Tuesday, March 26, 2013

New Arts Commission in Crouch!

 Crouch City Council Notes

  An alliance of artists attending the Crouch City Council meeting Wednesday, March 13, rose to the occasion with some muted “yippees” and victory signs, when the council adopted the Garden Valley Center for the Arts as an arm of the City.
  Mary Wilson, who has been the spokesperson for what they were calling “The Arts Alliance”, will serve as president on the board of directors. Other officers will be Greg Simione, vice-president; Pat Budge, Secretary, and Tiffany Thuleen, treasurer.
  Mayor Bob Powell signed the lease on the Old Lumberyard building, which will be reborn as the GV Center for the Arts. Mary Wilson says they will have a “Raggedy Opening” on March 30, from 6 to 9 p.m.—just to say “here we are and this is the before picture!” The Old Lumberyard building is located next to the Laundromat, in downtown Crouch. Refreshments will be served. Founding members of the Center will be available to answer questions, and they welcome your suggestions.
  City Clerk, Kim Bosse, said the insurance for the Center will be minimal, if any, for the City. They will be insured for up to $500K and may insure contents according to arts exhibit needs.
  The Syringa Building (Crouch Museum) has survived its fire damage and will have all new insulation, and drywall, a laminated wood floor and industrial-grade carpet throughout. Electrician, Rick Fobes, says the building is up to code.
  The clerk also said a door in the old cabin area has been removed by contractor, Scott Leslie. This has created adequate wheelchair access inside that area of the museum.
  Sad to say, Kim Bosse will be moving to California and résumés for the position of City Clerk that have been submitted will be perused by the mayor. He will pick the top three and interviews will be held. Good luck to everyone.
  Boise County Commissioner, Jamie Anderson, requested the approval of a city lot split for the Dennett Simione, LLC, property which is currently in use by the Old Crouch Mercantile Exchange. Boise County is purchasing this needed right-of-way for the new Middle Fork Payette River Bridge. Minimum requirements under the City Code for acreage, density, lot area, and setbacks would have to be waived.
  Dennett Simione, LLC, requests that the land taken to the north of the new approach (current river access) continue to have access for canoes, tubes and foot traffic, with some landscaping. Greg Simione and Gerold Dennett support the construction of a new bridge, and say, “We strongly favor the new design we have seen.”
   Jamie Anderson says it would be in the public interest for the bridge project to go forward. The council will have a special meeting to consider the request.
  The old City office behind the Community Hall is for rent.
  Jerome Mapp is still pursuing the water grant. Land acquisition is also on the agenda.
  The council ended the meeting by adopting the Fair Housing Proclamation.
   Next meeting of the Crouch City Council will be on Wednesday, April 10, at 6:30 p.m., at the Community Hall. For information or for special accommodation for disabilities, contact the City Clerk, at 208-462-4687.

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