Sunday, January 9, 2011

January 10-14: A Week of Meetings

Monday, January 10

Garden Valley School Multipurpose Room

The mission of the Garden Valley School District is

to provide educational excellence, allowing students to
succeed in an ever-changing, technological world.

*** Welcome and Greeting ***
6:00 - Meeting begins
1. Call to Order
2. Roll Call
3. Pledge of Allegiance
4. Approve and Adopt Agenda
5. Comments from the Board
a. Chair
b. All Members
6. Consent Agenda
a. Approval of Minutes of Special December meeting (10th),
and Regular December meeting (13th). Posted Special

Meeting for December 14th was cancelled by notice.
b. Treasurer's Report
c. Payment of Bills and Journal Entries
7. Delegations and Reports
a. Regularly Scheduled Delegations
1. Facilities, Maintenance, and Grounds - Codey Huston
2. PTO/Booster Club
b. Requested Delegations
1. McKinstry - update on boiler
c. Principal's Report - Mr. Vian
1. Activities Report
2. Student Updates
3. Other
d. Superintendent's Report - Dr. Tomlin
1. AmeriGas School Days Program
a. Employee discount
2. Discussion of Supplemental Levy and budget outlook

[See action item 9.a.2.]
3. Job description updates [See action item 9.a.1.]
4. Policy updates.
5. Receipt of letter from GVEA regarding negotiations

[See action items 9.b.1,2]
6. ISBA Day on the Hill
8. Community Forum [Speakers are limited to three minutes

each, and may not make open session comments critical of
students, minor children or employees of the district]
9. Action Items
a. Old Business
1. Consideration of motion to adopt district job

descriptions for the following:
A. Principal
B. Teacher
C. Business and Human Resource Manager
D. School Secretary/Administrative Assistant
E. District Secretary/Administrative Assistant
2. Consideration of motion to set Supplemental Levy,

and amount.
3. Discussion of Zone III Trustee vacancy regarding

potential appointment.
b. New Business
1. Election of Board Treasurer [Replacement for Janell Ward].
2. Election of Board Assistant Treasurer [If needed].
3. Consideration of motion to recognize the Garden Valley

Education Association (GVEA) as the chosen representative
organization of the certified non-administrative employees
of the Garden Valley School District.
4. Consideration of motion to enter into negotiations of a Master
Contract to define compensation and working conditions

as mutually agreed by the GVEA and Garden Valley School District.
10. Executive Session
a. Executive session is planned to:
1. Consider the evaluation, dismissal or disciplining of, or to
hear complaints or charges brought against, a public officer,

employee, staff member or individual agent, or public school
student. [Idaho Code 67-2345(1)(b)]
2. Communicate with legal counsel to discuss the legal
ramifications of and legal options for pending litigation, or
controversies not yet being litigated but imminently likely to be
litigated. [Idaho Code 67-2345(1)(f)]
11. Re-convene in Open Session.
a. Possible other actions or motions from Executive
1. Annual consideration of Superintendent's contract.
2. Other.
12. Adjourn


If any auxiliary aids or services are needed for individuals

with disabilities, please contact (Paula Fox) at 462-3756
no later than three (3) working days before the meeting.
Thank you,
Paula Fox
Business and Human Resource Mgr
Clerk, Board of Trustees
Garden Valley School District #71
PO Box 710
1053 Banks Lowman Rd
Garden Valley ID 83622
208-462-3756 ext 1013

Tuesday, January 11

3:30 p.m. Senior Center Board Meeting
261 S. Middle Fork Road

7:00 p.m. GV Community Choir
LDS Church Music Room

The choir is meeting to begin its rehearsals for Spring Concert
or just join in to sing for fun.
Information: Gary Sherwood 208-462-2500

Wednesday, January 12

6:30 p.m. Crouch City Council
Crouch Community Hall
Information: County Clerk Kim Bosse 208-462-4687

On Agenda: Rural Development Application Presentation; Status of Energy Grant Work; Re-address Location of James Castle Artwork.

Thursday, January 13

10:00 a.m. Friends of the Garden Valley Library
Terrace Lakes Restaurant
Come grab a coffee and join in on the discussion.

4:00 p.m. Library Board of Trustees
Meeting at New Library, 83 Old Crouch Road
~~Will discuss old Library.

6:00 p.m. GV Chamber of Commerce
Crouch Community Hall

Agenda for January 13, 2011

Nametags will be provided at the door along with Membership Forms for new members and renewing members

Call to Order 1800-Welcome
Old Business
· Review Minutes-(November 2010)
· Treasurers Report-(to date)
· Membership Dues have mailed out
· Greg Simione-Certificate of appreciation

New Business
· Todayz4 Magazine would like a calendar of events for the Chamber
· Spring Fling will be April 23rd, Carol Sharff will head up the craft
· 4th of July Celbration will be on the 4th
o Committees-John Jauregui will chair the parade committee
o Duck Race
o Booths
o Fireworks
o Other

· Trunk or Treat will be held the Saturday prior to Halloween
o Committees-John Jauregui will head it up

Member updates-open to all members to pitch their product or update us on what’s going on with their businesses.

Presentation of the Job Creation/Job Retention Seminar-1830-2030
Hey Fellow Chamber Members,

Come to the January “Meet and Eat” meeting. Chicken Gumbo
and dessert will be served during the regular business meeting,
which will be a brief update from all members present, so here’s
your chance to pitch your business or update us all on what’s
going on in your business world.

Following the regular meeting will be a presentation for the
newly forming GV Job Creation/Retention Council. If you do not
wish to participate, you can come for the regular meeting and then
feel free to leave; it could be very informational though, so you
might want to consider staying to see what it’s all about.


While the Chamber and its council will implement the plan when
it is complete, input from all citizens is requested. The council needs
to be sure all interests are included in the plan. A second meeting
reviewing the results of the plan will be held in February in time to
complete it. The plan will then become the foundation for inclusion
in the updated Southwestern Idaho Comprehensive Economic
Development Strategy update necessary for grant applications.

All are invited. Please RSVP to the Garden Valley Chamber at
208-462-5003. We need your name, phone number and email
address so we can plan properly and contact everyone regarding
the outcomes.

Both John Cottingham and I sincerely hope you all can make it!

Diane Caughlin, Co President
Greater Garden Valley area Chamber of Commerce

Working Together To: “Strengthen economic development while
maintaining our pristine quality of life in Garden Valley by promoting
local businesses and advocating for a positive, proactive and
progressive community.”

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