Friday, July 23, 2010

Garden Valley School: Can We Stop Talking and Start Talking?

NATO's senior civilian representative in Afghanistan, Ambassador Mark Sedwill, has said, "Any reconciliation process has to be genuinely inclusive. Otherwise, we're simply storing up the next set of problems that will break out."

My point of writing about the "other side" of thinking, regarding the unrest that has taken over the Garden Valley School, was that for many months the community has heard from the Friends of GV School District. Probably very few people who have taken sides actually know exactly where and when all of this started, and what the GVFSD really want. There are good people here who have not seen their thoughts in print or feel afraid to express what they think. They too have concerns. I spoke for them and have received their thanks. But, this is supposed to be a healthy site and if I offended anyone, I apologize for that. Point taken.

To heal this disease, the truth has to be told, routed out and examined. There are many truths in this story, many facts that no one talks about, many accusations that have caused pain; many teachers that feel intimidated or perhaps simply not taken seriously; personnel(any employees of GVSD)who feel they were not understood; staff that have been targeted by people who have an agenda, who, if they were legally free to do so, would tell their truth; children who trust their parents and teachers and have become involved in the political process; and residents who suffer from frustration, anger or bewilderment over the fault line.

Legalities that constrict the truth from being revealed can be gotten around. Feelings that have been hurt can be mended. Lies that have been told can be laid bare, declared with remorse and be forgiven. Reasons that are motivating people to hurt each other can be expressed and discussed and cried over. Ambitions that are important to people's lives can be shared, brought to light, celebrated.

I put to the people of Garden Valley the suggestion that we talk to each other. If this is a comfortable place to do it, please feel free to join in. No holds barred.
Honesty and integrity appreciated.

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