Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Golden Eagle Radio Relaunches

Steamer Bill Harder and Babe Boomer are On the Air!

   The board of directors of Garden Valley Communications Inc. (GVCOM) agreed a week ago to get back on the air on Sunday, March 17, with a full schedule starting March 18. Founder and president, Rex LeFevre, has been given a leave of absence, with an election of John Jauregui as vice president, who will act while LeFevre undergoes a healthcare program in Salt Lake City, Utah.
  Financing the downtown Crouch radio station remains the main open issue. GVCOM treasurer, Rich Smith, says, “Board members have pledged to financially support expenses, and once we are on the air again, we will visit our previous supporters to see if we can obtain monthly pledges from them.” 
   97.5 FM will still operate on half a watt, while waiting and hoping for an FCC license, but technicians have expanded the signal, which now reaches far into Castle Mountain, up the Middle Fork to the last house and way over to Staircase on the South Fork of the Payette. Volunteer DJ, Steamer Bill Harder, has been pushing for internet programming, but Program Director, Terry (Babe Boomer) Loyd, says, “The internet will probably cost a lot more than we anticipated, so it may have to wait awhile.”
  Harder emphasized that people need to realize the station is a 501c3/non-profit, so donations are all tax-deductible. “This is for the good of the community,” he states, “and we’re excited about getting back on the air and enthused that we will be able to pursue the objective of the radio—which is to serve the valley with news, emergency reports, informative programs, local participation, and, of course, music.”
  GVCOM Director, Tim Benedict, may continue to do his Monday “Off the Grid” program and classical music on Sundays, along with church program broadcasting. Terry Loyd looks forward to Rebecca Butler returning with her current events programs, and she will be contacting those who have expressed interest in doing radio. She is open to discussing ideas with any residents who have an inspiration.
  Loyd says, “I'd like to get across the message that since Rex is no longer funding the station, we really need the community to step up and help with sponsorships and donations -- and volunteers -- if they want our community radio station to survive.”
  These station volunteers are grateful to landlord, Larry Leasure, who has been very supportive. “We couldn’t do it without him,” says Loyd. “The station will no longer be a place of residence but a place of business. We will have an open-door policy and invite anyone to stop in, anytime, when we are on the air. We are busy cleaning the building and organizing with renewed energy.”
  The music is now rolling. Steamer Bill Harder says, “We may not be able to man the station all the time, but we’ll try to keep the music going, Monday through Saturday." Harder will be on most mornings, Tuesday through Friday. He continues, "I want to stress that we rely on information from the people. The radio will be the hub…missing cats, messages, notices, anything that listeners need to know.”
  Babe Boomer will air Monday through Friday, from 1:00 to 5:00 p.m., with her eclectic mix of tunes. She expresses her wish for the station: “I think we’re actually going to have a downtown core, with the Garden Valley Center for the Arts—we will all be the heart of Crouch.”

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