Friday, December 31, 2010


Yes, I have a in my belfry. A mouse, I say, because I have only seen one at a time. They don't scurry around in mobs, like roaches, and a mouse doesn't mind taking a dive for a kabibble right under my nose in broad daylight--although I think that was an error in judgement on his part. His bud said, "Mistake, buh-ig mistake, Harold."

Now, when I mention kabibbles, one might misunderstand and think I'm untidy. Judging by the general maligning they get, not to mention downright horror-accompanied-by-creeping-flesh at the mere mention of the little tykes, it would not bode well for me to admit that , no, I am not untidy, I just feel sorry for the starving little buggers and only pick out the tastiest dainties (nuts, bird seed, healthy cat-crunchies & homemade bread crumbs) for them and leave them on a pretty dish under an antique buffet at night, so they'll feel safe darting to and fro. No, I won't admit to it.

I feel lucky that they contain their foraging to my kitchen floor. So far, not one has ventured to my bedroom, but woe for me if I happen to drop a sticky crumble of my midnight snack on my nightie--I may be feeling little twitchy-whiskers in my bed--hmm, though maybe that wouldn't be such a bad thing.

Now, you may be wondering why I'm talking about rodents on New Year's Eve. Well, there hasn't been much news coming my way so I've been gathering up a little here and there, like a mousie storing seeds. If you want to go out, it looks like dinner is served in Crouch. Check out The Longhorn Bar and Grill Menu, which should be pretty good. For a bit of a thrill, call the Thunder Mountain Party Train in Horseshoe Bend. For dancing, dinner and big pizazz, Terrace Lakes has a special NYE dinner planned for you and the fireworks show starts at midnight. If you go out, take care and call a friend if you drink too much.

Happy New Year to all critters, great and small, on this frigid winter's night. I wish you shelter, a kiss for the new year, and may all Garden Valley nibblers have enough kabibbles to fill their tummies and warm their hearts.

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