Sunday, August 12, 2012

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Springs Fire Public Advisory for Evacuation Levels
Incident: Springs Fire Wildfire
Released: 1:49 hrs. ago

Springs Fire Public Advisory For Evacuation Levels
The Springs Fire at 10 AM is about 3 1/2 miles west of the Terrace Lakes and Castle Mountain Sub-division. Jon Delvalle, Garden Valley Fire Chief is working closely with the Incident Management Team to implement a plan for the community if, and/or when the fire moves closer.
Current Level: This Pre-Level 1 Alert is being issued to allow you time to make preparations in the event that any one of the levels listed below need to be implemented. We want you to be ready and your safety is our highest priority. It's never too early to begin planning and making arrangements.
Level 1 -Persons are warned that current or projected threats from hazards associated with an incident are severe. This is the time for preparation, precautionary movement of persons with special needs, mobile property, and (under certain circumstances) pets and livestock. If conditions change every attempt will be made to notify residents and businesses.
Level 2 -This is a level where conditions indicate a good probability that hazards associated with the approaching fire (roads in and out of the area, escape routes, etc.) will severely limit our ability to provide emergency service protection. This is a situation where dangerous conditions exist that may threaten you and/or your residence. You must be fully prepared to leave at a moment's notice. This may be the only notice you receive: every attempt will be made to advise residents and businesses as conditions change.
Level 3 - You are strongly advised to leave your property immediately as there is immediate threat to your life and safety. By Section 46-1008 of the Idaho Code, with a Proclamation signed by the Governor of the State of Idaho an Immediate Evacuation of the area is required. The Sheriff will use all reasonable means to evacuate residents from the area and residents will not be allowed to return until conditions are safe. (If you choose to ignore this evacuation level, understand that emergency services may not be available)
If this event occurs travel the Middle Fork Payette River road to the Banks Lowman Highway and check in with the Red Cross at the Garden Valley Public School. This is an important step for accountability purposes and receiving additional information. Please keep in mind that full fire suppression cannot fully begin until life threats are mitigated (i.e.) to have the area cleared.
· Smoke could be heavy and visibility may be limited. Have your headlights on.
· Follow the advice of the emergency personnel
· Check in at the Red Cross shelter which will be at the Garden Valley School
· Traffic could be heavy at some point in an evacuation. Drive safely and help others.
· Remain Calm, drive defensively, and watch for emergency vehicles
An Information Station will be established at the turnoff from the Middle Fork Payette River Road and Terrace Lakes road at approximately noon on Sunday. Information on the evacuation plan will be available, along with fire information.
For further information call 208-384-3266.

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