Saturday, January 29, 2011

King of Pool Collapses in Bar

A Thursday night pool tournament in Garden Valley ended with tragedy, when ace player Greg King missed his shot, said he felt dizzy and collapsed to the floor.

Dirty Shame Saloon patrons became silent as fellow players tried to revive the fallen man, knowing from his history that he most probably was having a heart attack. Just a week ago, he was given a clean bill of health from the VA, and friends say he had complained that, after his first attack, he was put on "this ridiculous diet" which he unhappily adhered to.

Crouch Ambulance volunteer EMTs administered care and, because Life Flight helicopters were unable to fly due to fog, made a rendezvous to meet their ground crew in Horseshoe Bend. King did not survive the trip.

Greg King was considered to be the best pool player in the area. He was an excellent coach and gave advice to anyone who wanted it. A perfectionist who wanted to win every game, he bought a new pair of shoes to wear before every season. People who knew him say he died doing what he loved best.

It is no secret that King, who also loved to golf, was planning to foot the bill for his memorial party at the Dirty Shame. "In fact," one admirer of his says, "He was going to put a $1,000 deposit at all three bars in Crouch. He had a great sense of humor!"

Greg King's brother, daughter, sister and son-in-law will be in Garden Valley, at 208-462-5502, if friends would like to contact them.

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