Thursday, July 22, 2010

Alan Ward New Board Member

At the July 19 GV School board meeting, Alan Ward was appointed to fill the void left in Zone V, after Rosemary Koenig's regrettable resignation.

Questions posed by board trustees were addressed by four impressive applicants: Marlo Glauser, Joe Roberts, Alan Ward and Doug Ward.

When asked to name qualities they would contribute to the board, the applicants came up with commendable attributes: Willingness to listen and compromise and take the time needed to communicate; a sense of humor; love for the school and the children; wisdom; ability to make decisions; and good business acumen.

In Ward's answers, he stated that he agreed with Joe Roberts, that the school does a great job now; the math instructor, John Haworth, had four students in calculus and all passed. Ward said, "I think it's important to continue to add to and support these kinds of programs and make sure they continue to improve."

The new board trustee also emphasized his thoughts about "elevated" anger: "You must to hear what (constituents) have to say--give them a full chance--to validate them. It doesn't matter who it is, they need to be heard."

Acting Board Chair, Terry Elmore, spoke about the board's decision: "Alan has had ten years of experience--that's the key. I feel his answers and application were best suited to the board and backed up the board."

Ward was sworn in and immediately sat in his place, where he will serve the school district community until May, 2011, when he will have to run in the annual election, to be able to finish out the remaining two years.

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