Tuesday, October 25, 2011

$500 REWARD For Information on Death of Norwegian Elk Hound

Neighbors With News
By the Thayer Family

It has been a month today since our thirteen year old Norwegian Elk Hound was shot and killed in Terrace Lakes subdivision. We hadn’t yet completed our half-acre dog enclosure and I had let her out the front door of our property at 7:30 that Sunday morning. I got my cup of coffee and went back to the front door to wait for her. Due to her age and extra pounds, it would usually take her a little bit longer to come back for breakfast.

After getting her bowl filled with food, I returned to the door and there was Freya, on our neighbor’s pad lying down. She wasn’t moving. I ran across our lot and knelt down to find her mouth filled with blood and her body warm, but she was already gone. If only I had put my shoes on and walked down the direction she had gone the first time I looked out. Maybe I could have prevented this from happening. We picked her up and rushed down to Boise to West Vet. They checked her over and with a quick x-ray, they found a 22 caliber bullet lodged in her chest. We immediately drove back up to the property and followed the trail of blood left by Freya. It ended, or started, on Sunnyside Lane, surrounded by homes.

We offered a $500 reward for any information regarding this senseless act, but have not been contacted by anyone. If it was an accident, we would find it in our hearts to forgive, but to end the life of an old family dog that is just out for a morning walk doesn’t make sense. We miss her every day. She had been a loyal, loving member of our family. We knew that her time was short, but it would have ended much differently than this. The enclosure that we had almost completed seems like such a waste of money and such a joke now.

We understand that our own personal issue with Freya is our problem, but there doesn’t seem to be much concern regarding a firearm being discharged in a crowded neighborhood. The reward remains and the Boise County Sheriff‘s office has a case number, if anyone knows anything about this incident that occurred September 25, 2011.

The Thayer Family
Toni Thayer
Phone: (800) 627-6655 ext. 7579


  1. Karma will get the person that shot Freya. I hope you find out who it is so that the rest of the community can shun them and make their life miserable.

  2. I am so sorry for your loss. I suppose it is possible that your family pet was mistaken for a gray wolf. I own a Blue Great Dane and have had hunters follow his tracks in to our camp thinking he is a Gray Wolf. Moses always wears his florescent orange and yellow during hunting season because hunters don’t always know their target.

  3. In the fall and during hunting season, dogs need to be chained up. I have seen too many dogs chasing wildlife. Unless you own a large property, keep them tied up or walk them on a leash, then you won't have to worry about it.