Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Send a Message to Governor Otter

Dear Editor:
At the Fire Incident Command meeting last Saturday, the audience was encouraged to write to the Governor in regards to the Fire Restrictions within the State of Idaho. I have included the site for contact and my letter.

Georgianna Goetsch
Garden Valley

Send a Message to Governor Otter

 Subject: submitted the following information to Governor Otter's office.
Natural Resource Issues

Thank-you for the opportunity to communicate with your office electronically. As a Boise County resident of many years I have observed the increase of recreational use within our county. At this time we are under fire restrictions due to a man caused fire at a hot springs along the South Fork of the Payette. In addition, there is an increasing number of people off road using forest land and building campfires at undeveloped sites with out access to water, leaving their trash and smoking in areas of high fire danger.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE immediately put into place fire restrictions that do not allow "campfires" smoking or open flame of any type in our State. I attended an ICP informational this AM at the Garden Valley School in which staff recommended contacting your office as the point of action on this issue.

Thank-you for your immediate action in light of Idaho's high fire season.

georgianna goetsch et al.
Thank you again for contacting me. I value your comments and concerns and take each inquiry into consideration. If appropriate, you will receive a response from my office.

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