Wednesday, November 10, 2010



The Garden Valley Science Club is once again offering fresh fruit from California for sale. This year we will be selling Apples (Red Delicious, Fuji and Granny Smith), Seedless Oranges, Grapefruit, Red Onions, Yellow Onions and Potatoes (bakers and regular size). We will use the money collected to support our science programs.

If you would like to support us again this year and also purchase some excellent fruit, please fill in the order below. Please return the order form to the school or call Mr. Foote at 462-3756 x 1072 or contact Mr. Powell, x 1059, and leave a message with your order.

You may also order by email at If you phone in your order, please include your telephone number. You may prepay or pay when you pick up your fruit at the school.

If you do not have any way to pick up your order, please let Mr. Foote know and he will arrange for it to be delivered. The fruit will be here the second week in December, for pick up at the school.

Please send in your order by November 30, 2010. Checks are payable to Garden Valley Science Club.


Name _________________ Phone # _________________-

Navel Seedless Oranges (113 count) $ 30.00 / box ________

Grapefruit (48 count) $ 33.00 / box ________

Granny Smith Apples (113 count) $ 35.00 /box ________

Red Delicious Apples (88 count) $ 35.00 /box ________

Fuji Apples (88 count) $ 40.00 /box ________

Idaho Potatoes Bakers (60-80/ct-50 lb) $ 25.00/ 50 lb ________

Idaho Potatoes (120 ct-50 lb) $ 25.00/50 lb ________
Onions Yellow Medium (50 lb) $ 25.00/50 lb ________
Onions Yellow Medium (5 lb) $ 5.00/ 5 lb bag _________
Onions Red Jumbo (25 lb) $25.00/25lb ________

You may also order ½ box orders. Seller's Name ___________


~Please note apples in photo are my homegrown wormy kind and not reps of fruit sold~ angel

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