Saturday, August 25, 2012

Crouch Council

From L: Dana Hinson; City Clerk, Kim Bosse; pres, Richard Messick;
City Attorney, John McFadden; JAckie Krauppe; and Wendy Bates.
  At a public hearing on August 11, the Crouch City Council amended Zoning Ordinance 2012-02, to allow for radio stations as a conditional use in the zoning district designated as Central Business District.

  Board members of Garden Valley Communications, Inc, sat in support of the zoning change, as fellow board member, Tim Benedict, spoke to the Council: “We do take some pride in Crouch. We want to explore ways to partner...the radio started as Rex’s dream but has become our dream.” Benedict also made the request that Council wave the $150 permit application fee, but it was not granted.

  There will be a special Council meeting on Wednesday, August 22, on the Conditional Use permit for the radio station.

   The next discussion at the public hearing was on the adoption of the International Building Code. The Council was reminded by Bill Roberts that ninety-nine percent of the people who attended previous Boise County commissioner public hearings were against the International Code and supported the Uniform Code. “Boise County went ahead and passed it anyway,” he said, “and completely ignored the majority.” Council members pointed out that if they don’t adopt the International Code, Crouch residents will not be able to use the Boise County building inspector. (Boise County Commissioner, Jamie Anderson, responded that the County did not adopt a code, but there are considerations if you don't build to a code.) Decisions were tabled until the next regular meeting.

  The proposed budget for the fiscal year, October 1, 2012, to September 30, 2013, was approved at $502,221.

   City Clerk, Kim Bosse, said the Community Hall water tested positive for coliform: “All that was required was that we treat it with chlorine beads,” she stated, “and then run five more tests that showed an ‘absence’ of coliform, and we would be good to go. This was done and all five of the tests showed an absence of coliform.”

  A grant for $5K was awarded by the Laura Moore Cunningham Foundation. The City had applied for the grant for renovation of the historic Garden Valley Library/Syringa Building, to house Crouch City Hall and historic displays.

  The needed work listed on the grant application added up to $60K; this included cabin repair, land grading, heating & air conditioning, carpet and pad, and a new roof. Bosse said that a firm commitment of what they will start with has not been made. “We are thinking the Land Grading should be the first item addressed, to keep the water from running into the building in the future and minimizing the continued sinking of the cabin portion of the building,” she told residents. “Currently the cabin is settling, as it was never set on a foundation, and the water run-off is rotting the wood--it is listing, pulling the roof with it.”

   The City will be asking for volunteers to help with this effort so they can stretch the $5K to help with some of the other repairs.

  The next regular Council meeting is September 12, 2012, at 6:30 p.m., at Crouch Community Hall, 1022 Old Crouch Road. For information, contact City Clerk, Kim Bosse, at 462-4687.


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