Friday, December 10, 2010

MERC SELLING All Along The River


The Merc is assisting the Garden Valley Library with their fund raising efforts and are displaying copies of All Along the River, by Nellie Mills. Mrs Mills wrote this history in 1963 and the Library has recently republished the book in hardback. Each copy is $25 and all proceeds go to the Library. You’ll find copies of the book on our Magazine rack just in front of the cashiers…….a perfect Christmas Gift!

Notes From Greg and Gerold:

It’s the Season for visiting Friends and Family and hosting or attending Holiday Parties. Don’t forget to check the Merc for your Holiday Party goodies.

This week you’ll find a new selection of Holiday cookies, brittle, fudge, crackers and cheeses. The Deli is prepared to assist you with party trays ranging from classic meat and cheese, to vegetable and condiment trays.

We are continuing clearance pricing on Christmas items and toys. In addition, you’ll find Western Family fabric softener sheets and Western Family liquid laundry soap on sale –

Dryer Sheets – 2 boxes for $4.00

Laundry Soap – Two 50oz containers for $5.00

It’s not the Holidays without fresh produce and citrus. We’re very pleased with the quality of the fruit and the sweetness of the tangerines, Clementine and naval oranges now in the store.

For you gourmet cooks, Baby Bok Choy is in

For meat lovers, Sugar Tree Spiral Hams only $1.89 per pound

News on Construction

Many of you have asked if the construction workers were able to close in the building prior to bad weather. The answer is yes and work continues.

Happy Holidays!

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