Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Meet Garden Valley’s Youth Services Librarian

   Though Cass Meissner has been the Youth Program coordinator and program host at Garden Valley Library since last November, she says attendance numbers have been very low. Cass speculates that “perhaps since I don't live here, families don't really know me or aren’t aware that we have some really fun FREE programs for kids.”
  Cass has an inspiring background to share with Garden Valley’s children and teens. She currently lives in Boise, working with the Boise Urban Garden School, as their program coordinator. She leads garden field trips, focusing on education content and development. Over the last four years, Cass worked at the MK Nature Center, as the volunteer and event coordinator and wildlife educator. She belongs to the Idaho Environmental Education Association and has worked on various committees with Be Outside Idaho.
  “I was raised playing on rivers and mountains in Oregon,” she says. “My family taught me to garden, work hard, appreciate and seek "outdoor" time as much as possible, which sometimes included long weeks on our family fall hunting trip...eesshhh, talk about ‘unplugged time’!”
     Cass loves working with families and encourages outside time and learning as part of a healthy lifestyle. She explains, “I opted to raise my own children with these same values and experiences, which led us to many beautiful parts of Idaho (some years alone while I was a single parent of three children close in age). Many memories were created... some right here in Garden Valley, while camping in the late 1990's.”
  This active lady is inclined to explore back country places while sleeping under the stars as many nights as possible. She enjoys cooking, hiking, whitewater rafting, birding, gardening, and sharing life and stories with others around a good campfire.
   This spring, Cass has many activities planned for library youth.

   The Teen Tech Week event just happened last Friday. Cass hopes to join up with the Outreach Center and school events to build more participation and interest.
  The library is kicking off new youth spring programs for ages birth - age 12, during March, April and May. There is no cost to attend the programs. Included are reading, games and songs for the very young; stories and activities for preschoolers and parents; nature play with children and families; and art, crafts, games and BOOKS for ages 6-12.
   This summer, library youth will also be DIGGING into reading and the Children’s Garden.  It takes a small army of ants to help with summer reading and volunteers will be welcome—give Cass a call. If you have hand tools, sun umbrellas, or want to spend time with them in the garden, let the librarian know. Mail to: or at 208-830-4864.
  Cass Meissner says, “I believe there is something I am meant to experience every time I step outside, visit a new place, or pursue a new interest; and there are many tools in libraries to help me research and interpret those experiences. I would like to share that with others.
  “I look to provide and partner up with those in the community who are interested in working together. Come by the library for a program and say hello! I would love to meet you and your families and hear about your interests and hobbies.” 

Photos submitted by Cass Meissner.

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