Thursday, April 7, 2011

Update on New Merc

Greg and Gerold give us the latest...

We are entering crunch time with the construction of the new store. As we move towards completion, an opening date is becoming more clear. We’re feeling confident we’ll be open by Memorial Day Weekend with a strong chance it will be earlier. Many trains, as you can imagine, are entering the station at the same time in this process. Thank Goodness all the trains are on parallel tracks!

We don’t have a time frame for moving the gas station finalized yet. There is a good chance it won’t happen at the same time as opening the new store. We haven’t made a final decision of what we’ll do if that happens. We do know that the new gas station will offer Sinclair Gas and Diesel. In addition, we’ll offer unleaded with ethanol and Premium gas without ethanol (for your atv’s, snowmobiles, etc).

On your next visit to the store, check out the following:
Our newest dollar stretching item was a big hit last week. In fact, we sold out, but we have more starting today. Take and Bake Pizza – Large (16 inch) prices from $10.99 ( Cheese) to $13.99 (Supreme).

All of these specials are through Tuesday April 12th or while supplies last!
Regina Red Wine Vinegar~~~~~~~~~ ~$1.79
Chef Boyardee~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~99 cents
Lipton instant rice or noodles~~~~~~~~~ 99 cents
WF Spaghetti Sauces~~~~~~~~~~~$1.19

WF Taco Shells~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~$1.09
Rosarita Refried Beans~~~~~~~~~99 cents

Hunts Snack Packs~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~99 cents
Kraft Dressing~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~2 for $5
WF Popcorn~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 99 cents
WF All Purpose Flour 5 lb~~~~~~ $1.99
Nabisco Chips Ahoy~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2 for $6
Keebler Pecan Sandies~~~~~~~ 2 for $4
WF Bath tissue 4 pack 2ply~~~~~~~~~ 99 cents
Scott Tissue 12 pk~~~~~~~~~~~~ $9.99

WF Frozen Grape Juice~~~~~~~~~~~~~99 cents
Marie Callendar Frozen Dinners~~~ 2 for $5

Colgate Toothpaste~~~~~~~~~~~ $2.79
Florida Natural Grapefruit and/or Orange Juice~~~ $3.29
WF 2%, 1% and Skim Gallon Milk (does not include Whole Milk) ~~$2.79

Delizza Mini Eclairs and Cream Puffs (found in frozen section)~~~~~~ $4.99
WF Fish Sticks~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ $ 3.99

Thank you so much for support throughout the years and we look forward to your next visit!!!!!!! Greg and Gerold

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