Friday, February 3, 2012

Win A Shopping Spree at The Market!

by Greg at Garden Valley Market


When you visit the Market next, you’ll find a focus on a few new things this month. We begin with “Love your Pet” month which features great buys on many pet products and pictures of pets from around Garden Valley. In addition, we have a featured display for Cascade Vet Clinic and Outfitter Trading Post, both located here in Garden Valley. Enter to win a dental cleaning for your pet and check out the tack and feed products offered via Outfitter Trading. Look for your pet photos throughout the store, or on the screen saver on our checkout stands, and of course in the Pet Album on our Facebook Page. We truly appreciate the numerous photos we received.

Next, we have a focus on Western Family Products, based out of Portland, Oregon. Western Family is our Private Label brand that competes well with national brand products. You can only find Western Family in independent grocery stores. Each item that Western Family sells has to pass rigorous quality standards just like National Brands. Western Family is cost effective because they don’t spend millions on advertising passing the savings on to customers.

To help celebrate, we are giving away a $150 shopping spree for Western Family Products at the end of the month. Entry forms are available at the Customer service desk. Our 30-day deals highlight the Western Family Brand and best of all…..Western Family offers a double your money back guarantee if not satisfied with their product. We hope you give them a try and compare to some National Brands.

In other news, fresh salmon and tilapia in the meat counter this week!!!!!!

We’re closing in on the Super Bowl Weekend, so don’t forget your party supplies and party trays! Just around the corner is Valentines Day and you’ll see the candies and cards out on display!

Finally, attention organizers! If you find yourself the lead volunteer to organize a classroom party, community gathering or team fundraiser, many times the first thought is “let’s run to Boise and buy food and see if the Market or other local businesses in town will donate something”. In the excitement or anxiety of organizing we can overlook the juxtaposition that we’ll spend our money in Boise and only involve local businesses for donations. What many organizers may not realize is that we are able to wholesale for these events saving you time and money. Help us help you spend more time focusing on the event and let us do the shopping. You’ll find us convenient and very competitive in many areas allowing you to stretch your organizing dollars. If we’re not competitive on certain items wholesale, we’ll let you know so that you can plan to purchase it elsewhere. Just contact us with advance notice and we’ll do all possible to help make your event a success.

Have a great weekend and we look forward to your next visit

Greg and Gerold
Garden Valley Market

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