Wednesday, May 23, 2012

News From GV Market!

Hello to our Customers!
Our market is ready to help you celebrate in your own way this weekend. There are specials all over the store in almost every department. In addition, we’ll have a special sidewalk sale of Summer items going on all weekend. The Farmers Market also begins this weekend and we will have our produce specials in our store. We won’t carry them across the street, so just be sure to check the store after you are done visiting the booths.

This Sunday is the Exergy Bike race from Crouch to Idaho City. The race sets up between 6am and 10am on Sunday, the 27th. At 12 noon, the race begins and the racers will bike out of Garden Valley out to the highway and be on their way!. All of the parking on the South side of our lot (bordering the old Library and bordering the new pathway into town will be closed off for Team and support vehicle parking. The rest of our lot will be open for customers and residents to park.

Some new items to note in the store this week include;
Bob’s Red Mill Quinoa grains
Milano cookies
Pepperidge Farms Goldfish (cheddar)

Great Value Buys this week – these are “while supplies last” and please note if a sale is 2 for something, then 2 must be purchased to get the savings. We apologize in advance if we run out of these buys, but our ability to get these buys is increasing weekly because of your support. You will see many more as the year continues.

Fresh Corn 3 for $1.00
Coke products – 2 liters 99 cents each
Powerade 2 for $1.00
Chicken thigh and leg packs – 2 for $5
Coke 20 packs 2 for $11.00
Western Family 24 pack spring water for just $2.99 - regular price is 3.99 or 3 for $10

Finally, we are now offering a propane tank exchange program. Bring in your empty tank (compliant) and exchange for a full tank, or buy a brand new tank filled up and ready to go. Of course, we still offer Propane fill up at the Chevron.

We hope each of you has a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend and furthermore, that each of us can take the time to reflect on the meaning of this special day!

We look forward to seeing you!
Greg and Gerold

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