Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Global Warming

Garden Valley resident Rich Smith muses on the state of Global Warming

As I continue to shovel the last few inches of snow out of our walkways (I have measured 36 total inches thus far and it isn’t even winter yet), and defrosted my frozen water pipes last month, my thoughts turned to global warming and the United Nations Conference on climate policy in Cancun, Mexico this week.

Last year a group of “save the planet” experts failed in their attempt to impose worldwide limits on carbon emissions. The Copenhagen draft treaty of September 15th, where in paragraph 38 of Annex I explicitly stated that a world government was their aim, has been omitted from this year’s more subtle proposal. Should they succeed in this latest attempt (which is doubtful) the UN would have the authority and power to impose carbon emission controls on all member nations, regardless of any existing national laws such as our Constitution.

Many parts of the Copenhagen draft exist in the present “American Clean Energy and Security Act" that was passed by the House and is stalled in the Senate. Also known as the “Cap and Trade” bill sponsored by Senators Kerry and Lieberman, the goal is to bring it to the Senate floor before the 111th Congress adjourns this month, but right now this looks unlikely. Expect to see Cap and Trade bill debated in the Senate next year.

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