Thursday, September 27, 2012

Market Offers Holiday Game Meat

Our pallets for Fall are arriving. This week we’re introducing Campbell’s tomato and chicken noodle soups as well as Cream of Mushroom soup for only 69 cents a can. Buy one or buy a flat. These are great items to have on hand in your pantry.
We know it’s early but in our world our pre-commit orders are due for the Holidays. We have a deadline of October 6th to order the following.
Duck, Pheasant, Geese – whole, Quail-Semi Bnls, Squab-Whole, Poussin-Whole and Turkey gizzards. We be happy to bring this in for you if interested. The new market has better storage and buying capacity, so new items are more and more available to us. Please let us know by October 6th. You do not need to pre pay, but you do need to commit and payment will be upon delivery.
Duck $3.19 lb
Pheasant $11.49 lb
Whole Geese - $6.49 lb
Quail Semi Bnls $8.29 each
Squab-Whole $13.99 each
Poussin-Whole (game hen) $11.09 each
Turkey Gizzards $1.99 lb
Our Fall rearranging continues so please pardon our dust as we consolidate and move shelving to accommodate for new products and say goodbye to products that just didn’t move well. If one of your favorites disappears, please let us know and we can order in for you.
Construction continues at the Old Merc as we convert it into a craft mall. Spaces are currently renting and if interested yourself, please contact Connie Hunt here at the Market for more information.
Have a great weekend and we look forward to your next visit.
Greg and Gerold
Garden ValleyMarket

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