Sunday, May 27, 2012

Exergy Tour Sensation in Garden Valley!

Breakfast was cookin' everywhere, including here at Wild Bill's.
The Exergy Tour rolled through Garden Valley and Crouch during the past week and culminated with a morning of breakfasts, fast speeches and the Star-Spangeled Banner, beautifully sung by GV Community Choir president, Rich Wilson.

The event is the highest-ranked women's stage race in North America and is one of the last chances for riders to earn points toward Olympic qualification for the 2012 London games.

The road from Garden Valley to Idaho City offers back-to-back climbs and as tour organizers say, "...should truly separate the real
 players in this year's Exergy Tour."

The Sunday morning of May 27 in Downtown
Crouch pulsated with adrenaline and high hopes
and exhibited the hard work Chamber of
Commerce members and friends exerted to
clean up and beautify the small town center.
Autograph seekers and budding competitors?
It paid off, with good business for proprietors
and high-spirited enjoyment for all.

BC Commissioner Jamie Anderson got a load of autographs!

More fans.

Mayor of Crouch Bob Powell getting his...not sure if he beat Jamie!

...and the crowds waited...

2011 UCI Road World Champion, 28-year-old Giorgia Bronzini.

Color Guard Mustang Sallies.

Rich Wilson sings the National Anthem.

Mayor Bob Powell was the Official Starter--5-4-3-2-1-...they're off!

...and running...

Crouch Ambulance Volunteers are on the way, hopefully just for the ride
Be sure to buy a RIDE TICKET ~ only $25 ~.a great donation and what a deal if you ever need it!

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  1. Fun time, congratulations to the competitors and to the community for the fantastic job and support of this event! Thank you Angel for sharing your story.