Sunday, September 16, 2012

Chamber Meeting Thursday

 Garden Valley Chamber of Commerce P.O. Box 10
Garden Valley, ID 83622
Agenda for September 20, 2012

Call to Order by President, Diane Caughlin, 6:00pm

Dinner--Tuna Mac Casserole, Tossed Salad, Desserts.

Selected Delegations Report

New Business

 Cumo Mine update, John Cottingham

 Winter Theme-Greg Simione

 A Country Affair-Darl Alred

 Election of new officers-November (it’s coming up soon).

 Dr. Yvonne?

Old Business

 BACK ON…Friday morning marketing meetings-9:00 Friday at Wild Bills

Reports of Officers

 Secretary-minutes sent out for review prior to meeting

 Treasurers Report-sent out for review prior to meeting

Please check the website: to update you profile on the website. You might want to add an email & website address, picture of you or your business and up to a 50 word blurb. If you send it to, I will make sure it gets updated.
Member updates-open to all members to pitch their product or update us on what’s going on with their businesses.
Adjournment 7:00pm

Working Together to:
strengthen economic development by supporting local businesses and four season recreational activities, resulting in extended overnight visitation through the promotion of travel and tourism. Advocate for a positive, proactive and progressive community to ensure the pristine quality of life in Garden Valley".

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