Wednesday, August 22, 2012

End of Summer at the Market

We hope you're enjoying the relatively smoke free atmosphere this week. At the Market we are saying goodbye to our Summer help as they head back to College and we're busy replacing our Summer selections with Fall items that have begun to arrive. 
Have you seen the BSU bottle holders and can holders - to keep your beverages cold? Located by the Checkout counter! Local produce is coming on strong and you'll find Idaho Peaches, Nectarines, Corn and Squash showing up in our produce department.
In our Meat Dept, we've begun to carry the Jennie O line of turkey products. This Friday, if you're in the neighborhood, think of stopping by between 12 and 3pm and visit with Cheryl Goo as she samples out Turkey sausage, burgers and bacon. It's a heart healthy alternative and it's also very good.
Finally, Gerold and I are taking a few days of R&R and we'll see you when we return. Until then, enjoy shopping at the Market and don't hesitate to contact Cammie Hall with any questions or concerns.
We look forward to your next visit!
Greg and Gerold
Garden Valley Market
208 462-3817

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