Thursday, December 16, 2010

Calling Garden Valley Wine Enthusiasts

Neighbors With News

The Garden Valley Wine Tasting Club has been going strong for years and the monthly gatherings offer an opportunity to meet interesting people in a private home setting, while gaining knowledge and familiarity with different wines. To be added to the mailing list, contact Rod. There is usually an approximate fee of $10 per person for the evening, and Rod will advise as to what appetizers will taste best with the wines of choice for each tasting.

Rod Murchison generously lends his time and expertise to organize the tastings and bring in distributors who make their wines available for tasting and purchase, if you taste something you would like to enjoy at home.

Dear Wine Enthusiasts,

There are no hosts signed up for 2011, so every month is currently available. As usual, I will give the dates to whomever asks for them first so, if you have a particular month you want to host a wine event, please let me know as soon as possible. Since I have begun to take the glasses with me after each event, hosts don't have to wash the glasses or arrange to transfer them to the next host, so it is easier to be a host.

The thanks of the club are due to those who hosted an event in the last year. They are Wild Bill's, Terrace Lakes, Jo and Jay Rais, John and Marilyn Cottingham, Alan and Andrea Metos, Bruce Cerny, Jamie Anderson and Bill Sipple, and Lorraine and Tim Bollinger. Please thank them when you see them.

There were two bottles of port left after the tasting on Saturday by people who said that they wanted to purchase a bottle but then forgot to do so. Tim and Lorraine have one bottle and I have the other. If you forgot to get your port you can contact one of us and make arrangements to get it. The price is still $16.50 as it was on Saturday.

With memories of wines consumed and anticipating those to come,
Rod Murchison

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