Monday, January 24, 2011

Crouch City Council Wants Your Questions on Wastewater System

At the January 12 meeting, Council had planned
on a presentation of the Rural Development federal assistance application, but Forsgren associate Gary Ashby could not appear. He did speak to Mayor Bob Powell and President of the Council, Dawn Smith, about the Crouch sewage system. The mayor signed the application, for the amount of $2,610,000, which is the wastewater treatment project cost.

If you need information regarding the Wastewater Treatment System in Crouch, contact City Clerk Kim Bosse, at 208-462-4687 or Forsgren and Associates will compile a list of frequently asked questions, with answers, and make them available to residents. This is an attempt to begin the process of communication with the community. A public hearing will follow, but has not been scheduled.
The Energy Efficiency Grant has been extended to March 31.

City Clerk has been receiving bids for insulation installment. By the evidence (see photo), it looks like someone got the job!

Community Hall rentals have been going strong--the yearly average is 115 and in 2010, rentals were up to 117, with an income of $3,275.

40 families were provided with food for Christmas, by Western Idaho Community Action Partnership (WICAP). The City Council has formed a partnership with them to help locally serve the community. Thanks to Jan and Leigh Ward, of Warm Springs Greenhouse, for Poinsettias donated to patrons.

The City is happy to have received 38 business license renewals this month; every penny counts.

Kim Bosse spoke to an insurance agent, regarding the James Castle artwork belonging to the City. She was advised to get an appraisal and the City will strive to get the works sealed to protect against dust.

Boise County Commissioner Jamie Anderson informed the Council that the Crouch bridge and Davey's Bridge (on Banks Lowman Road) are separate projects and both are waiting on right-of way acquisition, as is Alder Creek Bridge.

On recommendation of City Attorney, John McFadden, the Council tabled consideration of records destruction (by shredding), to be on next month's agenda. They did jump into the fire and decide to transfer old records to State Archives. There are some interesting files, such as the 1951 slot machine records.

Garden Valley Daily News wants to offer condolences to Crouch City Council members, for the devastating loss of their president, Dawn Smith. She was an integral part of the Council and City, and her expertise, guidance and energetic presence will be sorely missed.

For information on City Council news, contact City Clerk, Kim Bosse, at 208-462-4687. The next meeting will be February 9, 2011, 6:30 p.m., at Crouch Community Hall, 1022 Old Crouch Road, Downtown Crouch.

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  1. Decentralization is the key to sustainable wastewater treatment. There is less risk of major pollution incidents, less pipework to maintain, less impact on the environment and it is cheaper to install and run.
    With the advent of small, non-electric filter wastewater treatment plants with an almost zero carbon footprint for the treatment proccess, it is obviously the way forward.