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It’s homecoming for the Wolverines, after two road wins. On September 10, Garden Valley beat Horseshoe Bend 52-6 and on September 17, Meadows Valley fell to Garden Valley with a final score of 54-6.

It’s hot! Lots of water today! Garden Valley (4-0) meets Tri Valley (2-2). After two wins, the Titans have lost their last two games. What will happen today?

Garden Valley kicks to Jesse Cada. The Titans’ quick runner takes the ball up the middle where #99 Charlie Johnson makes a solid tackle to stop Cada in his tracks. The game is on.

Tri Valley QB Rodney Hollon takes the snap, runs to his right and is hit in the backfield by Wolverines’ Casey Hileman, for a loss of yards. Hollon hands off to Matt Ball; he gains three but is stuffed in the tuff by Cody Zeff. On the next play, Zeff stops Hollon, forcing the Titans to punt. Hileman takes the ball on the run, gains yards. Captain Hayden Ball makes the stop for Tri Valley.

Garden Valley gets things started. QB Lance Jones hands the ball to Casey Hileman—he picks up four, running to the right. On the next play, Jones hands the ball to Charlie Johnson up the middle for a gain of 4 yards. The ball on the 38 yard line; Jones pitches to Johnson for a tough 2 and a first down. QB Lance Jones hands off to Hileman going right, turns upfield to gain 10 for a first down. Jones tries a quarterback keeper but is stopped for a loss of 4 yards. Wolverines QB Jones hands the ball to Hileman for a good gain. Next play, it’s Johnson picking up the first down. With 6:23 to the end of the first quarter, Jones makes a good pass, hitting Nathan “Hands” Updike in the right corner of the end zone for 6 points. On a pitch to Hileman, GV adds 2 points on the conversion. GV 8, Tri Valley 0.

Wolverines kick to Tri Valley’s Jesse Cada and he is stopped by Dylan Bass with a solid tackle. QB Hollon makes a pass to Ball for a 1st down. Hollon hands off to Ball after a 4 yard gain, is stopped by Charlie Johnson and Jono Lawler. On the next play, Alex Loveland gets a 1st down stopped by Chad Jones. Jones makes the next tackle on Loveland as he picks up 8. Loveland runs to the right, but “The Horse” Charlie Johnson puts the runner to the ground with a hard tackle. It’s the Alex Loveland Show on this drive for Tri Valley, they are making yards and 1st downs. He is running left, right, and up the gut. The Wolverines defense of Chad Jones, Hileman, Johnson, J.D. Fuhriman, Lawler, Chad Christensen are making tackles all over the field.

The Titans’ QB Hollon tries a pass but Chad “Bam Bam” Jones hits the receiver so hard, the pass falls incomplete. On the next play, a pass to Loveland is stopped by Jones.

The ball is handed off but a solid hit by Chad “Charger” Christensen jars the ball loose and he recovers the fumble. Garden Valley takes over with 2:59 til the end of the 1st quarter. The Wolverines out the clock. Garden Valley 8, Tri Valley 0.

On the third play of the 2nd quarter, with only 1:53 off the clock, QB Jones hands the ball to Casey “Wheels” Hileman, he starts up the middle, breaking tackles, cuts to his right and runs to the end zone to add 6. Chad Jones takes the snap, drops back and passes to the right corner of the end zone to the out-stretched hands of Captain Dylan Bass, to add 2 points...Garden Valley 16, Tri Valley 0.

Wolverines’ David Bengoa kicks to the Titans’ Jesse Cada. It’s three plays and punt for Tri Valley. Garden Valley takes over on downs. The next scoring drive starts with a run by Johnson, a run by Hileman, pass to Bass incomplete, run by Hileman. It’s 6:10 til the end of the 1st half. QB Jones hands the ball off to Casey Hileman up the middle; he makes one-two-three tackles miss and he’s off to the end zone to add 6 points. Extra point try by “Speedy” Fuhriman is just short of the goal line. Garden Valley 22, Tri Valley 0.

Tri Valley gets the ball and goes on a 13 play scoring drive. With 1:28 to play till the half, it’s 4th down goal to goal at the 1 foot line. QB Hollon keeps the ball up the middle to score 6 for Tri Valley. Extra point try no good, thanks to Nathan Updike and the Wolverines defense. Tri Valley 6, Garden Valley 22.

It’s 1:24 til the half. Tri Valley tries an on side kick. Dylan “Bonecrusher” Bass picks up the ball off the ground and Garden Valley gets the ball back. QB Jones runs 3 plays, then he makes a pass to Bass for a 1st down. Now it’s 31.8 seconds til the half. Hand off to “Hurricane” up the middle for a short gain. With 21.5 seconds till the half, Lance Jones makes a great pass to the left side of the field. Dylan Bass is there and makes a solid catch to score 6. Charlie “The Horse” Johnson gets the ball up the middle to add 2 points. Garden Valley 30, Tri Valley 6.

The Wolverines kick off to Tri Valley, with 15.6 seconds till the half. Cody “The Cobra” Zeff, J.D. Fuhriman and Charlie Johnson stop Jesse Cada for a short return. Two incomplete passes, now with 5.1 seconds till the half, the Titans try a run by Loveland which is stopped by Cody Zeff. This ends the first half, Garden Valley ahead 30 to 6.

Let’s see what will happen in the next 24 minutes?

Tri Valley tries a short kick. The ball is recovered by Dylan Bass. The Wolverines want another score. Casey Hileman fakes a punt and runs downfield to score 6 but the play is called back. The Titans take over. It’s two runs and at the 9:11. Hollon hands the ball to Scott Jaeger, he runs down the right side of the field to score 6. A pitch to Loveland adds 2 points. Now the score is Tri Valley 14, Garden Valley 30.

The Titans try another on side kick. Chad Jones recovers the ball for Garden Valley. For the next 2:28 the Wolverines are picking up yards in small chunks. Casey “Wheels” Hileman takes a hand-off from Chad Jones, runs down the right side of the field and crosses the goal line for 6 points. A pass to Dylan Bass adds 2 more points, making the score Garden Valley 38, Tri Valley 14.

Cada picks up 15 on the kickoff for Tri Valley. Loveland gains six yards. Hollon is sacked by Nathan “Dynamite” Updike in the back field, loss of yards. It’s 5:06 in the 3rd. Third and a long pitch to Matt Ball to the right picks up 7. A pitch to the left to Loveland does not pick up the first down. Garden Valley starts with 4:13 in the 3rd quarter, with an incomplete pass to Updike. Next, Lance Jones hands the ball to Bass. On a fly sweep to the left he picks up 20 yards and a 1st down. QB Jones drops back to pass, Titans’ Robert Stinnett makes a horse-collar tackle, the Titans are penalized for illegal tackle. The Wolverines come right back with a great pass to Nathan “Dynamite” Updike. Tri Valley is called for pass interference. With 3:32 in the 3rd, a pass in the left flats to Hileman adds 6 points. Garden Valley 44, Tri Valley 14.

Titans run 7 plays and have to punt. Garden Valley gets the ball with 7.3 seconds till the end of the 3rd quarter. The ball is given to Casey “Hurricane” Hileman, he runs left, right, jigs this way and that and picks up 9 yards as the quarter ends, Garden Valley 44, Tri Valley 14.

The final 12 minutes in the game starts with the Wolverines not doing very well. The Titans take over and run 4 plays but do not score. Garden Valley takes over on downs. 8:44 to play. It’s Bass up the middle, Hileman up the middle. Now Charlie Johnson makes a great block to help Casey pick up a 1st down. Now it’s the J.D. “Speedy” Fuhriman Show, he picks up yards on 4 plays. Jones throws two incomplete passes and now it’s 3rd and long. QB Lance Jones hits Casey “Wheels” Hileman in the flat. He does the rest, starting left, cuts right, then he’s off to the races and 6 points for Garden Valley. Now the Wolverines will go for 2. It’s a pass from Lance Jones to the right side of the end zone; #1 Kit Fairburn is under the pass and makes a great catch for 2 points. Garden Valley 52, Tri Valley 14.

Now the defense takes over for Garden Valley but Matt Ball has other ideas for Tri Valley. He goes down the left side of the field, outrunning the whole Wolverines defense to score 6, but a block in the back penalty takes away the score. Hileman makes a tackle, Cody Zeff tackles the QB in the backfield for a loss of 8. The defense gang tackles Scott Jaeger in the backfield for a loss of yards. On the next play with 2:19, Rodney Hollon makes a great pass to Hayden Ball for 6 points. Tri Valley 20, Garden Valley 52.

Tri Valley Titans try an on side kick but they did not count on #1 Kit Fairburn who recovers the ball for the Wolverines. Garden Valley takes a knee on the next three plays to run out the clock. The game went 4 quarters, final score Garden Valley 52, Tri Valley 20.

The next Home Game is October 8, with the Salmon Rivers Savages. Come out to support your Wolverines. Game starts at 3:30.

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