Saturday, October 23, 2010


Neighbors With News

The last home football game for the season on Friday, October 22, was also a celebration of Senior Night. GV won 42-16 over Meadows Valley. The overall standings for the Wolverines is 7-1. There is one more regular season game to play in Cambridge, against Tri-Valley. If Garden Valley wins there, they automatically go on to the state playoffs.
(Read Mike Uhl's play-by-play account here this week.)

The senior squad includes: Charlie "The Horse" Johnson, Casey "The Hurricane" Hileman, Dylan "Bone Crusher" Bass, Chad "Bam Bam" Jones, Zach "The War Elephant" Smith, and Danny "Bigfoot" Breckenridge.

The "senior moms" have been working for several weeks on making personalized fleece blankets to give as gifts to each senior on the squad. Special thanks are given to Paula Stricker, who wielded her embroidery skills on most of the blankets. Final production was accomplished at Jackie Johnson's home, with stories and remembrances all around. Thanks to Jackie for providing lots of floor space!

Linda Bass designed a special keepsake "Wolverine Illustrated" program for the night's event.

Photos for the program were generously provided by Ralph Foote. Pat Goff and Cheryle Baker got the production going to make the large edition copies available to everyone. Laree Jones made corsages for all the moms.

Big Charlie Johnson came up with the idea to get team-autographed footballs for each member of the senior squad. The team secretly did the signing during the week prior to Friday's game. Melea Hileman kept everything together, getting things coordinated with the coaches, Mr. Powell, Mr. Foote, and Mr. Arnold.

The evening ended with the team coming off the field to thank their fans, to the appropriate music of Kenny Chesney's "Boys of Fall."

Photos Top to
Linda, Dylan "Bone Crusher" and Jeff Bass; Jackie, Charlie "The
Horse" and Big Charlie Johnson; On the floor cutting: Laree Jones; and Dawn

Thanks to football "Senior Mom" Linda Bass for information and photos about Senior Night at the School.

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  1. Nicely written. And 'Boys of Fall' is by far the most suited for our seniors this year.