Friday, August 31, 2012

Burned Bear Cub Moved to Treatment Facility

Evin Oneale
Idaho Fish and Game
Southwest Region
An injured black bear cub, rescued from the Mustang Fire burning north of Salmon, and treated initially at Fish and Game’s Wildlife Health Lab has a new home.
Cub shown at Idaho Fish and Game Wildlife Health Lab. Photo Credit: Tricia Hebdon IDFG
Fish and Game wildlife veterinarian Dr. Mark Drew transferred the bear to the Idaho Humane Society on Friday afternoon. “A number of facilities were considered during the evaluation process,” Drew noted. “It was determined that the Idaho Humane Society was the best fit for the cub considering his medical and other needs.”
Photo credit: Tricia Hebdon, IDF&G
The young bear’s condition continues to improve since it was rescued by National Forest and Idaho Fish and Game personnel on Sunday. “He weighs just 23 pounds, but his appetite is good and his wounds have stabilized and seem to be improving,” Drew said. “Perhaps most importantly, there appears to be no infection in any of his foot pads, despite second-degree burns on all four feet.”
The young bear has gained quite a following in the days since his rescue. “People from all over the country have asked after the bear,” Fish and Game conservation educator Evin Oneale said. “Many have asked about contributing money to offset the cub’s medical treatment costs. I’m glad to now provide them with an avenue by which they can donate.”
Persons wishing to donate money for the black bear cub’s treatment can send it to: The Idaho Humane Society, Black Bear Fund, 4775 Dorman Street, Boise, ID 83705. Questions regarding donations can be sent to Christine Moore at

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