Sunday, October 30, 2011

Syringa Club To Be Commemorated

Neighbors With News
Submitted by Kim Bosse
Crouch City Clerk/Treasurer

The City of Crouch has decided to name the Old Library Building “The Syringa Building”. It is being dedicated to the Garden Valley Syringa Club in honor of the important role they played in establishing the building.

The Council is also planning on having a plaque made to display on the building, dedicating it to Syringa Club. Depending on how much we can get in donations, will determine the size and detail of the plaque. The City of Crouch is asking the community for contributions towards this.

 If anyone would like to donate, your check can be made payable to The City of Crouch and mailed to 329 Village Circle, Garden Valley, ID, 83622. Please notate in the memo section “Syringa Plaque”. If you have any questions, please call Kim Bosse, at 208 462-4687

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