Friday, July 30, 2010


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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Last Chance for Public Comments on Boise River Dam

This is your last chance to send your comments to the Army Corps of Engineers or sign the petition against a new dam on the Boise River. The public comment period ends on July 31, 2010. Send your comments to:

Ellen Berggren, Project Manager
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Boise Outreach, 304 N. 8th St., Room 150
Boise, ID 83702

or send email to

More information is available on the Boise River webpage:

A New Threat to the Boise River!

Gigantic Open Pit Mine Under Study

A long-awaited public comment period has opened on the CuMo project (July 23, 2010), potentially the largest open pit mine in Idaho. An entire mountain could be removed, putting Mores Creek, Grimes Creek and the Boise River at great risk. The Forest Service is now accepting comments on the final exploration plan that includes building 12 miles of new road and drilling 122 more holes.

Comments will be accepted until August 23, 2010. For more information please see  CUMO Mine webpage:  and visit the Boise National Forest website: Project Contact: Russell Hicks:

CuMo Public Meetings and Teach-In

Idaho Families for Clean Water is holding a teach-in on the CuMo Project on August 12, at 7 p.m., at Doubletree Riverside Hotel, 2900 W. Chinden. Attend and learn about this massive project and what you can do to protect the Boise River.

The Forest Service is holding three public meetings:
Crouch Community Hall, Crouch, Idaho, August 7, noon to 3pm
Doubletree Riverside Hotel, Boise, Idaho, August 12, 6-9 pm
Idaho City Community Center, Idaho City, Idaho, August 13, 4-7 pm

Contact Liz Paul
Boise River Campaign
Idaho Rivers United
(208) 343-7481

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Meet and Welcome Garden Valley Principal Candidate Randy Reddington

Randy Reddington, has served as assistant principal of Minico High School in Rupert, Idaho, Principal of Heyburn Elementary School, athletic director, Professional-Technical Coordinator, and classroom teacher. He holds a bachelor of science degree, a masters degree in educational administration, and is fully certificated as a school administrator.
As a teacher Randy taught American Government, U.S. History, World History, Economics, and AP American Government. He has coached track, football, wrestling and cross country.

Additionally Randy Reddington has lead technology development in rural schools, is the author of “Horizons of Idaho”, a 4th Grade Idaho History text;  a graduate of IASA’s Project Leadership, and teaches continuing education classes at his local community college.

One reason for Randy considering Garden Valley is “I am seeking a new challenge, and I believe the opportunities presented by a small school with a strong technology base can provide that challenge and opportunity.”

The District will interview and provide time with Randy Reddington per the following schedule:

Thursday, July 29th

4:00 pm - Arrive GV and check into motel
4:30 pm - Tour school and grounds
5:30 pm - Tour community
6:30 pm - Dinner with Search Committee

Friday, July 30th

08:00 am – Breakfast
09:30 am – Meet with faculty @ school
10:45 am – Meet with staff @ school
11:30 am – Lunch - and visit with community members @ school Multi-Purpose Room
1:00 pm – Meet with Student Council @ school
2:00 pm – Interview with Search Committee @ school
3:00 pm – Meet with Trustees
5:00 pm – Travel, or meet with realtor

Please join the school in welcoming Randy Reddington to Wolverine Country!

Garden Valley Library Open House






Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bullcatcher Wrestling Camp

Team Bullcatcher is hosting the 2010 Bullcatcher Wrestling Camp, Tuesday, July 26 through Saturday, July 30, at Garden Valley School.

In its third year, the camp attracts 25 to 40 wrestlers, between the ages of 8 and 14. “We have a pretty serious program,” says Camp Director, Kelly Bartlett, “We have an impressive coaching staff and the camp is combined with kids I work with during the year. The wrestlers learn as much from each other as they do from us.”

The camp schedule certainly looks grueling: There are three runs during the day and three wrestling sessions (two on Wed, Thurs, and Fri), with time for meals and showers. Throw in a little R&R and the lights are out.

This year, activities will include a Tuesday swim at Terrace Lakes, Wednesday float down the Middle Fork and a Thursday shirt and tie date at Starlight Mountain Theatre.
Young wrestler, Kalob Wall.

Bartlett, and Camp Coordinator Lani Wall, allow Garden Valley kids to “come and participate, free of charge.” Contact GV High School Coach Phil Palmiotto, at 462-6929.

Team Bullcatcher Wrestling Camp is sponsored by Tracy Baggerly and the Eagle Rodeo.

Meals are provided at no charge for kids under 18, by Garden Valley School Cafeteria Manager Debbie Updike, through the Summer Food Service Program.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Meet and Welcome Principal Candidate Cheryl Riedinger

Cheryl Riedinger, has 22 years experience as a professional educator. She has taught Preschool, Kindergarten, 3rd Grade, and Algebra I. Additionally she oversees the Garden Valley and Horseshoe Bend Preschool and Early Childhood programs, is Prevention Specialist Certified, and active in the Boise County Community Justice Program. Cheryl holds a bachelor of science degree in Elementary Education, an Early Childhood Endorsement, and a masters degree in Educational Leadership.

Cheryl has lived in Garden Valley for 20 years and pledges to continue working with school budgets, policies, Professional Learning Communities, PTO, and other such programs to “support our wonderful students, staff, parents, and community.”

The District will interview and provide time with Cheryl Riedinger per the following schedule:

Tuesday, July 27th
6:30 pm – Dinner with Search Committee

Wednesday, July 28th
08:00 am – Breakfast
09:30 am – Meet with faculty @ school
10:45 am – Meet with staff @ school
11:30 am – Lunch - and visit with community members @ school Multi-Purpose Room
1:00 pm – Meet with Student Council @ school
2:00 pm – Interview with Search Committee @ school
3:00 pm – Meet with Trustees

Join GV School in welcoming Cheryl Riedinger to her interview in Wolverine Country!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Meet and Welcome Wolverine Principal Candidate, Diana Wold

Diana Lynn Wold, has 17 years experience in teaching and administration in public, private, and charter school settings. She has taught middle school core subjects, middle and high school math, reading and study skills, and ESL math classes in Spanish. She holds a bachelor of science degree in Elementary (K-8) Education, a masters degree in Educational Leadership, and is fully certificated as a school administrator. Diana has also owned and operated a 1 million dollar health and fitness facility in Nampa.

As Assistant Superintendent and Vice Principal at North Star Charter School, in Eagle, Idaho, Diana supervised and evaluated 44 teachers, and provided leadership in Special Education, policy writing, state reporting and testing, and communicated closely and regularly with parents.

Diana has to been to Garden Valley many times and loves our wrestling tournaments. She has been “enamored by the small town, small school feel and welcome she has always received.”

The District will interview and provide time with Diana Wold per the following schedule:

Sunday, July 25th
4:00 pm – Arrive GV and check into motel
4:30 pm – Tour school and grounds
5:30 pm – Tour community
6:30 pm – Dinner with Search Committee

Monday, July 26th
08:00 am – Breakfast
09:30 am – Meet with faculty @ school
10:45 am – Meet with staff @ school
11:30 am – Lunch - and visit with community members @ school Multi-Purpose Room
1:00 pm – Meet with Student Council @ school
2:00 pm – Interview with Search Committee @ school
3:00 pm – Meet with Trustees
4:00 pm – Travel, or meet with realtor

Please join the school in welcoming Diana Wold to Wolverine Country!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Garden Valley School: Can We Stop Talking and Start Talking?

NATO's senior civilian representative in Afghanistan, Ambassador Mark Sedwill, has said, "Any reconciliation process has to be genuinely inclusive. Otherwise, we're simply storing up the next set of problems that will break out."

My point of writing about the "other side" of thinking, regarding the unrest that has taken over the Garden Valley School, was that for many months the community has heard from the Friends of GV School District. Probably very few people who have taken sides actually know exactly where and when all of this started, and what the GVFSD really want. There are good people here who have not seen their thoughts in print or feel afraid to express what they think. They too have concerns. I spoke for them and have received their thanks. But, this is supposed to be a healthy site and if I offended anyone, I apologize for that. Point taken.

To heal this disease, the truth has to be told, routed out and examined. There are many truths in this story, many facts that no one talks about, many accusations that have caused pain; many teachers that feel intimidated or perhaps simply not taken seriously; personnel(any employees of GVSD)who feel they were not understood; staff that have been targeted by people who have an agenda, who, if they were legally free to do so, would tell their truth; children who trust their parents and teachers and have become involved in the political process; and residents who suffer from frustration, anger or bewilderment over the fault line.

Legalities that constrict the truth from being revealed can be gotten around. Feelings that have been hurt can be mended. Lies that have been told can be laid bare, declared with remorse and be forgiven. Reasons that are motivating people to hurt each other can be expressed and discussed and cried over. Ambitions that are important to people's lives can be shared, brought to light, celebrated.

I put to the people of Garden Valley the suggestion that we talk to each other. If this is a comfortable place to do it, please feel free to join in. No holds barred.
Honesty and integrity appreciated.

The Next Exploration Step for CuMo

Release of Environmental Assessment

Mosquito Consolidated Gold Mines Limited reported that the U.S. Forest Service released yesterday an Environmental Assessment (EA) regarding the CuMo Project. This release is a step toward further exploration of what may prove to be a very significant molybdenum deposit in Boise County, Idaho.

“We have additional exploration work we need to do in order to confirm what we believe is a major molybdenum deposit” said Shaun Dykes, the project manager. “The release of the EA is another step in an ongoing public process.”

Dykes emphasized that the company currently does not have a mine plan. Mosquito requires the information that will be obtained by completing additional exploration on the property in order to assess the ultimate scope of the reserves.

The release of the EA begins a 30-day public comment period. The Forest Service is in charge of that process.

If authorized by the Forest Service after comments are considered, Mosquito could be allowed to build up to 13.3 miles of temporary roads and drill more than 200 holes. This reflects an upper limit on what is authorized. The actual amount of road and drill hole construction will depend on results, as the exploration proceeds. Mosquito is confident that the actual road miles and number of drill holes will be substantially less than the upper limit described in the EA.

The EA also indicates that exploration activities will be designed to ensure no significant trees are cut in the process. It should also be noted that current access roads will be maintained but not widened.

Mosquito will post a bond sufficient to ensure reclamation of the temporary roads and drill pads at the end of the project. The exploratory drilling will take place approximately 14 miles northwest of Idaho City, in an already disturbed area.

The company also will be contracting with local providers, to undertake the technical support the company needs to complete the work.

Check out their new website that is specifically related to CuMo exploration –

Molybdenum is used principally as an alloying agent in steel, cast iron, and super alloys to enhance hardening ability, strength, toughness, wear, and corrosion resistance. Molybdenum plays a significant role in contemporary industrial technology, which increasingly requires materials that are serviceable under high stress, expanded temperature ranges, and highly corrosive environments.

Moreover, molybdenum finds significant usage as a refractory metal in numerous chemical applications, including catalysts, lubricants, and pigments. Molybdenum is rapidly becoming a critical metal in the development of green technology and alternative energy. In addition it is extremely useful in the protection of critical components for water desalination systems.

Mr. Shaun M. Dykes, M.Sc. (Eng), P.Geo., is the Exploration Manager and Director of Mosquito. He is the designated qualified person for the CuMo Project, and prepared the technical information contained in this article.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Alan Ward New Board Member

At the July 19 GV School board meeting, Alan Ward was appointed to fill the void left in Zone V, after Rosemary Koenig's regrettable resignation.

Questions posed by board trustees were addressed by four impressive applicants: Marlo Glauser, Joe Roberts, Alan Ward and Doug Ward.

When asked to name qualities they would contribute to the board, the applicants came up with commendable attributes: Willingness to listen and compromise and take the time needed to communicate; a sense of humor; love for the school and the children; wisdom; ability to make decisions; and good business acumen.

In Ward's answers, he stated that he agreed with Joe Roberts, that the school does a great job now; the math instructor, John Haworth, had four students in calculus and all passed. Ward said, "I think it's important to continue to add to and support these kinds of programs and make sure they continue to improve."

The new board trustee also emphasized his thoughts about "elevated" anger: "You must to hear what (constituents) have to say--give them a full chance--to validate them. It doesn't matter who it is, they need to be heard."

Acting Board Chair, Terry Elmore, spoke about the board's decision: "Alan has had ten years of experience--that's the key. I feel his answers and application were best suited to the board and backed up the board."

Ward was sworn in and immediately sat in his place, where he will serve the school district community until May, 2011, when he will have to run in the annual election, to be able to finish out the remaining two years.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Got a Machine? Sew Totes For GV Library Fundraising

Photo: GV Quilter's Guild Creations

The Friends of the Garden Valley Library, in conjunction with the GV Quilter's Guild, have reserved the Senior Center for Wednesday, July 28th , 9:00 a.m., to sew together some really fun tote bags to sell in support of the new library. Kathy Passie and Christy Jauregui have cut out over seventy-five bags and have them ready to sew, but they need help. The bags are quite easy to sew together, but will require your sewing machine to be in good condition. You will also need thread-cutting scissors, tape measure, pins, seam ripper and extra bobbins. They will provide the kit, threads, needles, and step by step instructions. Everyone will do one together, before they turn you loose to help them get all kits completed.

Bring your lunch; they'll provide beverages, napkins and dessert. Plans are to finish up around 3:00. If you can help all day, wonderful! but even a few hours would be appreciated. Give Christy a call (462-2437), if you have any questions.

An RSVP by return e-mail will help them with set up and to get there with enough dessert! But even if you don't reply and then decide to join them, they'd be delighted!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Horse Mishap

Wild Bill informed the Daily News that Misty Grosvenor had a horse bounce on her today. GV rescue crews got her out of the jam and down to where Life Flight could get her to Boise.
At presstime, she was on her way home with bruises to call her own...all's well. Send flowers, love or just check it out.

GV Library Board Pushes For Levy

Nearly two years have passed since the $900,000 bond was passed for the new Garden Valley Library. The GV Library Board of Trustees has notified the community that because of fluctuations in the cost of building the new library, they are short of money to finish the interior, to the tune of $223,000.
Bond agent, Bob Hildeman, has recommended they hold an election to run a supplemental levy. The board has decided to ask for $250,000.
Board members continue to seek grants and donations and are hoping for a successful fundraising campaign.
Questions can be directed to any trustee: Richard Wilson, 462-2250; Richard Goetsch, 462-3709; Kathy Passie, 462-8092; Jody Mabe, 462-3043; and Vandye Forrester III, 462-3895.

Monday, July 19, 2010

GV School Must Heal Divisions

On Saturday, July 17, a meeting called by GV School Superintendent, Mike Tomlin, was the arena of unleashed aggression against the man who is responsible for preparing the operating budget, paying the bills and implementing school policies and regulations. Thus far, he has been doing just that and very well, with no squeals from district or federal auditors.

The story goes back many years, way before Tomlin, and the aggression and bullying continues to spring up, with the main players intact.

No matter. What transpired at the school on July 17 was a travesty. Teacher pitted against teacher, community members hollered, hooted, and scoffed, and one woman screamed in rage.

Some in the group possessed of more sober minds attempted reconciliation, prescribing tactics to end hostilities.

The Friends of the Garden Valley School District have berated Tomlin for his lack of transparency, while hiding behind their own obfuscations. They have accused the superintendent of intimidating teachers and staff, while spreading the fear by brainwashing the staff and faculty. In the beginning, only a few people were talking about the fear and they were not teachers, but one. Figure it out.

Some community members are unhappy that the principal of the school accepted money from the taxpayers for his own education, meanwhile receiving a principal's salary for the two years he was here, without qualifications. When he left, diploma in hand, he never expressed a thank you to the taxpayers; nor did he keep his end of the bargain, which was to remain as principal for two years after he received his certification.

The teachers and students would have him a saint who was intimidated, by Tomlin, into leaving. There are those who would prefer to suggest a lack of maturity and guts--a man who served as a principal over K-12 students, but couldn't summon up the courage to tell his supervisor he didn't agree with his remonstrations and then offered up a private personnel letter from his supervisor and an affidavit, with the intention of allowing his supporters to crucify the superintendent in public.

One of the main players stood up in front of the most recent school board meeting and expressed her vitriolic displeasure at the number of staff that are leaving the school, while having been an instigator and loudly vocal participant of the ruckus that caused the exodus.

Can we cry foul yet?

Hopefully we've seen the ugliest of the ugly and can begin to rebuild the mess into some semblance of a school intent upon the job of teaching children...oh yes, the children. The ones used by their caring parents to parade vindictive slogans in public.

None of this had anything to do with the kids. Just agendas to get rid of this person and that, for personal gain. Get over it.

Let Mike Tomlin do what he was hired to do. Teachers get back to the classrooms and stop whining--have you ever thought that if someone makes you feel whiney, it's probably not them--you're just whiney?

Staff, get back on the job and keep the payroll coming in, pay your mortgages and get a couple of bottles of beer. And community members, stay out of it and let the school heal itself.

All trolls, please go back to the bridge and and get your satisfaction by scaring the unwary traveler. And this time, don't come back.