Thursday, March 28, 2013

Rockfall Project to Start on Banks Lowman Road

TK Construction
2478 Patterson Rd. #17
Grand Junction, CO 81505
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Submitted by TK Construction 

The following information is provided to make a public notice for all those who use and travel the Banks-Lowman Highway from M.P. 18.7-27.3.

TK Construction US LLC, of Grand Junction, CO will be performing a rockfall mitigation project on the Banks Lowman Highway, from mile post 18.7 to 27.3. 

This project consists of several different phases of work, which include the following: Rock Scaling, installation of wire mesh protection, rockfall fences, installation of Ecology blocks, installation of Mechanically Stabilized  Earth walls, shotcrete, embankment, potential blasting, drilling, installation of rock bolts and asphalt repair. 

The rockfall project has been funded by Western Federal Lands Highway Department and the purpose is to provide safe roadway travel for the public.  The project will also help county maintenance crews, by preventing damage to equipment from rockfall which has occurred in winter and spring.  This portion of highway is very susceptible to rockfall.  

The work will commence on April 1 and continue through October 21, 2013.  There will be traffic control on the project during the duration of the job; traffic stops and delays can be expected from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm daily.  There will be up to 30-minute stops. 

The reason for this is due to the rocks coming off the slope. Delays can be expected mostly at the start of project, as TK will be carrying out heavy rock slope scaling operations.  There will be one lane of traffic for the duration of the project. Most weekends and all holidays will not have traffic stops; the road will be completely open. 

Project Superintendent Dennis Harriman anticipates a good start and an overall good project, and he looks forward to working in such a majestic spot.  There will be a team of eight rock remediation technicians, who will be hanging from the side of the slope, performing all the tasks via rope access.

“It’s a dangerous job but sure is fun--always nice to work in such a nice place," says rock scaling foreman, Brock Guilder, who guides and oversees the scaling operations for TK. 

“We look forward to the challenge ahead of us and feel very pleased to be involved in helping make things safer," says Brandon Manahan, Rockfall manager for TK.   

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