Monday, December 20, 2010

CROUCH CITY COUNCIL: Food Bank Distribution & Energy Assistance

Rob Christensen, of Western Idaho Community Action Partnership (WICAP), made a pitch to the City for the use of the Community Hall for community service, two times a month.

This WICAP program was formed out of the War on Poverty Act, and is part of the contract with Health and Welfare. Christensen said benefits will be less this year, but he wants to offer assistance on Homeless Prevention, Head Start and Home Energy Assistance for low-income families. The Council agreed to the partnership.

There will be Food Bank Distribution and Energy Assistance this Thursday, December 23, between 10 a.m. - Noon, at the Community Hall. If you do not have a file, please bring the most recent copy of your utility bill, proof of income for 3 previous months, Social Security cards for all persons in your household and proof of citizenship or permanent residence.

Wastewater Update: The City has received a letter of support for the sewer system, from Boise County Board of Commissioners. Council wants to get information to the public regarding the wastewater system and bond election, but at this time, there is no public hearing set. City Attorney John McFadden feels residents should be referred to an expert. You could contact Larry Evans, Division Manager, Forsgren Associates. Mail him at Phone: (208) 342-3144. Gary Ashby is the engineer who has been working with the City of Crouch.

It turns out there has been no formal study on the wet area by the river, on Village Circle; some residents have shown concern that there has been some construction dumping in this area. There is also a manmade pond that the City thinks will require protection. It will be looked into.

The clerk received indication from GV Library President, Richard Wilson, that the library will not be using the old library building, once they have moved into the new one.

Community Hall News: The clerk reported that Dick Polley will be installing new windows in the old girl. Meanwhile, the new insulation is working and people are noticeably warmer. Heat and air will also be installed.

The nice news is Kim Bosse has permanently returned to the little office behind the Hall, as City Clerk; Jody Waltman, who has served as Deputy Clerk for most of 2010, will remain for a while to help clean up files.

The next Council meeting will be on Wednesday, January 12, 2011, at 6:30 p.m., in Crouch Community Hall. For information, contact City Clerk, Kim Bosse, at 208-462-4687.

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