Thursday, March 14, 2013

Garden Valley Senior Center Hub of Activity

   Ione and the gals (guys welcome!) are stretching, balancing and strengthening every Tuesday and Thursday at 3 p.m. The classes are free and everyone is invited to join in with this gentle movement exercise.
  Thursday morning Breakfast Club happens at 9:30 on Thursdays. Come with your pals and have a hot meal with all beverages for very little cashola. Kids under 12 chow down for $3; kids over 60 can give a $4 donation, if they like; and kids under 60 come for $5.
  Granny’s Closet continues with the $3 bag sale, for all clothing items, including shoes, belts, hats, gloves, sox, etc. Easter baskets and bunny-related fillers are waiting here, so stop in before your trip to Boise. The shop is packed with gently-used linens, bath items, kitchen wares and small appliances, hardware, gifts and glass and lots of good books--bring two and take one free. 
  Donations that are clean and in good condition are always accepted and appreciated. Please no drop-offs of TVs. Granny appreciates your patronage and the Senior Center is grateful for everyone’s support. Visit this little corner of the Center for great deals on household needs and say hi to our grannies. Open Fridays, 12-5 and Saturdays, 11-4.
We only let our board president, Ron Richter, out on special occasions--
the Talent Show was one of them!
  Dinner at 6:00 every Wednesday and Friday is a warm celebration of good friends dining together. Home Delivered Meals are available at your request. Call Judy and get started. If you are home from the hospital, we are happy to deliver to anyone temporarily, without tons of paperwork.
  Our dinner prices can’t be beat: $5, over 60, suggested donation; under 12, $4; and under 60, $6—all beverages and dessert included.
  If you are wondering where you will put all of those tables and chairs—or maybe you don’t have enough tables and chairs—for your family reunion, wedding reception, or graduation party…call Judy and get some good news on frugal rent for our building.
  Thursday, March 21, Circuit Breakers will be here to help you out with your property taxes and see if they can be reduced. Call 208-392-4415 for information or show up at the workshop, which will be from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.
  More tax help: AARP representative, Dan Gasiorowski, will be back if you missed him the first time! Friday, March 29, from 10 til 2:00. 
  Are you feeling a bit worthless or like you’d welcome the chance to help out in the community? The Center can always use a little maintenance or office help. After the reduction in funds for the Senior Center, there just doesn’t seem to be enough time for our employees to get everything done like they used to. Call our coordinator, Judy Delvalle, and let volunteerism brighten your day.
  The Center is open on Wednesday and Friday, 12-7, and on Thursday, 8-11. We offer free wifi and internet/computer use—bring your laptop and get comfy.
  We are located at 261 S. Middle Fork Road, GV/Crouch. Call us at 462-3943 or mail to We welcome all ages and hope you will make a habit of dropping in.

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