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Wolverines Take Lumberjacks at Council: October 15 Game

Mike Uhl Gives You the Game Like it Was

It’s another late night game for the Garden Valley 23.

The team has traveled to Council for a 7 p.m. football game. Temperature is in the 50s. I hope the Garden Valley faithful will be able to make the game on time. The weather is turning colder, so everyone puts on layers to enjoy the night. The lights of the Shell gas station across the highway are blazing brightly.

Both teams suffered conference losses last week. Garden Valley fell to league-leading Salmon River, while Council lost at Meadows Valley. On the pre-season coaches poll, both these teams playing tonight were picked to finish 1-2 in the 1A Division 2 Standings.

The Council Lumberjacks have a (3-4) record. The Wolverines are (5-1) after last week’s narrow loss to Salmon River 16 to 12. Those missed extra-points will make a difference.

The Wolverines are led by fifth-year coach Ben Roeber. He has a blue-collar, never give up defense and a high-scoring offense with two quarterbacks Kavik “Mad Dog” Fairburn and senior Chad “Bam Bam” Jones. The linemen for the Garden Valley team are doing such a good job. How would you feel, lining up, game after game, against another player who outweighs you by 20-30 pounds, week in and week out? Congratulations to these dedicated players; they play offense and defense.

#4 Sr. Dylan “Bone Crusher” Bass 6’2” 180#
#75 Sr. Zach “War Elephant” Smith 6’5” 265#
#92 Jr. Zach Raptor Root 6’1” 190#
#45 So. Jono “The Law” Lawler 6’3” 180#
#58 Fr. Benny Updike 6’0” 155 #

The other seniors on this year’s team are Casey “Hurricane” Hileman, Charlie “The Horse” Johnson and Danny “Big Foot” Breckenridge. Their experience helps the team and the younger players in every game and practice.

Council is led by 11-year veteran coach Dan Shumway. Their prolific two-back offense is running backs Randy Nichols and Chase Brown, plus quarterback Frank Savage and the Lucas brothers, Hunter, at 5’11”230 lbs. and Steve, 6’6" 255lbs.

It is observed that a whole bunch of the players and coaches from Salmon River are in the stands watching the game.

The game starts with Garden Valley kicking the ball into the end zone for a touch back. Council opens the game at their own 20-yard line. On their first play, the QB is tackled in the backfield by two Garden Valley Players. It’s three plays and punt for the Lumberjacks.

Now Garden Valley gets the ball. On their first play it’s a pitch to Casey Hileman to the right. It looks like the Lumberjacks have him down in the backfield. “Hurricane” breaks two, no three tackles and is off-to-the-races, on a 52-yard run down the right sidelines. He is in front of the Garden Valley bench. The cheers of his teammates, coaches and fans, who made the long trip to the game, encourage him to cross the goal line. The pass for the extra points is just out of the reach of the receiver.
Score: Garden Valley 6, Council 0.

The Wolverines kick to the Lumberjacks, the ball goes out of bounds. This gives Council good field position. They start play with a pass that falls incomplete. A run is stopped by three Garden Valley players for no yards. On a fake end-around, the QB makes a run down the right sidelines to pick up a first down. An incomplete pass, and another. A pass completion down the middle of the field for a huge gain. Now the QB fumbles the ball forward for positive yards. A broken play around the right side gets the ball down to the 1-yard line. On the next play, Randy Nichols runs across the goal line for 6 points. A pass to the left corner of the end zone falls short, no extra points. Score: Garden Valley 6, Council 6.

Looks like it’s going to be a close game.

The Lumberjacks try an outside kick. Garden Valley’s Charlie Johnson falls on the ball. QB Kavik Fairburn hands the ball to Casey Hileman up the middle with “The Horse” leading the blocking for good yards. Casey tries the right side for positive yards and the right side for more yards. On the next play, it seems to be a mistake. But Casey takes the ball away from Kavik and it’s downhill, running all the way. Casey “Hurricane” Hileman is running like a madman, shedding tackles this way and that, to get to the 5-yard line. On a pitch, Casey goes right 5-yards to score 6 points. The offense tries a run for extra points but is stopped at the goal line by two Lumberjack defenders. Score: Garden Valley 12, Council 6.

The Lumberjacks line up for an on-side kick and recover the ball to give the team great field position. The offense gets started going around the right side but the runner slips on the grass, for no gain. Hileman takes a pitch to the left for positive yards. QB Kavik Fairburn fakes a handoff, drops back, a great pass falls into the hands of Dylan Bass. He avoids two tacklers, runs for 26 yards. This adds 6 points to the Garden Valley total. Now it’s a pass from Fairburn to Hileman in the back corner of the end zone for 2 points. Score: Wolverines 20, Lumberjacks 6.

After the kickoff, Council runs two plays as the clock shows 0:00 to the end of the first quarter. The second quarter starts with Council making a great pass and catch for positive yards. Then it’s two runs for positive yards. The Lumberjacks try a shovel pass but it falls to the ground and Dylan Bass is Johnny-on the-spot to recover the ball. The Ref calls it an incomplete forward pass. Council gets the ball back and throws an incomplete pass in the end zone. A pass to Chase Brown on the left flat. As he catches the ball, he rolls over the back of a Wolverine player, landing on his feet, and runs 23 yards to score a touchdown. The run for the extra points fails. Score: Garden Valley 20, Council 12.

Council tries a short one-hop kickoff. Garden Valley recovers the ball in good field position. QB Fairburn hands the ball to Casey Hileman, he runs right to gain 10 yards. He leaps over the defender, as he goes out of bounds. Casey gains five yards. Kavik fakes a handoff, runs out of the pocket and throws an over the shoulder pass to Dylan Bass for a pick up of 30 yards. It’s goal to goal from the 5-yard line. Garden Valley tries to run five plays but cannot score because of a stiff Lumberjack defense. At the 5-yard line, Council takes over.

They try a pass that falls incomplete. Then they try a run to the right—this is stopped dead in its tracks by some great defense by Garden Valley. Now the QB tries to run left but he is tackled by two Garden Valley defenders, just outside the goal line. Council is forced to punt from deep in their own end zone. It’s a high, short punt; the Wolverines let the ball die on the field.

Garden Valley gets great field position. On the first play, it’s a handoff to Charlie Johnson up the middle. He almost scores but is tripped up by a Lumberjack player making a shoe-string tackle. On the next play, it’s “The Horse” Charlie Johnson, pushing forward for a 1-yard scoring run. Can Garden Valley get the extra points? Kavik Fairburn drops back, sees Dylan Bass on the flat in the end zone, hits him with a perfect pass, to add 2 more points to the total. Score: Garden Valley 28, Council 12.


Garden Valley kicks to Council. The ball goes out of bounds. The Lumberjacks try a long pass. It’s broken up by the GV defense. Next, massive #38 is tackled by three Garden Valley players, for positive yards. In order to stop him, the first Wolverine players get near him and grab the runner by the back of his pants. This holds him up long enough for the other players to catch up. Next play, the QB drops back, but Dylan Bass tackles him for a 10-yard loss. It’s punt or die, for the Lumberjacks. On a bad snap, the kicker just gets the punt away for a short kick. Garden Valley takes over.

Here we go again! The run game does not work on the next two plays. Kavik Fairburn fakes a double handoff, hides the ball and spots Nathan Updike on a crossing pattern. He throws a perfect 10-yard pass, hitting Nathan in the hands. He slips an ankle tackle, runs 36 yards across the goal line, for 6 points. What a great pass and catch. ALWAYS KEEP THOSE FEET MOVING. On the 2 point conversion, it’s a pitch to Hileman diving across the goal line. Score: Garden Valley 36, Council 12.

On the ensuing kickoff, Council’s receiving player muffs the ball and Dylan Bass comes in like a rocket and tackles the poor guy hard. Council starts deep on their side of the field. Now the Lumberjacks want to get something going. It’s a pass in the flat to #38 for a good gain. An incomplete pass, a deep pass that is intercepred by Chad “Bam Bam” Jones. GOOD GOING CHAD.

Garden Valley takes over, QB Fairburn is sacked in the backfield. His next pass is caught out of bounds. Now it’s a screen pass to Casey Hileman going left, he breaks one tackle after another, he avoids another tackler, and runs 45 yards to the 5-yard line. This sets up a scoring chance, yet a short pass in the end zone is intercepted by #20 for the Lumberjacks.

As time in the first half is counting down, Council takes over with a long pass, the receiver runs down the left side of the field for a good gain. Now it’s QB Frank Savage hitting Randy Nichols with a 5-yard pass to score 6 points for Council. No extra points for the Lumberjacks. Score: Garden Valley 36, Council 18.

Council tries a short kick to the Wolverines. Now it’s time to see how fast they can score before the end of the third quarter. QB Fairburn turns and pitches the ball to Casey Hileman going right. He picks up 25 yards. Next it’s a pitch again to the right; after some fancy running and 45 yards later, it’s 6 points for Casey “Hurricane” Hileman and the Garden Valley 23. Now who will get the ball for the extra points? It’s a handoff to the left for J.D. Fuhriman, as he dives into the end zone. GOOD RUN J.D.!

This ends the scoring but not the game.

Garden Valley changes QBs for the fourth quarter. Chad Jones is calling the singles in this back and forth battle. The defenses for both teams heed the call and stand up to make some great plays. It is a slug-fest. The Wolverines defense will bend but never break. Time is running out for the Lumberjacks. The QB spikes the ball to stop the clock. Now for the last play of the game.

Council has the ball on their own 30-yard line. The QB and the running back are talking and the ball is snapped early and goes between them. The QB goes after the ball, which has traveled 15 yards and he is sacked by two Wolverines.

Both teams played a full game and everyone on the Garden Valley team had a chance to play. This is part of the rewards for those long practices and work-outs.

During the game, a few things took place that I want to mention. I think it was Casey Hileman who made this great “jersey circle tackle”—ask me sometime and I will try to describe.

Coach Ben Roeber put Kit Fairburn in the game at nose tackle on defense. He was lining up against Council’s Hunter Lucas, who is 5’11”, 230 lbs. Kit is 5’6”, 135 lbs. At first glance, you would think this was a mismatch. Think again! Then, as the ball is snapped, Hunter Lucas picks up Kit and slams him to the ground. Hunter is flagged for a holding penalty. It should have been unnecessary roughness.


Passing- Kavik Fairburn: 8-11-1 162 yards
Lance Jones: 1- 1-0 36 yards

Receiving- Dylan Bass: 5 catches for 104 yards
Nathan Updike: 1 catch for 46 yards
Casey Hileman: 2 catches for 45 yards

Rushing- Casey Hileman :24 carries for 271 yards
Charlie Johnson: 11 carries for 56 yards

“Remember Lumberjacks, Don’t mess with Wolverines”

“Dylan Bass was an animal on defense, he was on fire.”
“He was flying all over the field” and these stats will give you an idea what I am talking about. He had 9 solo tackles and 3 assisted tackles, a fumble recovery and a sack for a 10-yard loss; some pass break-ups and QB hurry-ups or two.

The whole defense units did a great job in this game:

Sr. Casey Hileman was not far behind. 7 solo tackles and 3 assisted tackles; one sack for an 8-yard loss.

Sr. Charlie Johnson: 4 tackles and 3 assisted tackles.

Sr. Danny Breckenridge: 1 sack for a 10-yard loss.

Jr. Cody Zeff: 1 sack for a 6-yard loss, plus 2 tackles.

Fr. Benny Updike: 1 sack for a 10-yard loss.

When asked how was the game? Linda Bass said, “Good-Good!”

How did the team do? Melea Hileman said, “They did good. It was a very good game!”

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