Thursday, February 23, 2012

Taters Any Which Way--Shop GV Market!

We hope you’ve been enjoying the great values on fresh produce here at the Market. This week we continue with value pricing and place a special focus on Potatoes. Across Idaho, the state potato council is celebrating the vegetable that put us on the map! We boil them, mash them and fry them. We stuff, we bake, we double bake and we double stuff. We roast, shred and hash them. We pair them with our favorite meats and oh, we pair them with our favorite fish and oh yes, we pair them with other vegetables as well. We call them taters, tots, fries, bakers, mashers and more. It’s obvious we like the potato. Enjoy your potato the way you like !!!!

Idaho Russets: 39 cents lb
Idaho Reds: 39 cents lb
5lb bag Russets: $1.79
10lb bag Russets: $2.69
15 lb bag Reds: $4.89
2 lb Tiny Red Taters: $1.69

Please remember the other February 30 day deals wind up early next week.

Upcoming events:

Feb 29th – Mar 13th – Case Lot sale – your opportunity to buy bulk at wholesale pricing. Order forms will be available Monday, Feb 27th, at the store, and I will send online to you as well. The order form will also be up on our website.

Have a great weekend!

Greg and Gerold
Garden Valley Market

Photo by Angel

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