Sunday, January 23, 2011

Death of Dawn Smith Stuns Garden Valley

Dawn Smith left her life as she lived it--over an embankment, climb back up and take it again fearlessly--ever the one to go at whatever she did emphatically, courageously and with a laugh.

It was not the way she planned it. She had three beloved children, her life had come together again with love and there was so much to live for. She was planted firmly in this community. Her business acumen, intelligence and empathy for others were evident as a school board trustee, real estate broker and president of the City Council. The many who knew her are mourning her now.

Friday night she took her last snowmobile run. After climbing up the embankment she had gone over with her friend, she was hit by a speeding snowmobile and died of the blunt force, though at present, it is not known what actually happened to end her life. The incident is under investigation by the Sheriff's Department.

Family and friends are planning celebrations of her life. There is no doubt that Dawn will be there too--never one to miss a good party.

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  1. Thank you for this, Angel. Dawn will be greatly missed.