Monday, October 31, 2011

KXGV Radio News!

Garden Valley Communications Inc.
Rich Smith

Our plans to bring FM Community Radio to Garden Valley are advancing. Sometime next year, the FCC will open a window to accept our application for a Lower Power FM (LPFM) broadcast license for KXGV. When the license is issued, we will begin over-the-air broadcasts on your FM dial. Meanwhile, we have initiated a Community Radio internet web site, . Our web site will provide local news, weather, community events and announcements, local business specials, and a soon to be added feature called “Story Hour” that will provide interesting audio commentary. We invite you to go on line and visit our web site.

Community Radio is a new service (Low Power FM) authorized by the FCC to provide local broadcasting in rural areas. KXGV is a nonprofit LPFM station entirely supported and operated by volunteers from the Garden Valley area. Residents of Garden Valley are encouraged to participate in on-the-air programming or other facets of public broadcasting. Garden Valley High Students will be invited to join an on-campus after school Radio Club, wherein they can learn about FM broadcasting and transcribe their own programs. Eventually we hope to broadcast GVHS football and basketball games.

Sundays we will broadcast programs provided by local churches. When KXGV goes on the air we will also participate in the EBS (Emergency Broadcasting Service) and provide emergency alerts and local information to residents in times of need.

Perhaps you have already noticed our building across from the Longhorn in downtown Crouch. We are renovating the old Idaho X-Sports building, which will house our studio and broadcast offices. We are always looking for volunteers to help us get this service on the air. As yet, we do not have regular office hours, but if you are interested in taking part in Garden Valley Communications, stop by for a tour or contact our board members: Rex LeFevre, Rich Smith, Bill Partridge or Tim Benedict. You can leave a message at the station at 462-4350 or send an e-mail to or


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