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By Mike Uhl
Friday, October 22

It’s fall, the weather is turning cooler, the leaves are changing colors, the sun is settling earlier and it’s football season. It’s Wolverines Football, it’s blue-collar football, it’s eight-man football, it’s fall.

The Garden Valley Wolverines football team is playing at home today on the school field, against the Meadows Valley Mountaineers (1-6) at 3:30. On September 17, Garden Valley played a game against the Mountaineers. Garden Valley won 54-6.

This will be seniors' night, honoring the six players, who will graduate this year, and their parents.

The players are Dylan Bass, Danny Breckenridge, Casey Hileman, Chad Jones, Charlie Johnson and Zach Smith.

PLEASE NOTE: QB Lance Jones will be out for the rest of the year with a broken collar bone. This happened during the last practice before this game. We wish Lance a quick recovery.

Meadows Valley coach Tom Perkins brings a team that is very talented. The starting line-up are Nick Ralls, 6’0”, 160 lbs; Justin Swift, 6’2”, 200lbs; Leonard Wallace, 5’10”, 188 lbs, Pady Libby, 6’0”, 180 lbs; William Arroyo, 5’8”, 175 lbs; Tyler Bentz, 6’1”, 185 lbs, Tanner Perkins, 6’3”, 230 lbs, and Tyler Buddha Crogh, 6’1”, 400 lbs.

1st Quarter 12:00

Meadows Valley kicks to Garden Valley’s #20 Casey Hileman, he catches the ball on the run at the 10-yard line. He returns the ball 40 yards to the 50. This is where Wolverines will start the game.

Casey Hileman takes the ball going left, picking up 5 hard-fought yards. Tyler Bentz makes the stop for the Mountaineers. Then a pitch from QB Fairburn to “Hurricane” Hileman, running left for a nice 15-yard gain. At the 29-yard line with 10:48 to play in the first quarter, Kavik Fairburn drops back, spotting Dylan Bass in the left corner of the end zone, and throws a perfect 29-yard pass for a touchdown and 6 points. Charlie Johnson takes the handoff up the middle but is stopped by Tyler Bentz, for no extra points.
Score: Garden Valley 6, Meadows Valley 0.

Meadows Valley runs five plays. The Wolverines stop the Mountaineers, starting with the kickoff. A tackle by J.D. Fuhriman and Charlie Johnson on the runner Justin Swift, then Dylan Bass makes a stop. On a pass attempt, Danny Breckenridge and Charlie Johnson stop the QB Tyler Bentz in the backfield, for a loss. On fourth down, Pady Libby makes four Wolverines miss. “Hurricane” Hileman stops the runner short of his goal. Garden Valley takes over on downs.

On first down, Fairburn sees Dylan Bass shooting down the sideline. He throws the ball that only Dylan could catch. He is pushed out-of-bounds at the 12-yard line. Hileman tries two runs that gain a few yards. With 6:46 to play in the first quarter, it’s third and long. What to do? It’s a pitch from Kavik Fairburn to Casey Hileman running right. Casey stops on a dime and throws a half-back pass to Dylan Bass for 6 points. Nathan Updike gets open in the right back corner of the end zone to catch a pass, adding 2 extra points. Score: Garden Valley 14, Meadows Valley 0.

After the kickoff, Leonard Wallace picks up 5 yards up the middle. Charlie “The Horse” Johnson stops the runner. On the next play, a pitch to Nick Ralls is stopped for a loss of yards by “Big Foot” Breckenridge and “Hurricane” Hileman. On the next four plays, it’s Tyler Bentz picking up 20, gains 2, fumbles the ball. On third and 18, “Bam Bam” Jones slows down the runner and five Garden Valley players tackle the ball. Now it’s fourth and long, a direct snap to Justin Swift does not get the first down.

Garden Valley takes over on the 45-yard line. It’s a pitch to Hileman, he starts left and cuts across the field to pick up 25 yards and a first down. The 25-yard line is where J.D. “Speedy” Fuhriman gets the ball going right, picks up 18. Now the ball is on the 10. Charlie “The Horse” Johnson goes right, up the gut for a gain of five yards. A pass from Fairburn to Dylan Bass is broken up by Justin Swift. It’s 1:35 til the end of the first quarter. It’s third down from the 5. J.D. “Speedy” Fuhriman gets the ball, takes it across the goal line for 6 points. Extra point try no good.
Score: Garden Valley 20, Meadows Valley 0.

On the kickoff, Justin Swift is running left. Nathan Updike slows him down, David Bengoa pushes him out-of-bounds. The Mountaineers start this drive on the 45-yard line. But the Wolverine defense of Breckenridge and Hileman stop the opposition. It’s third and 5, a pass to Swift broken up for no gain. Meadows Valley does a quick kick to end the first quarter.

Garden Valley takes over on the 10-yard line. QB Kavik Fairburn gets the ball, turns and pitches to “The Hurricane” Casey Hileman, he runs to his right, picks up 20 yards and a first down. At the 32-yard line, Charlie Johnson gets the ball, is stuffed at the line and pushed back for a 2-yard loss. With it being second and 12, it’s a pitch to Hileman, who is stopped by Pady Libby. A pass to Bass is broken up by Swift. It’s fourth and 11, Hileman fakes a punt, runs to his right and passes to Bass, who stretches to make the catch, but is short of a first down, by inches. Meadows Valley takes over on downs.

Starting at the 44-yard line, a direct snap to Nick Ralls running right, is stopped by “The Horse” Charlie Johnson. On the next play, it’s a fumble caused by a hit by Cody Zeff. The ball is recovered by William Arroyo for the Mountaineers. Tyler Bentz tries to hit Justin Swift over the middle, the ball falls incomplete. It’s fourth and long. Bentz pitches the ball to Wallace, who runs right and hits Bentz going down the right side of the field. The team does not get the first down. Garden Valley takes over on the 45-yard line.

It’s a pitch from Fairburn to Casey Hileman running right, cutting to the middle and running down field, dragging two Mountaineers before he finally comes to a stop. A pitch to “Speedy” Fuhriman to the left, picks up the first down. Kavik Fairburn breaks a couple of tackles and just gets a pass off to Dylan Bass. It’s too high, just out of reach, falls incomplete. Casey takes a pitch running left, gets to the 5-yard line. A personal foul on Meadows Valley makes it half the distance to the goal line. It’s 7:42 til the half.

Charlie Johnson takes a handoff running left, then straight for 3 yards. Kavik “Mad Dog” Fairburn, the quarterback, sets-up in a shoot-gun formation. He turns and passes to Dylan Bass on the flat, Dylan turns up-field and crosses the goal line, to add 6 points to the total.
Score: Garden valley 26, Meadows Valley 0.

Mountaineers run five plays but Wolverine players want to stop them and get the ball back. First, Nathan Updike and Charlie Johnson, then Juno Lawler stop the runner. As Leonard Wallace gains 9 yards, Dylan Bass and “Bam Bam” Jones stop him. “The Law” Lawler and “Bone Crusher” Bass stop the quarterback Bentz on third and short. Now it’s fourth and long, a determined Charlie Johnson stops Tyler Bentz. Bentz does not get the first down. The Wolverines take over on downs.

Starting at the 33-yard line, Dylan Bass gets the ball on an end-around going left to pick up 23 yards and the first down. It’s 4:46 til the half. Fairburn gets the ball from the center Zach “War Elephant” Smith. He turns, pitches to “The Hurricane” Casey Hileman. He gets to the right sideline and goes 12 yards down the field to score 6. It’s extra point time and “The Hurricane” takes the ball up the gut, to add 2 more points for the Wolverines.
Score: Garden Valley 36, Meadows Valley 0.

Garden Valley kicks off its lands at mid-field. Shadyn Wallace picks up the ball and is almost instantly tackled by “Bone Crusher” Bass, “The Law” Lawler and “The Horse” Charlie Johnson. On the first play, Nick Ralls gets the ball from QB Bentz, he is running straight ahead and is met by a wall of Wolverines, Bass, Hileman and “The Horse”. With 3:28 til the half, and after a penalty, it’s second down and 20 to go. Tyler Bentz tries to throw a screen pass. The “Big Foot” Danny Breckenridge makes the tackle. Now it’s third and 10 yards to go. A pass by Bentz to Justin Swift picks up the first down. The receiver is stopped by Dylan Bass. Bentz runs right, picks up three yards but no more, thanks to the swarming defense of Breckenridge, Hileman and Johnson. It’s second down, 7 yards to go. David Hearold takes the ball, making Wolverines miss, picks up the first down. Charlie Johnson stops the runner. Now Casey Hileman stops Bentz on a QB keeper going right. With 49 seconds til the half, on a QB draw, Meadows Valley’s Swift runs the ball down to the 18-yard line. 10.6 seconds to go. Tyler Bentz gets a short gain, but no score, no first down. 4.9 seconds til the half. David Hearold gets the ball and over throws a pass to Tyler Bentz, to end the first half.
Half Time Score: Garden Valley 36, Meadows Valley 0.

The second half starts with Garden Valley kicking to Meadows Valley. Wallace picks up the ball at the 20 and gets a good return to the 34. The player does not get up after the stop by the Wolverines. It looks like he hurt his right leg. All the players of both teams take off their helmets and take a knee to show respect.

When the game starts again, Cody Frazee gets the ball, takes it up the middle for a pickup of three tough yards. Then it’s Frazee to the right, stopped by “Bone Crusher” Dylan Bass. Tyler Bentz keeps the ball going to the left to pick up the first down. He is stopped on the play by Nathan Updike, Chad Jones and Casey Hileman. After a penalty, it’s second down and 20. QB Tyler Bentz is tackled in the backfield by J.D. “Speedy” Fuhriman. Bentz tries a long pass downfield on the left side of the field. Casey Hileman is in the area and jumps in front of the receiver to make the interception. Garden Valley gets the ball for the first time in the second half.

On the first play, the ball is fumbled. It is recovered by Zach Root. “GOOD PLAY.” The quarterback pitches to freshman J.D. Fuhriman running right, making good yards, when he is hit by Mountaineers. The ball pops out and is recovered and the runner is heading for the goal line. Kavik “Mad Dog” Fairburn makes a score-saving tackle. Nathan Updike stops Bentz after a 5-yard gain. Meadows Valley is driving and “Dynamite” and “Bam Bam” stop the runner at the 1-yard line. Lead by the 400 lb. Tyler “The Buddha” Crogh, 250 pounder Cody Frazee gets the ball and across the goal, in for 6 points. For the extra points, QB Tyler Bentz keeps the ball running right, crosses the goal line for 2 points.
Score: Garden Valley 36, Meadows Valley 8.

Luke Flaming tries an on side kick. Jono Lawler picks up the ball running across the field; he picks up 10 yards. On Garden Valley’s first play, Hileman is stopped in the backfield for a loss of 1, by Mountaineers Flaming and Bentz. This is a different team than started the game. On second and 11, Fairburn tries to hit Bass to the right; it’s incomplete. Now it’s third down. 11 yards to go. Casey Hileman gets the ball, hits the ball, spins and is tackled by two defenders, for a loss of two. On fourth down and 13, Hileman ruby-style punts, the punt dies at the 30-yard line. Meadows Valley starts with a run by Bentz, he is stopped by Bass and Hileman, for no gain. On second and 10, Wallace gets the ball, picks up 3 yards. On third and 7, Bentz tries a pass to Wallace. Dylan Bass breaks up the attempt. On fourth and 8, it’s a fake punt by Swift running left, is pushed out-of-bounds by the Wolverines. Garden Valley starts with a pitch to Casey going left. He is tackled by Bentz in the backfield, for a loss of 5. Now it’s second down and 15 to go. Hileman gets the ball, is stopped in the backfield, for a loss. Meadows Valley is keying on Casey Hileman; where he goes, they will go. On third and long, Kavik Fairburn drops back, with good protection by the line. Passes downfield, Casey Hileman jumps high to grab the ball for a first down. With 1:20 to play in the third quarter, it’s a fake handoff to Bass on an end-around. QB Kavik Fairburn keeps the ball running right, picks up good yards. Charlie “The Horse” Johnson gets the ball on the next play, runs for a touchdown. It takes three Mountaineers to take “The Horse” down. This is the last play of the third quarter.
Score: Garden Valley 36, Meadows Valley 8.

The fourth quarter starts with Garden Valley in a scoring position. With “The Horse” leading the way, a handoff to the “Hurricane” picks up 4 yards. At 11:53 in the game, the Wolverines have the ball. It’s three down and 6, to pick up the first down. A handoff to Hileman gets the first down but does not score. Now 11:30 and the team is on the 4-yard line. Kavik hands the ball to Casey, he runs 4-yards to score 6 points. Extra point failed.
Score: Garden Valley 42, Meadows Valley 8.

David Bengoa kicks off to Meadows Valley’s Justin Swift, he returns the ball to the 27-yard line. That is where they will start. Garden Valley puts in the freshman players and the second team. On the first play, Wallace gains 5 yards. On the next play, Fuhriman makes the stop. The Mountaineers have the ball for the next almost seven minutes. The Wolverines are stopping them from scoring. Kit “Stone Wall” Fairburn makes a great ankle tackle and will not let go. He stops the runner from scoring. On the next play, Fuhriman makes the tackle. With 7:50 to play, the Mountaineers try a triple handoff, but “Stone Wall” Fairburn, J.D. Fuhriman and David Bengoa make the stop.

Meadows Valley changes quarterbacks. 6’1”, 250 pounder Cody Frazee takes over. On the next play, Brad Christensen and David Bengoa stop the runner. With 400 lb. Tyler “The Buddha” Crogh leading the way, Frazee is making yards. “The Budddha” is pushing players out of the way so Frazee can gain ground. With 6:16 to play, a pitch to Wallace is mishandled, he drops the ball. He recovers it, so the Mountaineers still have position. On third and 14 to go, Cody Frazee runs up the middle, gets the first down, dragging Kit Fairburn, Schepp and Bengoa. He does not score. With 4:44 to play, Cody Frazee behind “The Buddha” runs 7 yards to score 6 points. A handoff to Wallace adds 2 points. Score: Garden Valley 42, Meadows Valley 16.

The first team offense comes back into the game. On the kickoff from Justin Swift, the ball is kicked directly to Casey “Wheels” Hileman at the 10-yard line. He runs down the side line, outrunning the Mountaineers team for a TD. The touchdown is called back, for what the Ref calls a push in the back.

In my personal opinion, the block was clean. I am not the Ref, so the game goes on.

The Wolverines start at the 15. Mountaineers jump off-sides. This moves the team to the 20. A pitch to Hileman is stopped by Bentz. Casey gets the ball running up the middle, then all over the field to gain 30 yards and the first down. Casey picks up 6 on the next play. Garden Valley loses a yard with a stop by Luke Flaming. On third and 5 to go, Casey goes around the left to pick up the first down.

A run that started left ends up going down the right side line. It takes three tacklers to stop Casey “The Hurricane” Hileman. He uses a two-feet-forward block to get the extra two yards and a first down. Time til the end of the game is 59.3 seconds. Garden Valley is driving at the 10-yard line. QB Kavik Fairburn drives ahead but is stopped. With 45.5 seconds to go in the game, the Wolverines are set. Kavik Fairburn pitches the ball to Casey Hileman going right, for 9 yards to the 1-yard line. It takes four Mountaineers, Hearold, Swift, Libby and Bentz to make the stop. At the 1-yard line, a handoff to Charlie Johnson is stopped. Charlie stretches his 6-foot body out as far as he can reach. He gets the ball across the goal line but his knees were down first.

No touchdown for Garden Valley as the game ends.
Final Score: Garden Valley 42, Meadows Valley 16.

After this game, the Wolverines will travel to Cambridge for the last game of the regular season. The 5:30 pm game will be Friday, October 29. It will pit Tri-Valley Titans against our Garden Valley Wolverines. The last time these two teams met, Garden Valley won the contest 52-20. Tri-Valley just lost to Salmon River on Friday, October 22, 39-28. They will be hungry for a win. They want to revenge the earlier loss to the Wolverines. So make it to this game if you can.

BIG NOTE: The Lady Wolverines made it to the State Volleyball Tournament. Their first game will be Friday, in Burley, Idaho, against Mackay. The game starts at 8:00am. The boys’ football team and parents and fans want to be at the volleyball game. It may be impossible since the football game is on the same day in Cambridge, at 5:30 that afternoon.


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  1. Thanks Mike for another great write-up. It's fun to drink coffee and read the story - especially having missed this game.