Thursday, May 31, 2012

Notes From the Chamber

Submitted by Diane Caughlin, Greater GV Chamber Prez

Now that the Exergy Tour is over, it’s time to start planning the 4th of July--actually, we started with theme ideas the past two Friday morning marketing meetings, so here are the choices we have come up with. If you will please vote for the one you like the best, I’ll need to know by Thursday night before our Friday morning marketing meeting ~


>An all American Town

>Our American Town

>God, Family, Country

>Garden Valley, an all American Town

>All American, all the way!

>Red, White & Blue

>Red, White & WILD!

~ Please welcome our newest members…

Business Member:

Tiffndale Willow Furniture

Individual members:

Bruce & Sharon Stephens

Karen Thomas

Bob and Connie Davis

This Friday kicks of the new season for Starlight Mt. Theatre, if you’ve never attended a show, you’re missing out, do yourselves a favor and attend the Professional Broadway shows under the stars, it’s a lot of fun!

Farmers Market is 9-1 Every Saturday until it gets cold again and we don’t want to think about snow!

JUNE 2ND & 3RD DIRTY SHAME SALOON SPRING FLING MOTORCYCLE RALLY –More Info: or contact The Dirty Shame 462-2000

***The Chamber will be selling our GV Gear again this weekend at the Spring Fling at the Dirty Shame, the 2nd and 3rd .

Don’t forget the Friday Morning marketing meetings; with the 4th of July on the horizon, we can use all the help we can get, especially for the kids' games in the park. We need ideas, and we need the folks to carry them out; it’s only ½ hour of your time, and it helps support our businesses and community!! We’re also going to be painting new signs to decorate the town next week or the week after, so if you’d like to come and be creative, bring your leftover red, white and blue paint and your favorite paint brush, I’ll keep you posted when this will happen for sure!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Exergy Tour Sensation in Garden Valley!

Breakfast was cookin' everywhere, including here at Wild Bill's.
The Exergy Tour rolled through Garden Valley and Crouch during the past week and culminated with a morning of breakfasts, fast speeches and the Star-Spangeled Banner, beautifully sung by GV Community Choir president, Rich Wilson.

The event is the highest-ranked women's stage race in North America and is one of the last chances for riders to earn points toward Olympic qualification for the 2012 London games.

The road from Garden Valley to Idaho City offers back-to-back climbs and as tour organizers say, "...should truly separate the real
 players in this year's Exergy Tour."

The Sunday morning of May 27 in Downtown
Crouch pulsated with adrenaline and high hopes
and exhibited the hard work Chamber of
Commerce members and friends exerted to
clean up and beautify the small town center.
Autograph seekers and budding competitors?
It paid off, with good business for proprietors
and high-spirited enjoyment for all.

BC Commissioner Jamie Anderson got a load of autographs!

More fans.

Mayor of Crouch Bob Powell getting his...not sure if he beat Jamie!

...and the crowds waited...

2011 UCI Road World Champion, 28-year-old Giorgia Bronzini.

Color Guard Mustang Sallies.

Rich Wilson sings the National Anthem.

Mayor Bob Powell was the Official Starter--5-4-3-2-1-...they're off!

...and running...

Crouch Ambulance Volunteers are on the way, hopefully just for the ride
Be sure to buy a RIDE TICKET ~ only $25 ~.a great donation and what a deal if you ever need it!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Buy A Plant For New Library!


To All Friends:                                       

The Garden Valley Syringa Club and the Garden Valley Library District are involved in a joint effort to raise money and provide Native Plants for the Library Landscaping Project. 
We will have a booth at the Garden Valley Farmers Market this Saturday, May 26, from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM.  The Native Plants include Rugosa Rose, Red Current, Syringa, and Cinquefoil.  Buy 1 for $10 or buy 2 for $15. You may donate a plant to the Library.  Please come and support your Library and the Syringa Club. 

Jayne Carlson

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

News From GV Market!

Hello to our Customers!
Our market is ready to help you celebrate in your own way this weekend. There are specials all over the store in almost every department. In addition, we’ll have a special sidewalk sale of Summer items going on all weekend. The Farmers Market also begins this weekend and we will have our produce specials in our store. We won’t carry them across the street, so just be sure to check the store after you are done visiting the booths.

This Sunday is the Exergy Bike race from Crouch to Idaho City. The race sets up between 6am and 10am on Sunday, the 27th. At 12 noon, the race begins and the racers will bike out of Garden Valley out to the highway and be on their way!. All of the parking on the South side of our lot (bordering the old Library and bordering the new pathway into town will be closed off for Team and support vehicle parking. The rest of our lot will be open for customers and residents to park.

Some new items to note in the store this week include;
Bob’s Red Mill Quinoa grains
Milano cookies
Pepperidge Farms Goldfish (cheddar)

Great Value Buys this week – these are “while supplies last” and please note if a sale is 2 for something, then 2 must be purchased to get the savings. We apologize in advance if we run out of these buys, but our ability to get these buys is increasing weekly because of your support. You will see many more as the year continues.

Fresh Corn 3 for $1.00
Coke products – 2 liters 99 cents each
Powerade 2 for $1.00
Chicken thigh and leg packs – 2 for $5
Coke 20 packs 2 for $11.00
Western Family 24 pack spring water for just $2.99 - regular price is 3.99 or 3 for $10

Finally, we are now offering a propane tank exchange program. Bring in your empty tank (compliant) and exchange for a full tank, or buy a brand new tank filled up and ready to go. Of course, we still offer Propane fill up at the Chevron.

We hope each of you has a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend and furthermore, that each of us can take the time to reflect on the meaning of this special day!

We look forward to seeing you!
Greg and Gerold

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

KTVB Live Today Downtown!

from Chamber Prez Diane Caughlin

Today is the day that Channel 7 is up here to interview folks or just have you all show up for their live show at 5:00 and 6:00 and 6:30. So if you can make it, please come on down. They asked questions about how we think the Exergy Tour will impact our town. Anyway, I hope you can come on down. They are in front of the Community Hall.
Diane Caughlin, President
Greater Garden Valley area Chamber of Commerce
PO Box 10
Garden Valley, Idaho 83622
208-462-5003 or 208-462-4620
FAX 208-462-3321

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Crouch Clean-Up Day!

Submitted by Mary Wilson

This is a reminder that we are having our Crouch Clean Up Day this coming Saturday from 1-4. Meet in front of the Old Merc. Wear your gloves, bring a push broom if you have one, rakes, anything you can think of that may help spruce things up and help make the town shine.
Also, the GV Fire Department has volunteered to hose down the streets from the laundromat to river and between the Longhorn and the stores. This will make our job much easier and I'm sure the results will be awesome. They will be doing this on Sunday morning at 7 a.m. after we get all of the edges cleaned up.
208-462-3538 home
208-867-8200 cell

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Memorial Day Week-End Starts With Breakfast!

Neighborly News
from GV Chamber

Are you wondering what to do with your guests on Memorial Day Weekend? The Exergy Tour--Professional Women's Cycling race--will start in Downtown Crouch on Sunday, May 27th, so come on down for this International display of athleticism!

Starting at 9:00 a.m.: The GV Chamber will be doing a FUNDRAISER Breakfast at the community hall (raising money for the 2-$1000 scholarships we give away every year). ... We will be serving Biscuits and Gravy, Scrambled eggs, Fresh Fruit, and Beverages. Non-members $10.00 each, Members in good standing (includes one family member per business, or an "individual" member, sorry no-nonprofit members for the discount)--also includes Seniors 65+ $7.00 each!

The GV Fire Department will be serving Breakfast Burritos between the old Crouch Merc and Syringa Floral & Gifts.

Wild Bill's will be serving Breakfast Croissants, and the Longhorn will be serving the usual Breakfast fare indoors. The patio/deck has been reserved for VIP's for the Exergy Tour folks.

So don't miss out on this once in a life time event for our little town!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Job Creation Council Meets With CuMo

Thirty-six area residents attended the meeting held at the new Centerville Fire Station on May 11, to get the skivvy on what the CuMo mining project will mean to Boise County residents.

The CuMo Project is an exploratory drilling operation evaluating a mineral deposit in southwest Idaho, fourteen miles northwest of Idaho City. Geologic sampling has inferred the existence of more than six billion tons of molybdenum oxide, copper, silver, and tungsten worth nearly $100 billion at current market rates--the CuMo Project may include one of the largest moly deposits in North America.
L-R: Noelle Lovern, Kyle Fend, John Cottingham and Jessica Gasiorowski.
John Cottingham, Director of the Boise County Job Creation and Retention Council (JC/RC) began with an introduction of who the Boise County JC/RC is and what their mission is.  He explained that they are groups of citizens from all sides of the county that want to promote job growth, tourism and the supportive infrastructure that will be required  to promote new and existing jobs in Boise County. He emphasized that they want Boise County to benefit from the CuMo project: "It's what we focus on. The game is to make the project produce as many jobs as it can accomplish." CuMo claims that in the current phase of exploration they will hire 50-60 workers and if approved, the Project will create as many as 5,000 jobs during construction phase and 1,000 for one-hundred years during production.
The purpose of the meeting was CuMo Project Community Support and a "shopping list" of support the community needs from CuMo.  Cottingham introduced Kyle Fend, CuMo Environmental and Permitting Manager, Public Relations rep Noelle Lovern, and the respective JC/RCs.

The Boise County JC/RC has formulated a marketing plan. They will focus on Social Media for their outreach.  A request for funding has been submitted to Southwest Idaho Travel Association, under the Idaho Travel Council.  They have requested $10,000 from SWITA and will be requesting matching funds of $10,000 from CuMo. The theme is, “Small Town Idaho”, which denotes friendliness and low cost.  They are requesting this money to make a web page that is activity- oriented.  It will show the locations in Boise County where specific activities are accessible.  Additionally, $5,000 is needed for upgrading the Idaho City Chamber of Commerce web page, which complements the “Boise County Adventures” JC/RC site.

The second item on the list states that residents need cell phone services and the mine will require cell service.  The additional heavy usage by the mine should make the economics for cell coverage in the county viable.  JC/RC requests that Mosquito Consolidated (owners of the project) initiate a contact at the highest levels of Verizon and CenturyLink to ask them to provide service ASAP.  The BC JC/RC will pursue grants to support the capital investment.

Third, Boise County residents will need skill set upgrade support from CuMo and the State.  If the mine will help the school districts devise a curriculum that will support required job skills of the Project, JC/RC could train the workers here in the county, provide jobs for our youth and allow the mine to train their own employees through programs supported by State agencies.

Cottingham said that the Idaho Departments of Labor and Education want to help. All  the JC/RC has to do is outline a viable program and these departments will help them with applying for grants to pay for a major part of them. It is important that the participants in education programs contribute personally in order to be committed to them. To audience questions at the Capital for a Day in Garden Valley, Governor Otter replied that he and his staff are supportive of this kind of program. 

A major objective in the "shopping list" JC/RC submitted to CuMo is to create the jobs for residents on the shortest schedule possible. According to Cottingham, that means helping to shorten the permitting cycle to the greatest degree possible: "The way we can make that happen is for residents to support the project in the permitting hearings. If you give them a reason to do that with overt support of the businesses (Boise County Adventures program) and individuals (job training), we will have a chance to get their support in public meetings."

When JC/RC has asked cell phone companies about service in this area, the response is that there are not enough people.  They have asked CuMo to contact Verizon or Century Link. They need data other than census data so will get tourist traffic data from the county.  It is projected that four cell towers would be needed, at a  capital cost of $3.6 million.  If CuMo will contact the cell phone companies, JC/RC will contact the tower developers.
Fend read  a letter written for Verizon and Century Link, which requests their help in setting up phone service in this area. In part, it reads "...cell service is not only a public safety need--we are mindful of the overarching needs of the community...if the mining does proceed, CuMo is available to discuss ways we could create a thousand good jobs and cellular service."

Mr. Fend also commented that they are not ready to say the project is economically viable.  He said that it does look good.  The company will be working on one area at a time and will be looking at a "napkin area" of 1500 meters by 100 meters, to confirm their initial core drillings results. He affirmed that once the company decides if there are enough minerals to open the mine, it will be five years to plan the construction phase and one and one half to two years to build. The design phase for community planning will begin at same time as permitting. Fend says they have time to put a training program in place, which was a  main vocalized concern at the meeting.

Mr. Cottingham emphasized that the cost to CuMo for 2012 is well under $2,000 and only some time working with the JC/RC in developing the needed skills descriptions and the "skills residents have" inventory questionnaires. With that information, JC/RC can develop a curriculum for classes to upgrade residents' skills. He deduced, "If we train them, they'll be ready; if the mine doesn't work, they'll be prepared to go somewhere else to get a job. We're not looking for a lot of money from CuMo--we're looking for support and we'll go put this together!"

Thanks to Jessica Gasiorowski for some of the notes used in this article.


Saturday, May 12, 2012



MAY 12, 5 PM



Bring the whole family and enjoy a great time for a great cause! 
$10 per person, kids under 10 eat free.

INFO AT 462-4393


Friday, May 11, 2012

Messing With Clocks

by Rich Smith

I think the citizens of Arizona have their heads screwed on the right way, for they are the only State that ignores the inane Federal Daylight Savings Time mandate. Messing around with our clocks twice a year is absolutely insane, with no demonstrated advantage.  How many folks ever question the absurdity of the “spring forward   fall back” mantra?  Does anyone ever ask, “What is the purpose behind this biannual irritation?” Some say it saves electric power, but how can moving our clocks one hour forward or back save electricity?  The sun still rises and sets by sidereal time, and it is the absence of sunlight that encourages us to turn lights on. The sun cannot be governed by Federal mandates and I have never seen a scientific study that supports the theory that messing with our clocks saves power.  I certainly couldn’t prove this by examining my Idaho Power bill. 

Changing clocks messes with my head and forces me to spend valuable time looking for all the clocks though out the house and when finding them remembering how to reset each.  Changing clocks to conform to some federal mandate also confuses our domesticated animals.  Moving my time habits twice each year bewilders my dog Molly. “Hey Dad, what is wrong with you? You are normally a reliable person, but it is way past my dinnertime or cookie time, and why haven’t we had our walk yet?” Dogs are creatures of habit and smarter than most humans when it comes to messing with Mother Nature. If given a vote in the matter, not one animal would opt to change clocks twice each year.  

Not satisfied with only imposing Daylight Savings Time, our government also messes with clocks across the country. Back in the nineteenth century when railroads spread their rails across the nation, they lobbied Congress to create four time zones so they could coordinate their timetables with the east to west march of the sun across the continent. This made sense for the railroads and for the makers of pocket watches, but only contributed to passenger confusion. “What time zone are we in now,” was a question cnductors had to answer multiple times. And why is it that when I travel north in Idaho and go through the town of Riggens, suddenly I lose an hour. There were no train tracks between Boise and Lewiston one-hundred and twenty years ago. Did the nineteenth century time zone tsars flunk fifth grade geography and actually think the sun traversed Idaho from south to north?  Perhaps Congress at the time just assumed Idaho needed both northern and southern time zones to support the idea the panhandle should be part of Washington State. For whatever reason, we are stuck with this stupid and partisan decision that no longer makes sense in the twenty-first century. I feel sorry for the folks who live along the Salmon River north of Riggens. School starts at 8:15am in Riggens, unless of course if you live across the Middlefork; in that case school starts at 7:15, unless only yesterday Idaho fell back to Standard Time. 

Did you realize that last year the traditional fall and spring dates for transitioning to and from Standard Time changed?  It seems Standard Time is now less Standard than it formerly was.

So, join my cause.  Forget all this political wangling about inane issues such as who will be our next President or State Representative or which party will wield power.  Congress and State Assemblies should address something of substance, something that affects my daily life.  Stop messing around with our clocks.  For this Molly and I would be most grateful.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Friday: Burning in Idaho City

Message from the  Forest Service in Idaho City: 

We will be burning on the Idaho City Ranger District tomorrow, Friday, May 11.

 We are planning on burning @ 250 acres via hand ignition near Alder Ridge Summit approx. 3 miles N. of Idaho City, Idaho.

T7N R4E Sec. 2. Lat. 43.9687 Long. -115.9424

If you have questions, their number is 392-3721.

GV Market Deals!

Welcome to beautiful weather! We all just seem to have more bounce in our step when we’re outside! We have numerous great buys this week and all month with our May 30 day deals flyer….too many to list. Here are some highlights:
Organic Earthbound Lettuce: $2.39
Organic Earthbound Hearts of Romaine: 2 for $4.00
Cluster tomatoes: 99 cents lb
Yellow onions: 29 cents lb
Sweet white corn: 50 cents each
Coca Cola: 12 packs 3 for $13
Coke: 2 liters 4 for $5
Powerade: 10 for $10 (if you purchase 10 for 10, you also get a Free 24 pack of Dasani Water)
Western Family 24 pack water: 3 for $10
New Lick your chops canned Dog and Cat food – all natural, no meat by-products: from 99 cents to $1.99 each.
We’re also happy to recognize Carolyn Arnold, winner of the Apple iPad for her essay entered into the Your Hometown Grocer essay contest. Her essay representing Garden Valley was chosen along with a winner from Midway, UT and Brigham City, UT as describing the qualities of a unique hometown in the West/Northwest.
Jan and Leigh Ward opened their retail greenhouse in front of the Market this past Sunday. They’ve named it Garden Mountain Nursery. Stop by and say hello to them next time you shop.
Kathleen from Syringa Floral and Gifts is selling some of her floral bunches and cut flowers out of the Market now as well as from her shop on Market Street. By partnering with the Market, we hope to make it more convenient to shop for floral arrangements if you’re shopping after hours.
We hope you have a wonderful weekend which is forecast to be nice and warm. If you plan on grilling, come on down for some choice grilling and BBQ cuts of meat and chicken. While you’re here, pick up a 16 lb bag of Western Family Charcoal for only $3.99
Greg and Gerold
Garden Valley Market
208 462-3817

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Boise County to Vote on Bond/Alamar Judgment


P.O. Box 1300
Idaho City, Idaho  83631
Fax: (208)392-4473

Terry C. Day, District I Commissioner; Jamie A. Anderson, District II Commissioner;             Robert A. Fry, District III Commissioner; Mary T. Prisco, Clerk to the Board

May 8, 2012

Voters to Decide Special Ballot Question

IDAHO CITYNext week, Boise County voters will decide whether to allow Boise County a restricted revenue stream which would allow a loan through the municipal bond market to pay off the Alamar judgment at a lower interest rate.  The Board of County Commissioners truly appreciates the time and interest residents have invested in understanding the special election ballot question.

The Board is grateful to those who have taken the time to attend meetings, read articles, visit Boise County’s website, share emails, engage in conversation and learn about the issues.  When government officials work with citizens in an atmosphere of mutual respect there is a greater opportunity to understand the issues and make reasonable judgments on how to resolve them.

Budget Increase – YES
·         Allows using a bond to refinance Alamar debt
·         Alamar debt paid in full
·         Current 5.5% interest = $713K;Potential 7-year Bond 1.4% interest = $390K;  Potential gross savings of $427K in interest
·         Budget Increase in place only until Alamar “bond” is paid
·         Mandates all budget increases to pay Alamar debt is returned to FY2012 Property Tax ($3.4 million)
·         Forces County to have level or reduced budgets ·         Forces County to follow a strict repayment schedule
§         Use the 3%
§         Use surplus fund balances
§         THEN calculate up to maximum .001 levy rate for the annual payment
·         Creates level of certainty for residents and future investments in Boise County

Budget Increase – NO
·         Alamar debt - $3.15 million at 5.5% interest is still DUE
·         Boise County provides annual income to Alamar at 5.5% interest
·         Starts lawsuit against Idaho Tax Commission
·         Taxpayers will bear the cost of additional attorney fees
·         Boise County will end up paying to resolve the conflict between the State Constitution and State Statutes
Your vote on May 15
 is an opportunity to have a strong voice in public decision-making.  All registered voters may vote on this special election ballot question.  There will be a separate ballot and no party affiliation is required.  Voters may register at the polls.
Keep checking the website for information as it becomes available. Commissioners invite questions and comments.  Please contact: Bob Fry, 208 365-8705, ; Terry Day, 208 392-9505, ; or Jamie Anderson, 208 462-3439, .

Monday, May 7, 2012

Thanks From Afghanistan

From Diane Caughlin, regarding donations sent to Afghanistan
from our community
Here’s an email to and from Cpt. Somaratna, whom we sent boxes to for the children after Joe’s (Caughlin) group distributed the soldiers' boxes.
To: Capt. Somaratna,
I just wanted to let you know that we have mailed the final boxes. I believe we have sent 83 boxes to the kids and 68 boxes to the soldiers.(Straight from my office managers email). Anyway, I think that's the end of the boxes, so thought you'd like to know.
Diane Caughlin
From Capt. Somaratna,
Regrets on the belated reply. Thank you very much for everything you sent as it was a blessing to us in an extremely austere environment.
God Bless you
Chaplain Somaratna

Volunteers for Exergy Tour


If you’ve volunteered to help out with the Exergy tour that will be here in less than 3 weeks, please make sure you register online at We are stage 3 (May 27th). The volunteer coordinator says we need more volunteers from our area, so if you’ve only told me, and haven’t registered, please do that ASAP! Thanks

Diane Caughlin, President
Garden Valley Chamber of Commerce
PO Box 10
Garden Valley, Idaho 83622

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Obituary: Larry LaVerne Gatherers

Fifty-four years old, Larry Gatherers died of natural causes at home on Friday, May 4, 2012, at 9:30 a.m.

Born on April 27, 1958,  Larry--his nickname "scare"--grew up and lived in Eastport, Idaho, most of his life.

In 2004, he and his "significant other", best friend and love of his life, Teresa "T.C." Steib, moved to Garden Valley, Idaho, where they started a cleaning business. Larry also worked for the Garden Valley School. He very much enjoyed his job and the people there.

His father, Walter L. Gatherers, preceded him in death, in 1986.

Surviving members of the family are:
Teresa "T.C.", her son Paul, and Larry's cat, Bobby.

Two brothers: Evan M. Gatherers , Dee Parr and family and Terry D. Gatherers, Carolyn and family.   
Mother and stepfather, Valerie C. Fry and Randall L. Fry.

No services in Garden Valley.  
AND a very special thanks to the Crouch Volunteer Ambulance crew.
Larry will be missed by us all.

Letter to the Editor: State Senate

To Residents of Boise County:

Alan Ward is probably the WORST choice we could have for our state 
senate representative. Please see his record at

He seems to be a failure in business, a failure in local politics, and a 
failure in life.

Please choose another candidate for our Senate representative.
Elizabeth Dunn
Garden Valley

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Should Job Creation Council Support CuMo?

Major changes have occurred at the CuMo Exploration Project. The primary PR person at Scott Peyron and Associates for the CuMo Project has changed to Noelle Lovern and the Project Manager has changed to Kyle Fend. The changes reflect the scope of work on the project of permitting and core drilling by Kirkness Drilling. A meeting will be held in the Centerville Fire Station, May 11, at 6 p.m. The Job Creation and Retention Council needs to know from this meeting if they should continue to be an overt supporter of the mine or an intervenor.

There are 3 topics for discussion:

1 - The "Boise County Adventures" promotion that will support the businesses that cater to the tourist industry in Boise County, presently the largest employer. If they testify positively at permitting hearings, CuMo's committment to them should be demonstrated.
2 - The cell tower project on which JC/RC has been working. The hope is to bring Verizon or Century One cell service to Boise County and the way to justify that is the potential CuMo mine. JC/RC wants CuMo to put some pressure on Verizon in particular because if the mine should open, cell service will be a requirement. It will take three years to get that service up and running and that is about the right schedule for the exploration project completion at the earliest, so they have time.
3 - Last, if the mine does open, the Council has at least three years to get the skill sets of local residents up to the requirements for the mine. They plan to work with the State of Idaho to provide adult education to accomplish that and will need CuMo support for that program. It will help all the citizens of Boise County, whether the mine opens or not. They will base the education program on the Thompson Creek Mine experience, so will make NO assumptions regarding the potential CuMo mine. They will need support, however.
It is important that all the JC/RCs be represented at the meeting, which is at the Centerville location because it is centrally located. John Cottingham would like to know how many you think will attend, which would be helpful. The room is not very large and they need to plan accordingly. JC/RC members will put out meeting notes after the meeting for those who cannot attend, but they are never as good as being there in person. The public is welcome to attend this meeting.
John B. Cottingham
28 Southfork Lane
PO Box 802
Garden Valley, ID 83622
ID Phone: 208-462-3178
AZ Phone: 623-975-4213
Cell: 208-908-3818 (Verizon)

Friday, May 4, 2012

Fraud Alert: Fake Electric Company Calls

Submitted by
Marcie Pyorre, Coordinator

Garden Valley Senior Center
261 S. Middlefork Road
Garden Valley, ID 83622
gvseniors@frontiernet.netPhone/Fax: (208) 462-3943
~ ~

Our agency received a call from a client in Caldwell stating she had just been contacted by a person claiming to be with the electric company. He stated that her account was 2 months past due and if she did not make an immediate credit card payment over the phone, her power would be shut off the following day. She was smart and asked him “which electric company.” His response was “your electric company” and could not identify Idaho Power by name. The client said that he was persistent and unprofessional. He did give her a call back number (302-200-9735) probably used a spoofing software which makes the call untraceable, but the call was definitely a scam. Idaho Power confirmed that the call did not originate from their office. Please spread the word to anyone you think might need this information.

Best regards,

Esmeralda Zamora
CCOA Medicare Counselor
SMP/SHIP Federal Programs
(208)459-0063, Ext. 105