Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Hasn't he done a fabulous job? Chamber Prez Greg Simione
may be a bit weird looking but we're all used to it by now!
Thanks for everything--your upbeat sense of humor,
energizer vitality, willingness to be everywhere at all
times and your kind consideration of the common folk.
For he's a jolly good hairy guy!

First and most important is Trunk or Treat, would you agree? Downtown Crouch loves a party and with the kids and adults looking their ghoulish best, it couldn't be funner! The Chamber will be sponsoring this event on Saturday, October 30, in conjunction with the Garden Valley School Carnival.

This year, the November 27 downtown Crouch holiday bazaar will be handled by the vendors, so if you need a space, jump on it because they may be filled. Contact Anita Sherwood, at 208-462-2500. Chamber will still be sponsoring the Spring Fling.

If you miss out on a space in Crouch, call Georgianna Goetsch, at 462-3709. She's heading up the Holiday Bazaar and Fundraiser sponsored by GV & Lowman Crafters at the GV School, on December 4. Local artisans and crafters are wanted, along with local fundraising groups.

The Merc's projected time for the new building roof is end of October, which is ahead of schedule. Co-owner Greg Simione says the building looks huge, but a lot of it is storage. If you are checking out the process, the foundation to the right is the future Les Bois Credit Union and the space between will be available to lease for a business. So far, no pharmacist has leased the indoor pharmacy space, so if you know anyone...208-462-3817.

Diane Caughlin, GV Properties, announced the Silverado Pines Poker Run, set for Saturday, October 23. Fun, entertainment, raffle, great prizes! (I want 3 months at the gym or the big bucks!) Check previous GV Daily News blog for the Silverado Pines event.

Angel announced Senior Center events:
Holiday Bazaar, November 6 & 7, with crafters, artisans, lots of gifts and treats for sale. Lunch, quilt raffle. Homemade Pies & Cakes are needed for fundraising. Info on Senior Center Facebook or Angel, 462-2511.
Musician Needed for Bazaar: Flautist or other, or vocals; only winter holiday music, for tips. There is a 5'x5' space provided.
AARP Driver Safety Classes, October 18-19. 462-3943.
Flu Shots and Free Blood Pressure Readings, Wednesday, October 20. 462-3943.
PUMPKIN CARVING POTLUCK PARTY: Saturday, October 23, 4-7 p.m. BYOPumpkin, carving implements provided; Lighting & Judging afterwards.

Garden Valley Daily News wants news, opinions, articles, poetry, Calendar events for garage sales, parties, events. Mail to gvdailynews@yahoo.com.

Marlene Robison Cloud has been cleaning up the community bulletin board. Vandalism is a concern, because the Chamber would like to get an honest-to-goodness real community board going for everyone.

Les Bois Federal Credit Union has the "lowest lending rates ever", according to KJ Viehweg. Refer your friends, family and co-workers.

County Commissioner Jamie Anderson informed Chamber members that Boise County residents come up, so far, as 80% in favor of the CuMO mine project. Get in touch with the Forest Service before the end of this year if you want to in-put.
The commissioners are working on a subdivision ordinance, and they are accepting applications for County Engineer, until October 20.
Commissioners are taking 130 students, from two school districts, to plant trees at Grimes Creek.

Dahlias' Lynne McKibbin announced the Market Street Strut, on Friday evening, October 29. Have dinner downtown and shop, with music and refreshments provided.

Former P & Z Commissioner, John Cottingham, talked about his intention to form an Economic Development Council, with an interest in creating jobs in the county. 208-908-3818.

Elections for new officers will be held at the next social, on November 11, at 6:00 p.m., in the Community Hall.

President of the Chamber is a heavy load for any business person, and Greg Simione carried it. Chamber VP, Diane Caughlin, was ready to step down but says she is willing to divvy up the job as dual-administrator, if John Cottingham will co-operate.

Greg Simione will be stepping down for the important business of getting the new Merc ready for the community. He encourages members to throw some names into the hat. "It's important to let people be involved. You don't have to mirror the last four years. Perhaps meet one time a month, in the evening or daytime, or remain more flexible. I urge people to step forward and volunteer."

For Information on the GV Chamber of Commerce: Mail to: info@gvchamber.org or call 208-462-3005.

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