Thursday, January 20, 2011

Chamber of Commerce News

Thanks to John Jauregui for providing minutes from all meetings.

Chamber Board

Co-President Diane Caughlin opened the meeting at 5 p.m., Thursday, January 13, in the Outfitter’s Trading Post business conference room in Garden Valley and led a general policy discussion concerning Chamber member dues, services and what constitutes a business for membership purposes.

Caughlin also discussed the Articles of Incorporation for the Garden Valley Job Creation/Retention Council and the application for membership to Sage Community Resources for the GV Chamber. Each had been signed by the Chamber co-presidents and secretary and submitted with the required fee. Final submission of both requires the Chamber Board’s vote of approval. The Articles required a $30 check and delivery to the Secretary of State in Boise. The Sage application required a $250 check and delivery to Sage in Garden City. A subsequent vote of the Board members, completed by email, approved the submission of both applications.

The monthly Chamber Member’s meeting and a community economy development planning session was scheduled to follow:

GV Chamber of Commerce Members Meeting

Diane Caughlin discussed member dues options for business members and non-business members. These new policies will be documented and posted on the GV CoC website.
Co-Presidents John Cottingham and Diane Caughlin presented a plaque Certificate of Appreciation to Greg Simione for his many years of service to the GV Chamber. Ubiquitous and hearty applause echoed through the Community Hall.

New Business

Diane Caughlin discussed:
• Lee Sells will revisit Chamber member Health Care Insurance opportunities and report back to the Board and to the Chamber membership.
• Mark Morgan from Biological Solutions, providing probiotic products for septic systems, will tell us about his business during the February Chamber meeting.
• The Chamber Spring Fling is scheduled for April 23rd from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., in the Community Hall and around Crouch. Carol Scharf will head up the craft bazaar at the community center.
• Fourth of July Celebration planning starts now. Volunteers are needed.
• October’s Trunk or Treat is scheduled for the Saturday prior to Halloween. Volunteers are needed. Call John Jauregui at 462-2437.

Rich Wilson, Chairman of the Library Board, provided an update on the new library.
• The contractor will soon begin working through the outstanding items punch list.
• Need volunteers, and treat providers, for the book move scheduled for February 11th and 12th.
• The old library will, of course, close on February 11th and the new library doors will open on February 22nd, with the Grand Opening scheduled for March 5th from 2 to 4 p.m.

GV Community Choir is making a $500 donation to the school choir.

Thelma Davis noted that Starlight Mountain Theater had a very successful year, but that Treasure Valley newscasts often impact attendance, due to inaccurate weather forecasting for Garden Valley.

Marlene Robertson Cloud's current business, Evergreen Insurance, provides health, life, dental, vision and burial insurance services for residents of Garden Valley and the surrounding area. In business for 22 years, she has been serving Garden Valley customers for the last ten years. Marlene has taken action to clean up and upgrade the old community information board located on the front of the Community Hall. Those who would like to use this community resource for business marketing and community interest information are strongly encouraged to use the tacks provided, not staples. Staples destroy the integrity of the newly applied cork board material.

Blake Oseen noted Idaho XSports is sponsoring:
• A Silver Creek Plunge night ride (43 mile loop) each month on or about the Friday closest to the full moon, for $140 (single seat); $180 (dual seat); this includes gear, gas, insurance and dinner at Silver Creek. Group rides of 8 to 16 riders are supported on request, seven days a week.
• A Camp Rainbow Gold fundraiser for kids with cancer in February, at the tubing hill, with BSU players and other local dignitaries. Keep an eye out for schedule details.
• A Chamber fund raiser, so check your emails.
• A Fire Department fund raiser the evening of January 28, at the tubing hill.

Diane Carlson, owner/proprietor of full service Sun Country Salon, 606 South Middlefork Road, provides 7-days-a-week all hair services including $13 barbers and pedicures. She announced Deb Majeran will be available for scheduled appointments Saturday through Wednesday.

Rex LeFevre described the miracles he’s experienced fighting multiple myeloma and establishing the Garden Valley radio station. Station news includes:
• US Congress passage of a small community emergency FM radio station bill, which the President signed. Unfortunately the FCC applications process is not yet open.
• Rex is working to get his ducks in a row to get the station up and operating, but needs people to be active in:
o Programming
o Management
o Engineering
The development of young leadership in these skills and positions is essential to sustain Rex’s accomplishments to date and in the future.
• Station will be located in the lower level of the new medical clinic and at 87.5 MHz (KXGV) on your radio FM dial. The station will use 70 watts power to reach everyone in the valley.

Diane adjourned the Chamber meeting, which was followed by a community economic planning meeting led by John Cottingham, with game planning activities facilitated by John Jauregui.

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