we'll send you the class list of supplies. Stitch 'n' Snip, 342 S. Middle Fork, Crouch/Garden Valley, 462-4602.

For more information, call Kathy Passie @ 208 462 8092

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Get Scoop on Alamar Case!

Boise County Board of Commissioners
Special Meetings

The meetings will be to provide
Public Information on the
Alamar Ranch Case & Judgement

6:30 p.m. at each of the following locations:

383 HIGHWAY 55
Any person needing special accommodations
to participate in the above noticed meetings
should contact the Boise County clerk's office
two days prior to the meeting
at 208-392-4431

Friday, February 17, 2012

BINGO! at the Longhorn Tonight!

Read this and go play BINGO!

5pm to 8pm tonight, Friday, February 17

 to help Kim Henson pay some of her medical bills!

The Longhorn Bar & Grill
Downtown Crouch

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Garden Valley Chamber Gets Rolling For Spring

From the office of the President
Garden Valley Chamber of Commerce
P.O. Box 10
Garden Valley, ID 83622

Agenda for February 16, 2012

Call to Order by President, Diane Caughlin: 6:00 p.m.
Meeting held at Crouch Community Hall, Downtown
In honor of MARDI GRAS, we are having Sausage and Chicken Gumbo with Red Beans and Rice, Cornbread and something sweet. 

Selected Delegations:

~ Joe Caughlin-Afghanistan Soldiers/Children “Thinking of you from Garden Valley Idaho” Power Point presentation

~ Sonja Maurus- GVHD Community CPR/AED Project

~ Cards for members

~ Non-Profit member to member benefits

~ Rescheduled Sno-goers Fun Run, February 25th. Registration is at 9:00-12:00

~ Exergy Tour-May 27th: We ALL need to volunteer to get our town ready to rock and roll, this will be covered by the news media worldwide, so this can be a HUGE boost to our economy!!!! (we need about 50 volunteers the day of the event; probably 5 to help the crew; another 5 for parking and security; 5 for hospitality and VIP; and the rest as course marshals).

· June 8th & 9th: Northfork Championships http://www.northforkchampionship.com/

· Our Industry-Recreation: How do we proceed and what do we want?

~ Friday morning marketing meetings--Think Tank.

~ Letters will be going out to groups, motorcycle, car, church, etc…Need help with this!!!

Reports of Officers:

Secretary--Minutes sent out for review prior to meeting. No changes were requested.
Treasurers Report--Sent out for review prior to meeting.

Report of Committees:

· Spring Fling--Carol Scharf is out of town until March

· Sign Committee--Lynn-Lorraine? It would be so awesome to have this ready with a big welcome sign for the Exergytour!
· 4th of July?
· Trunk or Treat--John Jauregui

Please welcome new members:

Garden Valley Locksmith--Craig Allen
Sandy McLain--Individual
Rowland Auto Body--Eric Rowland

Reason #10 to join your chamber--The more people you know who know about your business, the more opportunities you have to increase and expand your business…bottom line Get Involved!

Please check the website www.gvchamber.org to update your profile on the website. You might want to add an email & website address, picture of you or your business and up to a 50-word blurb. If you send it to dianec@gardenvalleyproperties.com, I will make sure it gets updated.

Member updates--Open to all members to pitch their product or update us on what’s going on with their businesses.

Adjournment 7:00 p.m.

Working Together To: “Strengthen economic development while maintaining our pristine quality of life in Garden Valley by promoting local businesses and advocating for a positive, proactive and progressive community.”

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Syringa Club Meets Thursday

Kim Bosse, Crouch City Clerk, will be the special guest of Syringa Club at noon, on Thursday, February 16. The group will meet at the Garden Valley Senior Center. A light lunch will available for $4.

Projects to be discussed include the dedication of a plaque for the Syringa Building; a partnership with the City of Crouch, regarding the building; and a proposal for Syringa Presents James Castle.

Plants have been ordered for the Spring Fling sale. Western Sand Cherry, Rugosas, Native Idaho Currant, Cinquefoil and Syringas will be planted by members this month and kept for nurturing at the greenhouse of a very generous Bill Partridge.

Syringa 2011 Birthday Calendars are still available for purchase at the Senior Center and Messick's Repair. Only $5 to support this worthy community project.

Syringa Club is a community service organization  which welcomes all women. Please feel free to visit, have a bite to eat and learn about the group.

For information, call Georgianna Goetsch at 462-3709, or Ione Messick, at 462-3284.

Remember! Friends of the Library have teamed up with the Idaho Humanities Council to bring Dave Lachiondo and his Basque music to the GV Library on Saturday, February 25, at 4:00 p.m. Bring the family and enjoy a wonderful variety of songs and instruments and taste a little of the food of the Basque culture. There is no charge for this event.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Basque Music and History at Library

An Afternoon of Basque Music and History

Don’t miss this!

Dave Lachiondo
February 25
4:00 p.m.
Garden Valley District Library
85 Old Crouch Rd.

Victor Hugo once responded to the question "Who are the Basques" by saying, "The people who sing and dance at the foot of the Pyrenees." While recognizing the subjectivity of this definition, interaction with Basques through cultural events has been the entry point for many who seek to understand this unique culture. This program will combine elements of Basque music, using instruments such as the accordion, txistu (Basque flute), and tambourine (pandero), to illustrate the different Basque musical traditions. In addition to traditional fandangos (jotas), arin-arins (porrusaldas), and bribilketas (serpentine Basque street dances), there will be sea ballads, children's songs and lullabies, as well as a variety of work songs. Enjoy some Basque goodies and refreshments!

Dave Lachiondo is the son and grandson of Basque immigrants to Idaho. Born in
1947, he is a career educator who has served as a teacher, guidance counselor, and school and district administrator in Idaho’s public and parochial schools. He received his Bachelor’s degree from Saint Mary’s College of California, in 1969; his Master’s in Education from Idaho State University, in 1973; and Doctor of Philosophy degree in Education from the University of Idaho, in 1985. He is presently the Director of the Basque Studies Program at Boise State.

This program is funded in part by the Idaho Humanities Council, a nonprofit organization that serves as the state-based affiliate of the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Submitted by Bob Seal

Friday, February 10, 2012


By Margaret Thomas
13th Annual Garden Valley Winter Blues
Fiber Freaks Spin-In
Sunday, February 12, 2012
Crouch Community Hall
10:00 am – 3:00 pm

Oil your wheel and get out your fiber! It’s almost time to spin away the winter blues!

All spinners and drop-ins are welcome. Please bring a sack lunch and finger-food dish to share (no crockpots, no cooking allowed). For your convenience, soup, sandwiches, and finger food items may be purchased at the nearby Garden Valley Market, Wild Bill’s Coffee and Bistro, and/or the Longhorn Restaurant. Also bring a fiber related, wrapped, white elephant gift. Bring your show-and-tell items. And bring news of other workshops, spin-ins, and fiber conferences.

There is a $5 donation for spinners, $15 donation for vendors. Coffee, tea and hot chocolate will be provided.

Directions: From Boise, take Hwy 55 north to Banks (19 miles north of Horseshoe Bend), turn right onto Hwy 17 (Banks-Lowman Road) towards Loman. Take a left turn (9 miles up river) into the town of Crouch. Bear right when you get to the center of town. The Community Hall is next to the Trading Post and across the street from the Merc. Come early and have breakfast at one of the local restaurants. Enjoy the snow (if there is any!) and the lovely ride up, but drive carefully.

For further information call Jo 462-3797, Kathy 462-8092, Georgianna 462-3709 or Margaret 462-8014.

Photo by Angel

Thursday, February 9, 2012

GV Chamber Notes

Garden Valley Chamber of Commerce Board Minutes  January 26, 2012
Submitted by Diane Caughlin

~Ken and Betty Rodgers presented clips of their Viet Nam documentary, Bravo! , for consideration to be shown at the planned Troop Appreciation event to be held during the first few months of 2012. The Board was favorably disposed to including Bravo! in the planned event.
~ Diane presented An Emergency Planning Guide from the Idaho Bureau of Homeland Security. Members need to become familiar with it and provide recommendations for applying planning guidelines to the community. After a short discussion, it was decided that the Chamber’s alternate meeting place will be the Garden Valley Market during a power disruption or weather event.
~ Diane Carlson and Mike Tomlin have put together a marketing letter targeted for groups interested in family or class reunions, car rallies, etc. Motion was passed to authorize $100 for mailing expenses.
~ Diane noted SWITA marketing literature and administrative records are being corrected to show the GV Chamber and all related Job Creation and Retention Council organizations as being separate, stand-alone entities.
~ It was noted that the dinner items for this Chamber meeting were more extensive, to accommodate the visiting Garden Valley Contractors Association members. $80 will be provided as compensation for the caterer. 
~ Diane noted that 2012 Chamber members will be receiving their annual invoice during February, and payment must be received by the end of March. John noted that SWITA has asked the Chamber whether there will be a “Gold Rush” theme for any Chamber events during 2012, since Boise County is planning to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the discovery of gold in the Boise Basin. Diane asked that all members forward their ideas to her for membership consideration. There was general agreement that it might be a good idea to flavor the 4th of July celebration with some sort of “Gold Rush” theme. Diane adjourned the Board meeting at 6 pm and transitioned to the general member meeting.

GV Chamber of Commerce
Members Meeting Notes of January 26, 2012

Diane Caughlin, President, Presiding
Julie Leslie, Vice President
John Jauregui, Secretary
Vicky Burford, Treasurer
Diane Carlson, Member at Large

Old Business:

~ Diane reminded everyone that the Friday morning marketing brainstorming meetings are producing some great ideas for action and invited all to join us at 9am at Wild Bill’s to generate ideas for making people outside of GV more aware of the vacation opportunities in the area. We’re working on extending invitations to groups to use our restaurants, lodging accomodations, etc.
~ Re Opportunities, do people know where we are, do they know where to turn--we need signage. Lynne did a lot of work on the signage, good ideas. Get people to turn toward GV, then Crouch, give people an idea of virtual hotel, lodges, and motels.
Point of SWITA grant is 500 beds in virtual hotel. Georgiana’s weaving retreat brings in 1-2 dozen weavers--people stayed for three days. John checked marketing opportunities at the airport. There are many displays available for businesses, communities and organizations to market their products and services. Graphic Board in Concourse B supports videos of places and things to see in Idaho.
~ SWITA supports newspaper inserts in large cities in the West, talking about what’s available in Southwest Idaho. Other opportunities, advertise on buses in cities not too far from here--SLC, Portland, Seattle--to raise people’s awareness of our Valley. AAA tour book suggested.
~ Phil Palmiotto (representing Fire Dept.): There was a drawing for the Weatherby rifle donated by Haztec drilling, 300 tickets sold. Proceeds will go to the high school scholarship and burnout fund. Winner is Irving Park from College Place, Washington.

New Business:

~ We have sent “Our Troops: Thinking of You from Garden Valley” 40 boxes of goodies, and we have sent 43 boxes of clothing for children for the chaplain to distribute. We’re not finished; please drop off your gifts for either, any time!

Member Updates:

~ Marlene Robison, Evergreen Insurance: Property insurance, dental and vision, funeral home prepayment must go into insurance coverage. Benefit in Chamber membership: you can offer your services to Chamber, e.g., Garden Mt. B&B is offering 20% off if associated with Chamber. There is a list of others offering discounts (on website).
~ Garden Valley Radio: Rex LeFevre, Rich Smith, Tim Benedict, Terry Lloyd, and lots of volunteers are involved. The Big News is they just got authorization to be a 5013c organization, so they are now eligible for grants and donations. Rich Smith is still pursuing an FCC license; the anticipation window will open in next 3-6 months. Rich is ready to launch. Tim Benedict put together a website with streaming through Garden Valley Radio.com. They've done some broadcast testing from a 7 watt transmitter and small antenna from the airfield, to Banks, to the edge of Boise National Forest. We can go up to 100 watts with FCC license. It will help with emergency planning for the community and businesses. 98.3 - 98.5. Selling ads? The station will be able to list sponsor businesses. They will donate ads with appropriate sponsorship.
~ Kim Bosse, City of Crouch: She took advantage of Groupon with Idaho Xports—good advertising for individual businesses.
~ Toni Palmiotto - Young Life: Youth group meets at the outreach center at 7 pm, on Wednesday night. They mentor kids and work toward attending camp. If you have extra work, they are available.
~ Phil Palmiotto: Construction specializing in log and timber construction and log furniture.
~ Steve Semmels, Craig Creek Rental: Tools large and small and equipment rental starting in spring. He does construction on side only. He has been here since ’93 and also does irrigation pumps, etc. He also houses Roland’s Body Shop; good at paint matching.
~ Vandye Forester has been in business fifty years doing advertising, public relations, and communications. He was an award winning corporate speech-writer champion in '83.
~ Carl Severance: Severance Sand and Gravel Inc. is located near the school. Lynn has been here since childhood; started Lynn backhoe in ’83, out in 2006, now into gravel full time; also ready-mix concrete. Excellent mix design! Haul to you or pick it up.
~ Jerry McClain, electrical contractor: New construction, commercial and residential. 
~ Sandy McClain, McClain's Bookkeeping: Small accounting firm for small businesses. Daughter does taxes.
~ Bill Hadzor: Wild Bill's Coffee and Bistro. Serves breakfast 7 am every morning and great lunches. Bill also does Electrical Construction to keep Jerry honest! 
~ Lynne McKibbin: Dahlia's Flower Shop: Valentine’s Day coming up. Early orders get discounts!
~ Jackie Gaynor has been here since 2009. She works broadcast captioning for live broadcasts, including KTVB Cares and the Boise holiday parade last year. She’s a former court reporter.
~ Mark Stetson: Three Forks Custom Woodworks, all kinds of construction.
~ Rex LeFevre, Radio Station KXGV 98.5: Admits to having the ugliest building in town. They want to put a false front on building; working on grant. Also turning Crouch into 'Hollywood of Garden Valley', promoting movie and TV production of private producers.
~ Rick Fobes has been an electrical contractor six years in the area and is hoping to bump up business.
~ Thelma Davis owns and operates Starlight Mountain Theatre. They have lost their lease on the building for the theater in Boise. They are now working on permits with the city, for a new lease. Their new shows include Fiddler on the Roof, Calamity Jane, Cinderella, Joseph’s Technicolor Dream Coat. They get 15-25,000 people through summer. Season tickets are now available. They will continue dinners from Sizzler.
~ Diane Carlson: Sun Country Salon is doing cans for cuts for food bank. Bring in up to 5 cans of food and get $1 off per can up to 5.
~ Vicky Burford, Outfitters Trading Post, the animal feed store next to car wash: She provides feed for all types of animals. She also makes and sells leather purses, belts and horse tack.
~ John Jauregui: Business consulting with individuals, organizations, businesses who want to move forward in a specific direction, i.e., mergers, and be successful with the process and more competitive. Also will offer seminars in spring, discounted for Chamber Members.
~ Deb Fondren: They have provided plumbing services since 1998. Business is poor this winter--they need to figure how they can all stay here.
~ Dick Polley: Remodels homes and installs windows. He’s also a musician, guitar and western vocals.
~ Scott Leslie, Castle Mountain Homes, does a little bit of everything. Mingle with one another, network, talk and help one another out with unique service (Paint Booth) etc. Says contractors need to overcome the stigma about 'Garden Valley time'. "We all need to get to know subcontractors we’re working with, to work better with one another and figure out how to market ourselves better."
~ Steve Pederson: Remodels, new construction, decks, home repairs. He’s trying to overcome Garden Valley time/Longhorn contractor’s stigma.
~ Christy Jauregui, Friends of the Library: Spring offerings--Feb. 25th, Dave Lachiando, with Basque music, history, serving basque food. The library is hosting an author presentation by Robin Lee Hatcher, “Hearts of Gold”, on March 5th. March 17th, St. Patrick’s Day fundraising party.
~ Spring Fling will be April 28th.
~ GV Properties: Cookbooks are still available, $10 each--recipes of food served at meetings. Proceeds go to Christmas Kids. These cookbooks make great, inexpensive gifts.
~ Scott Leslie, Castle Mt. Homes, challenges everyone to bring someone with them to next meeting ~

Valentine's Week-End Dance!

Dirty Shame Saloon
 Valentine's Weekend Dance

 Live Music at the Shame 
Saturday, February 11
 9:00 pm 

Location: The Dirty Shame Saloon
Downtown Crouch

Friday, February 3, 2012

Win A Shopping Spree at The Market!

by Greg at Garden Valley Market


When you visit the Market next, you’ll find a focus on a few new things this month. We begin with “Love your Pet” month which features great buys on many pet products and pictures of pets from around Garden Valley. In addition, we have a featured display for Cascade Vet Clinic and Outfitter Trading Post, both located here in Garden Valley. Enter to win a dental cleaning for your pet and check out the tack and feed products offered via Outfitter Trading. Look for your pet photos throughout the store, or on the screen saver on our checkout stands, and of course in the Pet Album on our Facebook Page. We truly appreciate the numerous photos we received.

Next, we have a focus on Western Family Products, based out of Portland, Oregon. Western Family is our Private Label brand that competes well with national brand products. You can only find Western Family in independent grocery stores. Each item that Western Family sells has to pass rigorous quality standards just like National Brands. Western Family is cost effective because they don’t spend millions on advertising passing the savings on to customers.

To help celebrate, we are giving away a $150 shopping spree for Western Family Products at the end of the month. Entry forms are available at the Customer service desk. Our 30-day deals highlight the Western Family Brand and best of all…..Western Family offers a double your money back guarantee if not satisfied with their product. We hope you give them a try and compare to some National Brands.

In other news, fresh salmon and tilapia in the meat counter this week!!!!!!

We’re closing in on the Super Bowl Weekend, so don’t forget your party supplies and party trays! Just around the corner is Valentines Day and you’ll see the candies and cards out on display!

Finally, attention organizers! If you find yourself the lead volunteer to organize a classroom party, community gathering or team fundraiser, many times the first thought is “let’s run to Boise and buy food and see if the Market or other local businesses in town will donate something”. In the excitement or anxiety of organizing we can overlook the juxtaposition that we’ll spend our money in Boise and only involve local businesses for donations. What many organizers may not realize is that we are able to wholesale for these events saving you time and money. Help us help you spend more time focusing on the event and let us do the shopping. You’ll find us convenient and very competitive in many areas allowing you to stretch your organizing dollars. If we’re not competitive on certain items wholesale, we’ll let you know so that you can plan to purchase it elsewhere. Just contact us with advance notice and we’ll do all possible to help make your event a success.

Have a great weekend and we look forward to your next visit

Greg and Gerold
Garden Valley Market

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Greg King Memorial Nine Ball Tournament

Terrace Lakes is Hosting
The second annual
Nine Ball Memorial Tournament
in Honor of
Greg King
 on Saturday, February 4 

Sign-up starts at 5:30 p.m.

Tournament will start at 6:00 p.m.

Buy-in is $5

Terrace Lakes gift certificates will be awarded
for nine ball breaks.

Come and Join Us for a Night of Fun

In Honor of the “King of Pool”!