Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Case Lot Specials at the Market

We wanted to follow up on our email regarding Case Lot specials.  Buying cases of product at wholesale allows you to Stock Up and Save!   The order form as an attachment may be too large for some of our customers email accounts, so we've placed the order from on our website ( http://www.gardenvalley-market.com -- go to Weekly news tab ). Please feel free to review and print off.  Order forms are also available at the Store. 

All orders must be made and purchased prior to March 13, 2012.  The items listed are "while supplies last", so in case they are out of stocked, we won't collect payment until and unless they are delivered.  If your email account can handle a file that is 500 KB large, please let us know and we'll email you the order form directly.

These savings are on a wide variety of canned goods (tuna fish, soups, vegetables, fruit, sauces, etc)  and paper goods such as Toilet Tissue and Paper Towels.  Also included are Pet foods and Frozen foods.   The products are primarily Western Family Brand.

Ordering can begin as early as Sunday, February 26, but all ordering must be complete by  Monday, March 5th.   

Coming this week- details on a "Your Hometown Grocer" Essay contest - 3 Grand prize winners will be chosen from among all participating Associated Food Stores and receive an Apple Ipad.  At the store level, we will have other prizes as well.  More details in our next email!

Thank you,

Greg and Gerold
Garden Valley Market
208 462-3817

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