Saturday, May 28, 2011


Garden Valley School Multi-Purpose Room
May 31, 2011
6:00 PM

The mission of the Garden Valley School District is to provide educational excellence, allowing students to succeed in an ever-changing, technological world.

6:00 – Meeting begins

1. Call to Order
2. Roll Call
3. Pledge of Allegiance
4. Approve and Adopt Agenda
5. Clerk Vacancy
A. Discussion of Clerk vacancy and consideration of applicant(s).
1. Consideration of motion to elect Clerk of the Board.

6. Reports
A. Treasurer’s/Business Manager’s Report
1. Budget Amendment(s) for 2010-2011
B. Superintendent’s Report
1. Presentation of proposed 2011-2012 district budget

7. Discussion and Community Comment [Patrons may comment on the budget proposal, offer alternative ideas, different priorities, or provide other financial related input.]
A. Individual comments will be solicited by the Board.
B. Delegations may sign up and be recognized by the Board. Delegations will be limited to 30 minutes each.

8. Action Items
A. New Business
1. Discussion and consideration of motion to amend the 2010-2011 Budget.
2. Discussion and consideration of motion to adopt 2011-2012 Budget.

9. Adjourn


If any auxiliary aids or services are needed for individuals with disabilities, please contact the district office at 462-3756 no later than three (3) working days before the meeting.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Crouch Farmers Market Opens for Summer!

Beth Church, owner of Church's Backyard Farm.
Saturday mornings in Downtown Crouch now offer a brighter prospect for those settled into the winter habit of week-end coffee and news and another log on the fire.

Beth Church, organizer of the Crouch Farmer's Market, has given the word that they will open this Saturday on Memorial Week-end, with spring produce, crafts, fine arts and delicious homemade food products. They will be open every Saturday until fall.

Hours are from 9:00 a.m. to 12 noon.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Garden Valley Grad Chad Jones Wins Scholarship

By George Combs
Marketing Manager, Caldwell Night Rodeo

Chad Jones, of Garden Valley

Caldwell Night Rodeo, in association with Caldwell Western Heritage Foundation, announced the winners of their 2011 youth scholarship program. Each year applications are taken from high school seniors and college students within the marketing area of Caldwell Night Rodeo, to compete for one of five scholarships valued at $2000 each.

This year thirty-two applications were received. This is one of the ways that Caldwell Night Rodeo has in giving back to the community that supports them.

This years winners were:

Lindsey Stephens of Weiser (attending the University of Idaho)
Kaycee Royer of Cambridge (applying to University of Idaho)
Susan Schram of Star (applying to The College of Idaho)
Haley Glenn of Caldwell (applying to The College of Idaho)
Chad Jones of Garden Valley (applying to Treasure Valley Community College)

School Superintendent Vindicated !

Open Letter to the Garden Valley School District

To the parents, patrons, faculty and staff of the Garden Valley School District, and readers of the Garden Valley Daily News, you are undoubtedly aware of the continued and ongoing controversy involving the school district, Board of Trustees, and Superintendent of the District. This controversy has been distracting, hurtful to many, and expensive. It must stop.

For the last six months our school district has been in the process of investigating numerous complaints filed against Dr. Tomlin as district superintendent. These complaints were filed by David and Kathleen Gardner. The complaints, ranging over nearly 20 months, charged Superintendent Tomlin with harassment, intimidation, retaliation, violation of district policy and violations of Idaho Code.

Months ago, Superintendent Tomlin met with the Gardners, attempting to resolve these issues and their concerns, providing them with copies of district policy, Idaho Code, email communications and other documents that should have set their concerns to rest. The Gardners insisted on a hearing with the Board of Trustees.

That hearing has been held, and David and Kathleen Gardner presented their charges. The Board of Trustees has now completed its investigation and on May 10, 2011, they signed and sent a 16 page letter to the parties involved. To the complaints against Superintendent Tomlin, the Board “did not and could not find merit” in any of them. It was the finding of the Board that his actions as Superintendent were “legally appropriate as well as best business practices.” And “With due respect to the Gardners, this situation appears to be nothing more than someone looking to make a problem where there is no factual basis for such.”

It is regrettable that so many months of gossip, innuendo, newspaper and television reports, and disruption of the school district and community have taken place. It is regrettable that many thousands of dollars were spent to investigate ridiculous and unfounded charges. And the Board writes the “…wrongfully damaging and wrongfully destroying…” of Dr. Tomlin’s “profession, character, and job status” is “truly unfortunate.”

We ask any patron intent on going down this road next respectfully to reconsider. The emotional cost to our community is incalculable, and the dollar cost comes right out of the supplies and wages of those who teach our children. Please support our school district, don’t tear it down. Thank you.

Supporters of the Garden Valley School District

Superintendent Tomlin responded to the findings of the board:

"I am gratified to be cleared, and I appreciate the Board's hard work through the hearing process and all, resulting in this decision. I regret very much the community turmoil these people caused. I am angry about the unfounded and in fact stupid accusations, and I am angrier still about the $4,000 in legal fees they forced the Board to spend on the process. I believe the Gardners should pay every penny back to the district."

Thursday, May 19, 2011



MAY 20, 2011
7:00 PM


Join the choir for refreshments after the Concert!
Donations accepted at the door

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

School Board Seeks Volunteer Clerk

The Garden Valley School District Board of Trustees
announces an opening for the Volunteer position
of Clerk of the Board.

Immediate Duties of the Clerk are set forth in District Policy and Idaho Code. Generally the Clerk prepares and posts meeting agendas as provided by law, attends all meetings of the Board, and creates and maintains records of the proceedings.

The Clerk accompanies the Board into Executive (Closed) Session and is privileged to confidential legal and personnel information. Strict confidentiality is required.

The Clerk performs other duties as determined by the Board of Trustees.

The Board is prepared to consider applicants for an interim short-term appointment from the present date through June 30, 2011. In July, they will appoint a Clerk for a one-year term. Interested parties are encouraged to apply to either or both appointments.

The Clerk is supplied with a laptop computer and will have copying and storage privileges at the District Office. Computer and word processing skills are important for the position.

All interested parties should send a letter of interest and brief resume to the following address:

Chair of the Board
Garden Valley School District
P.O. Box 710
Garden Valley, ID 83622

Or simply drop the materials off at the district office. Application deadline is May 31, 2011.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Garden Valley Translator District Update

 By Rich Smith

The Garden Valley Translator District operates 8 digital TV broadcast stations from two mountains. The Grimes Pass stations retransmit signals received from Boise to Garden Mountain. In addition, PBS manages one station at each location. Digital Television provides many benefits, including interference-free reception, High Definition channels, and more channels. Presently, 14 free over-the-air stations, including five HD stations, are available. However, Digital Television also creates some technical challenges. The transition to Digital mandated by the FCC is costly and has resulted in reception problems for those who live in mountainous areas.

In the days of analog TV you could usually receive a watchable signal throughout the valley even if it was grainy and plagued by interference. Nevertheless, digital TV requires a more robust signal. Some folks may be unable to receive all of the digital stations we broadcast or sometimes the picture will freeze or break up (“pixelate”). Good digital reception depends on many factors, including a line-of-sight to the Garden Mountain transmitter, good weather, and a good quality antenna and lead in wire.

To receive a trouble-free digital TV, it is best to have a line-of-sight with the Garden Mountain transmitters. Even a hill, or trees between your antenna and the transmitter, can inhibit reception. This may require a new antenna (available at the Middlefork Trading Post) and lead in cable. A word of warning: Some antennas for sale in Boise are not “all-channel” antennas and will not receive all of our stations. Often, simply making sure your old antenna doesn’t have missing or bent elements and is pointed toward Garden Mountain will solve your problem. Your lead-in cable should also be in good working condition, and in some fringe areas, an antenna amplifier may help you to receive a better digital signal.

With limited funds, the GVTD could not upgrade all of our old analog equipment to digital, so we modified some old equipment to broadcast digital signals. The low power analog transmitters are not ideal for digital, but they allowed us to broadcast digital signals while we applied for grants to upgrade all the stations. We intend to complete the upgrade to higher power digital equipment in the next few months, and by this summer all stations should be broadcasting with the latest digital equipment. We expect this will resolve many reception problems.

The GVTD board meets at the Garden Valley Senior Center on the last Thursday of every month, at 7pm. If you have any questions or suggestions for the district, or need help receiving a signal, or just wish to visit with us, you are welcome to attend our open board meetings at the Center.

Rich Smith may be contacted at

Friday, May 13, 2011

Community Choir Spring Concert!



MAY 20, 2011
7:00 PM


Donations accepted at the door

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Crouch Merc Open Through Memorial Day

Greg and Gerold Update Plans

Beautiful weather yesterday and today in Garden Valley! It sure lifts our spirits and adds a bounce to everyone’s step.

Construction on the new Market has slipped, by approximately 1 week. Installing our refrigeration and freezer units, with all the testing and fine tuning involved, means it will not be completed by May 25th.

We will push the opening into the week of June 5th which means one more Memorial Day Weekend Crouch Merc Shopping. Gerold and I were remembering that we opened in 2002, the week after Memorial Day. So the opening of the new store will coincide with our 9th Anniversary of being in business.

We’ll have fun over Memorial Day Weekend at the old store. Be sure to come on down and help us say goodbye to the Old Crouch Merc.

As a reminder from our previous newsletter, our 5% discount card will be ended and replaced with a Garden Valley Market rewards card. The new program will have new cards and the program will allow us to accumulate points associated with purchases, so that you can earn rewards. The rewards will range from discounts on gas to gift certificates, etc.

To prepare for the new program, we will be ending our 5% discount card on Monday, May 23rd. Thank you so much for participating in the discount program for the past 2 years. It meant so much to us to have your support. The new Rewards program will begin with the opening of the new store and we’ll have plenty of information for you regarding the new card.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, you’ll find fun new Spring and Summer items throughout the store. There are beautiful stone planters and a decorative windmill for the garden, potting soil (8 quart bags for $1.29), tomato cages priced to move and much more.

We look forward to your next visit and don’t forget to check us out on Facebook under Garden Valley Market GV Idaho.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Boise County Democrats To Host Informational Meeting on Referendum Petitions

The Boise County Democrats will be hosting a meeting on Sunday, May 15th, at
4 p.m., at the Crouch Community Hall, to share information on the Referendums to repeal the recently passed education "reform" bills. These bills will have a significant impact on our rural school district. The money that will be set aside to pay for the new requirements for merit pay and laptops will create a shortfall in local school budgets.
After a short presentation, we will be answering questions you may have about the three education “reform” bills as well as the referendum process. Petitions will be available to sign, as well as extra copies if you would like to help in the signature gathering process. Snacks and Refreshments will be provided.

Thursday, May 5, 2011


~ Raising awareness and supporting Idaho’s multi-disciplinary efforts to prevent elder abuse and exploitation ~

The 2011 Idaho Summit on Elder Abuse and Exploitation will be held Thursday and Friday, June 16-17, 2011, at the Boise State University Student Union Building. On Thursday, June 16, the keynote speakers will be Lisa Nerenberg, author and nationally recognized leader in the prevention of elder abuse and Wendy Olson, U.S. Attorney for Idaho.

The second day of the summit (Friday, June 17th) is the “Senior Scam Jam”. It is designed specifically for consumers and includes educational seminars designed to prevent financial fraud and exploitation. AARP is taking reservations for the Senior Scam Jam.

You can register by phone at 1-877-926-8300 or online at

A special feature planned for both days of the Summit is the presentation of a one-act play, titled Cherry Pie, written and produced by Christine Rosensteel. Ms. Rosensteel is an Adult Protection worker and has produced several plays depicting the insidious ways vulnerable adults can be exploited or abused. This play will make you laugh, cry and move you to action.

Details about the summit can be found at Please encourage your co-workers, members and other contacts to visit the summit website to register and for information on continuing education (CE) credits, travel scholarships and summit sponsorship opportunities.

Please contact Mary Holden at for more information.

Merc Mother's Day Week-End!

From Greg and Gerold

What a beautiful Spring day today! We’re looking forward to this weather staying with us. The Merc wants you to be prepared for Mothers Day this weekend. Stop by and check out the great Spring/Summer lawn and garden gifts.

You’ll find an array of solar lights for the garden or yard. Solar lighted stakes, solar lighted birds with rain gauges and thermometers, solar lighted branches, dragonfly or butterfly string lights, etc. There are many other great gift ideas from small to large. Appliances, clocks, hanging baskets for those flowers you’ll buy your mother and MORE.

On the porch, we have tomato cages and potting soil still available. Just makes you want to hurry and pull Spring into our valley without further delay.

Produce looks great on this week and it’s priced great as well. Bananas are reduced, along with Cello Lettuce, Cilantro and how about that sweet Corn on the Cob that is now back in.

In addition to Mother’s Day, don’t forget to shop for your Cinco de Mayo supplies.

Construction workers poured the front sidewalk this week!

On the construction front, our progress is still good. It is beginning to reach fever pitch as many elements are coming together. We are still targeting Memorial Day weekend for an opening but an exact date is not clear yet.

While the Merc transitions to Garden Valley Market, don’t miss your opportunity to shop in the old store just a few more times. Come visit and share some memories.

As a reminder, we’re on facebook and our new website will be completed soon.
Have a great week and a great Weekend.

G & G

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Garden Valley High's Dylan Bass Honored at Smithsonian

Academy Award-winning actress Susan Sarandon congratulates Dylan Bass, 18, of Garden Valley (center) and McKenzie Gredler, 14, of Meridian (right), on being named the top two youth volunteers in Idaho for 2011, by The Prudential Spirit of Community Awards.

Dylan and McKenzie were honored at a ceremony Sunday night, May 1, at the Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C., where they each received a $1,000 award.

Mom Linda Bass attended the event with her son. She said, "The event was awesome. Prudential spent over $4.5 million to produce the recognition awards, including events, tours and dinners...very high-tech Hollywood!"

Right and below: The wreath laying at Arlington National Cemetery, honoring the unnamed dead of three wars, at the Tomb of the Unknowns, originally dedicated in 1921 to remember soldiers who sacrificed their lives, during WWI.

Dylan is leading the honor guard for the Prudential Spirit of Community National Event, representing the 102 State Honorees. He is accompanied by middle school honorees from Washington, Illinois and Tennessee.

Monday, May 2, 2011

County Commissioners Nix Crouch Bridge (For Now) !

Boise County Commissioners decided to pass on the design for the Crouch Bridge replacement submitted to ITD by Holladay Engineering. At the Monday, May 2, meeting in Idaho City, Commissioners approved a motion for an official delay in the bridge project, to allow for more evaluation, to come to a better solution for all involved. They are placing a weight limit of 5 tons per axle.

Garden Valley resident Richard Wilson, who has been actively involved in pursuing the delay, remarked, "It was a somewhat moot point, in that negotiations with two property owners have failed." We won't mention the information that came to light, regarding the possible unethical acquisition of signatures of the third property owners, which may have made it more moot in the final analysis.

 Jerry Flatz, LHTAC Federal-aid manager, said that 2012, 2013, 2014 are all full of other projects, and he anticipates that this project will delay to the first real open time which, money-wise, is 2016.

In an e-mail sent to the FHWA, Flatz  seemed to take umbrage that "the folks in Crouch think the design is a "big, ugly pile of concrete." His concern was that the town is basically saying they have not been context- sensitive, citing two public informational meetings and a recent public hearing.

Flatz wrote, "If they wish to reexamine some bridge options, we will be backing up. The Concept will need revisions. The preliminary design work will start over. The structural work of the Type Size and Location study will be redone. The hydraulic report and environmental document will need major revisions. Etcetera. It will be expensive."

Flatz continued, "I do not think the Consultants did anything wrong. They followed the direction of the Commissioners and the design process. They worked hard to please the folks that made comments at the first few meetings and all the individual meetings with property owners. But, other than designing a new wooden covered bridge, I don't know if we could have made Crouch happy? There are probably some compromises we can negotiate, but it will take time."

At the Monday commissioners' meeting, Flatz also said that they did not want or intend to build a bridge that the local community did not want, but that there are still monetary concerns that must be addressed to achieve a re-design, and that it still most likely will have to be a two lane bridge, if built with Federal backing.

Holladay Engineering Project Manager, Elwin Butler, sent the following e-mail to Jerry Flatz and Commissioner Jamie Anderson, on April 22, 2011. It will perhaps clarify how the engineers arrived at the design that inspired over 500 residents to sign the petition led by affected property owners, Mike and Marcia Hefner.

Butler writes:
In regards to the numerous questions that have been raised these past few
weeks, this memo is to assist with decisions Boise County and LHTAC will be
making in the next few days.

First, how was the current bridge design arrived at?

Alternatives were presented to the public and the County Commissioners at Public Meeting One.
The County directed Holladay Engineering to proceed with the least cost
alternative. The County did give the City of Crouch an opportunity to pay
for the difference of the least-cost alternative and a more expensive
alternative, with a different appearance. The City did not choose to spend
City funds toward the bridge. The County did direct Holladay Engineering to place the bridge as close to the old bridge as possible, in response to the citizens of Crouch. Also, at public request, the design should allow the old bridge to be used during construction and include speed controlling curves.

Second, is it possible to provide a design that requires a smaller bridge profile?

Yes, alternatives were included in the presentation at the first
public meeting. The alternatives presented included an 80-foot center span
with approach spans at each end. This lowered the bridge profile
approximately 2 feet and increased the cost of the project. An alternative
that was not presented, includes three fifty foot span sections with steel
girders. This would lower the bridge profile approximately 4 feet and would again increase the cost of the project.

Using steel girders allows for the lowest bridge profile. Increasing the number of spans also lowers the bridge profile. Three fifty foot spans with steel girders appears to be the range where the bridge profile is minimized per the increase of cost. To move to four spans will decrease the bridge profile less than a foot and increase the cost significantly.

Third, what is required to change the design at this time?

1. A new hydraulic study will have to be completed, with piers in the
2. The environmental document, Army Corps of Engineers permit and Water
Resources permit will need addendums.
3. Wetland mitigation may change.
4. Bridge design would have to start over, depending on what ITD Bridge
will require. At a minimum, the situation and layout will have to be changed
and approved before design could start.
5. Right-of-way would not be required to be changed but may be reduced
a small amount.
6. This would require additional funding for design.
7. This will delay the construction of the new bridge and may
jeopardize the federal funding of the bridge.

The above is a brief overview of possibilities for LHTAC and Boise County
decision makers. A more detailed review of alternatives, costs and agency
requirements is recommended.

Thank you,
Holladay Engineering
By: Elwin Butler, PE, Project Manager

Elwin T. Butler PE
Holladay Engineering
(208) 642-3304